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  1. I've been contemplating this over the last year or so but i think its about time...after 15 years of ownership and it being my first car... I just don't have the mojo anymore to work on the Spitfire anymore, i keep it running but that's about it, its done around 500 miles in the last 10 years. But Is anyone gonna buy a classic car right now in the current climate? Whats the going rate for modified 1500s? i've seen anywhere from £3k to £15k!! (no one pays that) I assume its better if its fully running and on the road?
  2. Haha, yeap, the SNP are a nightmare, they just keep coming up with damn good politicians, love the policies or hate them, pervy salmond and wee jimmie are both excellent narrators... And that is why i always make sure clients email problems, i like to have a trail and never delete an email so i can always come back to them and wave it in their face showing them i warned them of problems years in the past...
  3. I'd definitely stay on the boat! last place i'd want to be at the moment is on a plane, but needs must i guess, be worth it when you get home. Just book a two week holiday in the lake district, head straight there?
  4. I replaced my AVOs with Protech they are a very nice piece of kit and cheaper than the Konis that i really wanted. Plus point with protech is they will make them however you want if you want something a little different. The original AVOs were great, the second set i got were a disgrace after very little mileage and AVOs support was pish poor.
  5. Not done this in a while, but if you go to settings > applications and then tap on each individual application most of them should have a button that says move to SD or something along those lines. Some applications can't be moved but some of the big memory hogs can i.e. the dreaded f-book.
  6. I have an bottle of stuff called AluBright which i used in the past, it worked very well, although i think the only real way to get it looking spot on is to get it coated.
  7. The problem i have with the old leafs is because Nissan don't handle thermal management of the cells, the battery deterioration is 20% after 5 years, so in layman's terms of the 150kg of the batteries, you are lugging around 30kg of waste, not to mention the depleted range. I know a few people with the first gen leaf, and on a cold day, they get around 80 miles, because of the degradation and lack of thermal control. Im guessing steve doesn't have too much of a problem in the cold in Aus!
  8. Love this, been looking at it lots, i just can't make the figures stack up, even with the price of leafs dropping. How much do the Chinese batteries weigh?
  9. My Favourite one so far...
  10. The pandemic gave the NHS a kick up the ass to join the modern world. Telemedicine and being able to video conference with a GP or Hospital consultant is long overdue! Thankfully they've done a really good job on it. Try not to get too concerned, a lot of things show up in CT scans, my brother in law still ridicules me for seeing my dangly bits in my CT scan!
  11. If is frustrating, but on the flip side, better they found out now, than whilst doing the op. I had 7 operations cancelled, 2 whilst i was in scrubs minutes away from going, its gutting at the time but its always for the best reasons. I actually found it helped slightly, as i was less worked up the next time i went in bizarrely. Keep your chin up. Having just been through this all with the other half, its a really strange time in the hospitals, they have to be extra careful everywhere, i totally got that, just infuriating.
  12. Is it for twisting wire together? put two thick wires in the holes and use a spanner to twist?
  13. I learnt recently about this stuff you put on walls before plastering, its basically PVA with sand in it, revolutionised my plastering, not only better adhesion but your able to work the plaster harder in my view. Anyways, i was painting my back steps a few weeks back, thinking they would be too slippy in the wet, so i painted this stuff on first a) to firm up the loose paint and dust b) to provide a grippy surface. Im basically using it as a test for a garage floor, although i would need to patch the dunts and holes if i went the concrete and paint way. Benefit of paint would be i c
  14. Yeah i don't see the point of the tiles they call "vented" the slots are just asking for nuts and bolts to fall into them. The floor is not damp, bone dry most of the time, but i live in scotland, it rains a lot i would worry the edges would start to go and then your lifting the whole floor because a little water got in under the garage door. Cost wise, the tiles are pretty much the same as paint, my last garage cost me around £300 to seal it, then paint it with around 2 cans of high quality floor paint. Floor tiles are around £350 Might get in touch with a manufacturer and see
  15. I don't like the idea of putting timber on the floor without an air gap, it just cries out to me rot, even with a membrane. Perhaps im misguided but in wet scotland, wood on the ground is generally a no no.
  16. Realistically to paint the floor i would need to put down a self levelling compound to fix the missing bits of concrete, but i don't fancy the idea of taking everything out the garage for a few days, there is a hell of a lot of stuff! I was hoping laying tiles would be a shortcut.... Certainly laying a screed would then have to wait for it to cure fully, before painting so if i was doing that it would need to be tiles or vinyl
  17. Has anyone used any of these plastic/rubber floor tiles in your garages/workshops? I painted my last floor, but it didn't hold up too well, my new garage floor isn't really in the best nick, so i was wondering about these tile things (like Duratile). Im not sure if they need a perfectly level floor or what their like for durability?
  18. I was wondering about the crew change, UK is reportedly introducing a 2 week quarantine, whilst I see the point, for those of us who have to travel for work it gets extremely complicated (I don't travel nearly as much as you Phil). As for the rolling, boak, never had sea legs...
  19. Hah, bought it for £150 from china 3 years ago, it should not still be running all the abuse its had, its a frankenmonster but still going strong...
  20. Thats awesome, i "sim race" in my very little free time, i usually just get beaten by all the kiddies, but i have fun. Been building myself up a rig for the last few years, latest addition is a speaker that goes under your butt (under the chair, not some kinda dodgy toy :P), is surprisingly realistic at recreating vibrations. Not been a big fan of Assetto Corsa (prefer Project Cars 2) but i must dig it back out again., wonder if there are any triumph racing groups on it...
  21. I've somehow managed to find myself supplying the local hospital with 3d printed mask straps, i printed a handful for the Mrs a couple of months ago, then some for her friends, then a few spare, now over 1000 and getting emails from NHS supply chain (i don't think they realise i am one guy with one printer) lol how did that happen? Managed to build up a backlog of supplies so i can rebuild the 3d printer today (3 fans have worn out after running 24/7 for 8 weeks), i need it back in action on Sunday to get me back on track! No pressure... You think i can use this as an excuse to buy a
  22. I dunno if you have ever tried to remove a panel which has been attached by "panel bond" but it ain't easy! I watch these american car rebuild youtube channels (check out Vtuned, he's really good) I can see some major advantages to panel bond, but i don't understand why they use it in some places and not others, i.e. some panels will be welded down the bottom and panel bonded at the top??
  23. There are some very blue versions of those cards, great fun after you have had a few "sherries"
  24. Feels like this thread is being spammed with D3 adverts, Im out
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