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  1. bank account madness

    If your looking at Bitcoin you are too late, i know a few people who have made a decent amount off them (my mate at work just cashed in for £13k) but thats because they "mined" the coins in the early days when the Blockchain was small enough to be processable by a desktop computer. Buying now is lunacy, but people are doing it because they heard the rumour people got rich, it will be these people who loose the little money they cannot afford unfortunately. A lot of companies are very good with big data, mainly because it would be catastrophic for business to be caught out, your amazon, paypal, google checkout etc, along with your big back end players like RSA and VeriSign.
  2. Spectre & Meltdown

    The level of impact you will suffer from the performance hit on the patches depends application by application as it depends on how many "system calls" the application makes. We develop a lot of time critical bits of software and to be honest the performance hit has been less than 10%, in the world we work in security is the number one priority though so that hit is worth it. To be honest for a desktop home user its not really that big a deal and i wouldn't be desperate to patch, the perpetrator would have to have access to the system in the first place. The worry is more for big business and cloud computing. It should also be noted there has been no known exploits of this code yet in the wild so to speak. They both really need a vehicle to carry them and harvest the data like a trojan horse, on a desktop PC it would be simpler just to use a keylogger, the interesting point of these comes when your talking about a company harvesting many peoples data without input, spectre and meltdown could sit watching and harvesting all the data being processed aka many customers private data.
  3. Spitfire 1500 Flywheel Weight

    I agree, dynamic balancing did more for my engine in general use than anything else i did.
  4. bank account madness

    HTTPS was cracked a few years back no one ever expected how simple that would be, just like no one ever expected you could hack the processor interface layer like Spectre and meltdown... That is the big problem with allowing data to be shared, is banks have some of the most secure systems know to exist, third party companies do not, it only takes a small lapse in judgement or coding to leave a gaping hole in a computer system, look at what happened to the NHS last year, not applying security updates/upgrading cost them dear. Allowing any company other that those with an interest in keeping your data as secure as possible (aka a bank) is a very dangerous game. Then there is the ethics of it all, big data is a good thing (i develop the systems that store it), however what people do with that data has ethical issues, i.e. whats to stop insurance companies accessing your financial data finding out you bought a packet of cigarettes and putting your premium up? or your employer accessing your data finding out about your dodgy trip to amsterdam... Finally, the more places the data is the more chance of people abusing it, the biggest threat to any company is an insider threat and employee with a grudge, who will look up their friends data, sell it to people, put it online... There is some complete lack of common sense gone into this bill... Getting rid of the charges is a good thing, however companies just bypass it, just eat have just changed the name of it from Card Processing Charge to Service charge...
  5. Spitfire 1500 Flywheel Weight

    From memory my 1500 was just under 8kg stock. I had 1kg removed from it, it was quite drastic but i felt it needed it. In my opinion having drive the car a bit now, on the road i think it was a tiny bit too much. I think just over 7kg is about right. Blurry cam after skimming.
  6. Modern cars and POs

    Nick, your list seems like a list of my previous cars Maybe i have been lucky but i cannot fault the new BMWs i have owned, they take a punishment and rarely need anything done other than a service. I don't envy you on that work though, many moons ago i replaced a timing tensioner in my Audi 1.8T in situe, it was a PITA! However, nothing, nothing beats the Megane Sport for absolutely ludicrous inner workings, i had to replace a fuse once for a rear light cluster, that involved removing the battery and strut brace and a lot of plastic! for a fuse! This, is how you change the light bulb in a Megane! yes a lightbulb! The owners manual starts with "Remove Drivers Side Wheel..." ehhh! Easier to remove the bumper believe it or not!
  7. I want a defender badly, but i just can't manage more than one old car. For the competition i would like to put forward my Spitfire, it has an average speed of 0mph in the last 2 years
  8. Driving Habits Of The Aged.....

    Here everyone drives in the outside lane everywhere, its annoying as hell, however, since the Mrs passed her test only a year ago, i have a lot more patience for people on the road, whilst a lot of us drive a lot some like the Mrs drive once in a blue moon and are because of this too inexperienced on the roads. I can't remember where it is, new zealand i think? they make inexperienced drivers drive for over a year before they pass, that is a much better way than what we have.
  9. TR3 in the snow, well sort of..

    Love it, i've had the spitfire out in the snow a couple of times, it worked much better than my BMW although that was when the spit was running stock wheels, it doesn't move in the snow now with the wider wheels. Reminds me of a couple of years ago when an old friend and his buddys came up north and then headed up to the Ski slopes in a Diablo, 355 and 550! Mentalists!
  10. TR recovery vehicle

    Spare Tyre storage isn't it?
  11. What have we done! Home renovation

    Ignore the mess but here is that same corner of the bathroom now: Its quite true, trades are impossible to manage, i actually prefer doing most of it myself as i find arranging and managing the pro's infuriating, they either don't show up or rip you off or the good ones are just never available. Saying that once you have a rapour with the good ones they are very accommodating. I've done most things before, about the only thing i don't do is plaster a room its just not worth it, takes me twice as long and with twice as much mess. Handily the Mrs' old boy is an electrician which was a godsend given what we found. Here was one of the better rooms before and after: And if you ever wandered what Cat7'ing an old house looks like, answer a mess! (much tidier now)
  12. I've been a bit quiet for the last few months because we finally bought a house and sold two flats after many many months of fighting with solicitors and government departments! Why oh why did we buy a big old house is the question i keep asking myself! Seeing friends moving in to new build houses which look like hotels often has me wondering at the moment. The Mrs turned up on the first day with a paint brush, i turned up with a sledge hammer! This was our bathroom for weeks Walls made of dust, wiring cowboy'd too look modern and plumbing which hadn't been changed since the house was built! Its been a fun 3 months but we finally made it in just before Christmas. On the plus side we have a house most people dream of with all the original features, we also now thanks to having to re-wire the whole place have a house full of tech which makes me happy (600m of Cat7 cable later). I am now a broken man though, i've lost over 2 stone in weight, currently layed up with torn shoulder ligaments... and still 3 rooms, 20 windows and a roof to renovate...its a long haul...
  13. Home Power Generating

    Ahh the current plans are that they will be like your modern petrol stations, remotely managed from one central control centre. The Japanese are planning on putting them in barges (and we know how well the manage well with nuclear and sea water!).
  14. Home Power Generating

    Been working in nuclear for quite a while now, there doesn't seem to be a decent all in one solution to power storage. I worry about having all these mega batteries everywhere, what happens in 20-30 years when they need replaced? Ideally you would have hydro dams everywhere, but its not always practical, and they are only good for short periods. The best solution i have seen so far is liquid oxygen storage, when there is excess power, liquid oxygen is stored in tanks, when power is needed it is fed through a turbine. It has its problems but its quite neat and efficient. The big industry is getting excited by micro nuclear reactors at the moment, im not convinced, but then you do need something generating a baseload to the grid. In the likes of the UK we would never survive solely on Wind and Hydro (there have been a couple of days recently that got the press excited, but they are few and far between). Quite an interesting site to watch on the uk situation http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk
  15. My weekend so far

    The old boy is half heartedly selling his 70's Stingray, gutting cause i love driving it, but i can understand his reasons (he's 70 now, struggles with the clutch and has only done 500 miles in the last year). Interestingly im trying to convince him to buy a MK2, perfect car for him and my mum to cruise around in. Like you say, completely different beasts, but both right in their own way.