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  1. hi l used k-seal on my bmw mini headgasket problem, did seem to work got 4000miles out of it with no problems then sold it before my luck ran out paul
  2. hi pete the spring came from a herald convertible , will see how it sits once complete maybe spring worn/ I have 2 more in the shed same rating can try if it does not settle down, just looks miles out at the moment, will try the weight in the boot once the car is finished and settled paul.
  3. hi nick was thinking of lowering the car front and rear fronts not a problem . what is the best starting point for lowering the rear must admit not tried before on a herald or vitesse paul
  4. working progress with my vitesse 1600, comments and advice please on the rear camber, seems to me to be leaning inwards a lot more then i remember on my last vitesse , the work i have done on the rear, 4 stud diff , swapped the spring from a 7 leaf to 11, trunnions nice and free , currently no fuel tank, boot lid, roof, or seats fitted, whether this weight will make any difference to the camber, advice appreciated .
  5. hi just refitting the smiths heater back to my 1600 took out a while back, just to be sure the curved heater pipe goes from the valve to the head outlet, other to pump pipe ?
  6. there is a grommet on the base behind the light cluster they put a small hole in it as back up.
  7. hi they let water in the light seal take the rear light unit out you will see water enters that way ,while working in a local bodyshop ,they had one come in boot full of water took them a day to trace the fault.
  8. that would be great roger how do you want to receive the payment
  9. foshi

    vitesse loom

    thought the late 6 was the same as the early 2lt they have the same dash and the regulator sits inside the car ? /
  10. foshi

    vitesse loom

    thank you nick great help yes it is a convertible so should be fun .
  11. wanted pair 150cd carbs working order for a vitesse
  12. foshi

    vitesse loom

    hi i need to remove the complete loom from my donor vitesse still has the dash installed then transfer it into my current project vitesse what is best procedure, do i start from the engine bay and work back ? paul
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