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  1. mattius


    I spent years trading mobile phones and parts on ebay, The trick is as has been said to list your stuff when its "free" listing days or £1 fee days, otherwise it gets ridiculous. If you put a reserve on it, or a buy it now, or make it gallery featured or even just in the gallery they charge you extra, plus the charges are loaded in such a way it penalises people selling stuff under £100. From memory reserve and buy it now are the worst things to put on as they are a percentage of the sales price, others are fixed fees. So the only real way to list anything is with no reserve and low price, which is why you see so much cheap tat on ebay nowadays, its just not worth people listing more expensive stuff (i think premium sellers get better rates). I rarely use the place these days, ebay have been too greedy, Amazon love them or love them have changed the way business is done these days, i mean is it just me that finds my self paying a couple of quid extra just to get something next day?
  2. mattius


    Thats similar to the one i have, works brilliant. John, i don't tend to use it on the car too often, i more use it around the house, inside the walls in the bathroom etc. The steering ones we have at work are just insane, some kinda black magic technology in them, they are tiny yet can control them so accurately. But these ones are just insane for the price, £6, how do they make it for that. https://www.banggood.com/3-in-1-6LED-Waterproof-Endoscope-Android-USB-Type-C-Borescope-Inspection-Camera-p-1152998.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN
  3. mattius


    The chinese sites like banggood are brilliant for these, a tenner will buy you an 1080p HD quality one, which is just mental for the size, i struggle keeping the lens from steaming up/getting dirty though. We use a lot of very expensive ones at work (although John probably has better ones at his work), and unless you spend megabucks (last one i saw was tens of thousands), there is always compromises. How do the medical ones keep their lenses clear in the medical ones @JohnD its a very wet environment the body?
  4. mattius

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    The bilthamber stuff is very good worth the money, i use the deox gell on anything that goes back to bare metal, their carnuba waxes are also top quality. Be interesting to see how that paint holds up, i used to swear by Por15 but its not lasting as they say it should despite spending hundreds of pounds on all their recommended products, it still chips and peals off in sheets, i wonder if the formulation has changed, as we have the corvette painted in it and its much much better.
  5. I missed those pics first time round, very jealous, we were in Agadir in Morocco last year, loved it, apart from getting there and back which from here was hell at best but with a plane that went up and down the runway 4 times (after being delayed for 4 hours) before it could take off cause of lightning strikes all around it was torture. P.s. Camels are the most uncomfortable animals in the world, wonder why anyone ever rode them, was on one in the sahara for 4 hours, could barely walk afterwards
  6. I drove my MX5 up and down to Aberdeen and back all year round with snow tyres, they do make a big difference in the wet too, i didn't really notice any greater wear on snow tyres to normal, but the grip in the dry summer was awful, which in turn was fun in an MX5. I got sent this picture today from a friend in North Berwick near where i work, this is one of the main roads.. The UK doesn't have the infrastructure to deal with snow like this and arguably rightly too, it doesn't happen often enough. I spent 3 hours today clearing drives and paths, 1 hour driving nurses into the hospital and then another hour hunting for milk which has run out in every supermarket in Edinburgh, dropped off some to my elderly neighbours and now im collapsed broken.
  7. Xdrive works surprisingly well considering, its never going to beat a land rover but better than rear wheel drive, i was driving one up in Aviemore last month, its the ground clearance that's the biggest problem. I beached my rwd up there for 3 days, all 4 wheels off the ground by an inch lol Hopefully we're done, in shattered after getting up at silly o'clock the last 3 days ferrying nurses into the hospital (she better appreciate it!) I was driving a Yeti the last few days, surprised be with its abilities, nice car, could do with more clearance again though.
  8. lol nah i had to clear the drive to get the BMW to move more than an inch, thankfully got out to the shops otherwise no brew, now its abandoned again till it clears. Why didn't i buy the XDrive version...
  9. Cleared the drive today, took 2 hours, whatever happened to andre who had the GT6 and his snowblower? An hour later, Given up... Im so glad i just paid a fortune to have the driveway landscaped! groann...
  10. Can anyone tell me where the road is? We got hit really hard last night, must have around 12-13" of snow, place is bizzare like a ghost town. This road was gritted last night when i went to pick up the 4wd...
  11. I was dubious about heading into work this morning (i work down in the scottish borders and commute from Edinburgh), with the threats of amber and red warnings. So there i was sitting on a teleconference looking out the window thinking its 1pm where is this snow they predicted... to quickly tell them we had to go and packing up and running out the door. This was the sight that greeted us... That is the A1, luckily my mate was driving (he's a 4x4 club and rescue team member) was driving and got us out the other side, we were very lucky though 10mins after we got through the roads were shut for 3 hours stranding people. Imagine my surprise to see this nutter who works at my work, tootling along in his spitfire... Anyway, my BMW is grounded and i've borrowed a 4wd, had to go rescue the Mrs and a group of other nurses from the hospital earlier and off to do the same again in the morning. Not looking pretty for it, i live in the centre of Edinburgh, snow ploughs making no difference, snow is falling too fast and hard, crazy we are used to snow up here, but this is something we haven't seen in years. Current view (this is one of the main roads in Edinburgh):
  12. We used it in the past but voice to text is still not there, its not intuitive when you want to for instance correct text or goto a new line. Problem is people are so used to keyboards, i can type faster than i can write these days and bemusing to some people without even looking at the screen so i can multitask reading one document, writing another.
  13. mattius

    Do we need an IT forum?

    You would be surprised how much of that kit is still around, my job is mostly communicating with these old systems industry cannot replace. Only a few years ago i replaced an old system that ran on fanfold paper, i know of a few places that still have ticker tape drives... I have a Apple iicx somewhere, i saw a BBC Micro again a few weeks back on a site and most of my days are spent interfacing/programming with computers made by the likes of Ferranti and Marconi which are names long in the past. Long standing joke that we could replace all the systems occupying two cavernous rooms with one smartphone, however all of these systems have runtimes that exceed many years of operation between reboots and with stunning levels of reliability.
  14. Thats just a windows setting in the control panel that is wrong John, they just need to set the keyboard language to uk, by default microsoft sets everything to american and the timezone to baltimore, catches me out every time building PCs for clients, forget to change it.