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  1. mattius

    Tr Register

    Lovely cars, i remember getting tyres for the corvette and the guy laughing saying he'd finally found wheels bigger showing me a GT5's wheels he had in, they were as wide as they were tall!
  2. mattius

    Review of MSA safety regs?

    Don't really know of any, At work the safety harnesses are assessed on a monthly basis and tagged, but there is no age limit on them. If a fall or accident happens they are withdrawn straight away. Which is what surprised me about the racing harnesses, why a mandatory age limit? A yearly inspection would surely suffice, unless of course an accident occurs in which case the chief marshal puts a knife through it, simple.
  3. mattius

    Review of MSA safety regs?

    Its what put me off racing, the costs of replacing harnesses, helmet and overalls, on top of the usual running costs is just excessive for the occasional racer. Why can't harnesses have stress markers in key areas, surely simple stitching with pre-designated markers that could be checked, if an impact or they were worn the markers wouldn't meet the desired measurements. Likewise with helmets, we have impact stickers at work, if something takes an impact it shows. People who only want to do one or two events a year aren't well catered for, which makes it a bit elitist. Be interested how this pans out.
  4. mattius

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    If the car clubs don't embrace the younger members and modified classic cars their time will be limited. With the younger members comes the internet phenomenon, social media etc which scares the living daylights out of many of the older generation. Those that embrace it enjoy a world of benefits, just take a look at how many different countries are represented here! Its all for the benefit of the members, the knowledge is shared for no profits, everyone shares and helps each other. Its the definition of what a "club" should be. I'm glad not to be involved in the politics of it and for the time and effort Craig et al put in here to make it a chilled out place, its the only forum I'm involved in these days for that very reason.
  5. Don't think i will be making it this year, but look out for the Maroon Corvette on the show ground (that'll be the old boy).
  6. mattius

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Im not involved in the TR community, hope you don't mind me asking but... Redacted emails, confidential evidence, power struggles at the top?? I thought these were clubs run by members for the members? are these clubs really that big financially that they need to act like a multi national conglomerate? serious question, never been to a board meeting, never been high up in a club. I mean on the CT forums there was talk of law suites etc back in the day, i just don't understand, surely the clubs are about for the enjoyment of members. The triumph community is not alone, we were at the Corvette Club UK nationals a few years ago, its all the same, thoroughly nasty people in "power"
  7. mattius

    What were you wrong about?

    So So many things....most things in fact, especially if you listen to her... Not taking a trade and going to university, wish id become an electrician/structural engineer instead of a software engineer (rushed into uni to avoid tuition fee's). Triumph spitfires do not go round corners quickly on wet roads... Buying shares in a fruit shaped logo company was not a bad idea in early 2000...doh! Financially, i should have bought the Lotus Esprit instead of the Spitfire...
  8. mattius

    Glasgow School of Art

    Glasgow is a very eclectic mix of stunning pieces of architecture like the mac and then atrocious obscenities that were thought to be "modern" in the 70's. It was an absolutely stunning building, i can remember being in it a few times, i prefer the tea room's though. There has to be a hell of a lot of questions asked as to how it could happen again, i read somewhere that the wood they were using this time had a fire retardant on it this time. Im just gutted for those poor people who have spent years and years re-crafting stuff by hand for it to be destroyed again, must be heart breaking They will rebuild it again i would bet, not sure its worth it... There are lots of murmurings that it is arson...
  9. mattius


    I know that feeling well, my record was 72 hours without sleep, when your body calms down you will get a cracking nights sleep, when i left hospital i had 3 bacon rolls and then apparently slept for 18 hours.
  10. mattius


    Hope all is improving Nick, take it easy, healing is a pain in the ass for impatient types, i was climbing the walls, but its worth it in the end (he says with my gammy leg up high and wrapped in ice after hiking 14 miles yesterday around the hills in the borders, turns out i can't cope with that). My friends and family still get together every few years to donate the 12.5 pints i needed transfused, i enjoy meeting them afterwards to buy them drinks and watch them stumble all over the place ( even the biggest of guys will be blind drunk after a few pints of giving and a few pints of receiving)! Hopefully one day i will be able to donate, however i don't think that will happen in my lifetime.
  11. mattius


    I spent years trading mobile phones and parts on ebay, The trick is as has been said to list your stuff when its "free" listing days or £1 fee days, otherwise it gets ridiculous. If you put a reserve on it, or a buy it now, or make it gallery featured or even just in the gallery they charge you extra, plus the charges are loaded in such a way it penalises people selling stuff under £100. From memory reserve and buy it now are the worst things to put on as they are a percentage of the sales price, others are fixed fees. So the only real way to list anything is with no reserve and low price, which is why you see so much cheap tat on ebay nowadays, its just not worth people listing more expensive stuff (i think premium sellers get better rates). I rarely use the place these days, ebay have been too greedy, Amazon love them or love them have changed the way business is done these days, i mean is it just me that finds my self paying a couple of quid extra just to get something next day?
  12. mattius


    Thats similar to the one i have, works brilliant. John, i don't tend to use it on the car too often, i more use it around the house, inside the walls in the bathroom etc. The steering ones we have at work are just insane, some kinda black magic technology in them, they are tiny yet can control them so accurately. But these ones are just insane for the price, £6, how do they make it for that. https://www.banggood.com/3-in-1-6LED-Waterproof-Endoscope-Android-USB-Type-C-Borescope-Inspection-Camera-p-1152998.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN
  13. mattius


    The chinese sites like banggood are brilliant for these, a tenner will buy you an 1080p HD quality one, which is just mental for the size, i struggle keeping the lens from steaming up/getting dirty though. We use a lot of very expensive ones at work (although John probably has better ones at his work), and unless you spend megabucks (last one i saw was tens of thousands), there is always compromises. How do the medical ones keep their lenses clear in the medical ones @JohnD its a very wet environment the body?
  14. mattius

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    The bilthamber stuff is very good worth the money, i use the deox gell on anything that goes back to bare metal, their carnuba waxes are also top quality. Be interesting to see how that paint holds up, i used to swear by Por15 but its not lasting as they say it should despite spending hundreds of pounds on all their recommended products, it still chips and peals off in sheets, i wonder if the formulation has changed, as we have the corvette painted in it and its much much better.