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  1. DaveNotSoSideways

    Setting DHLA Dell'Orto Dellorto Float / Fuel Level

    Had a nice delivery from Italy Rocky SRL. Good for Dellorto Parts.
  2. DaveNotSoSideways

    Gt-6+ Front Bump Steer Fix, In Detail?

    I raised the rack about 4mm, and raised the trackrod ends (rose joints) a few mm too, according to the measurements that reduced any bumpsteer to a minimum. I made the spacers for the trackrod ends (rosejoints) bespoke for each side as each side needed a different setting.
  3. DaveNotSoSideways

    Con Rod Bolts?

    Probably just easier to blame the fasteners, instead of admitting to some other "spectacular" cockup.
  4. DaveNotSoSideways

    Mk3 Spitfire Wiper Motor Relocation

    Just used a 1500 spit twin speed in the bottom photo, had to shorten the tube slightly and bend it a little. Just fit it and it works, provided the alignment of the tubes is good....no problems. 1500 is easier to fit as its designed to sit on a flat surface with just a loop bracket and two holes to be drilled to fit it, split the feed wire in two and fit a two way toggle switch somewhere for twin speed. Far better than the slow standard MK1-2-3 motor.
  5. DaveNotSoSideways

    Hispec Big Brake Kit....... But Which One?

    Cant beat AP. Hispec is just bling boy racer stuff in comparision. Who cares about a few grams when ur life is on the line.
  6. DaveNotSoSideways

    Bzh Spitfire From France

    No problem. I would use the DCOE its more flexible/easier to work with on such an application. Jetting sounds ok, though u may need a larger idle jet. I guess u will need to fine tune the jetting as there is no perfect setting, each engine being different.
  7. DaveNotSoSideways

    Bzh Spitfire From France

    55F8, no way. It'll need to be a 65-80. Best buy some micro drills and a bag of jets and trial error the tuning. 55 is a DCOE jetting, DCOM needs much larger idle jets, I ran 65 I think on twin DCOMs, so single DCOM will need bigger. 36 choke, ok. The rest of the jets will need tuning by trial and error. There is no answer to the question as DCOM is very different from DCOE.Also the auxillary venturis are different and U must retain the standard DCOM type emulsion tubes, dont use F16-F21 etc and stock venturis. Don't use 4.5 venturis from the DCOE. A DCOE would be easier to tune and more flexible to changes.
  8. DaveNotSoSideways

    Steering Rack Joint

    Had to trim mine.
  9. DaveNotSoSideways

    Dellorto Drla 48 – Rich Midrange

    Cause the emulsion tubes control when/how much fuel is delivered in the mid range, when the main jet fires on, how effective the air jet is in relation to main jet size and they control how the auxillary venturi talks to the main jet stack. You need a tube with more holes or thicker o/d to lean it out then increase main jet and decrease air jet etc. The emulsion tubes are the most vital part of the jetting, any monkey can change main jets and air jets but the tubes are usually overlooked somewhat.
  10. DaveNotSoSideways

    Dellorto Drla 48 – Rich Midrange

    The emulsion tubes are probably wrong. If it left the rolling road rich in the middle they didnt do their job correctly. Probably didnt have any tubes and sent you on your way knowing they'd done a half arsed job.
  11. DaveNotSoSideways

    Hs4 Tuning Frustration

    Try BP6es plugs. I always ran BPRs after issues with petronix ignition and BPs causing an idle misfire. 5ES is too hot for modern non-leaded fuel and increased CR ratios.
  12. DaveNotSoSideways

    Craig's 6Fire In Aus

    Remove that bolt, the plastic pieces either side will slide off and the window will pull out the runners from the top. Its too wide to exit the narrow area at the top of the runners with the wear bushings in place.
  13. DaveNotSoSideways

    Dellorto 40F - Please Help...

    33 too small. Try 45 backfire type. There are two types, down and backfire, backfire is best.
  14. DaveNotSoSideways

    Best Rear For Spit 1500 (K-Series Engine)

    Your front tyres are on back to front, they are directional, they are fitted the wrong way around.
  15. DaveNotSoSideways

    Dellorto 40F - Please Help...

    Min jet for emission is 55, the 50 would never work. Wait till u tune correctly the idle screws to assess higher gear running. The pump jets maybe too small. What size are they, I guess 42 or 45 would be right. 33 too small. 35 marginal. Try winding the pump rod nut up the shaft to increase the quanity of fuel it delivers.