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  1. So finally sorted the gt6 to the point where I have a radiator, the last piece before startup. However on attaching the top large diameter hose, it's too short, it connects over both the rad and thermostat housing but only by a few mm. This is concerning and my fan to radiator distance seems a little much. I made the brackets for the radiator on the chassis from scratch from a few rough rulered dimensions from someone on fb, so I could have put them too far forward, which would explain it. Cant use the reference points in my factory manual because I cant see them with the turrets in
  2. All sorted hopefully, just done the clearances and checked through them a couple of times. It's so nice only needing one feeler gauge! I'll be putting oil in later on and doing a compression test! Getting closer and closer to engine start! Thanks once again for all the help Jacob
  3. Ended up getting a bit pre occupied yesterday annoyingly. Just tightened the rockers down and absolutely no dramas. No binding or horrible things occurring. Going to take my time going through the clearances but all is looking good so far! I think I was worried about nothing!
  4. Nick, thanks once again, I'm going to follow this today and will report my findings. Hopefully I'll come back shortly with no dramas. Thanks again, Jacob
  5. Pete, yes I was wondering this myself, no1 is at TDC so surely some valves are wanting to be opened, hence the resistance but surely with the adjusters on the rocker arms fully open you’d expect some slack and not contact with the pushrod. With times like this I wish I stuck with minis!
  6. Nick, Ok I’m not completely insane then. I’ve had about 3 engines now so I’ve lost track of what bits have come from where but I’m fairly sure they where from the original one. Ah this does not sound too good. I’ll have poke down and see about the cam followers. I’m guessing they can’t come out now with the head on, it’s only been torqued down for a day now so surely if the head needed to come off I’d be ok using the same gasket? I really hope it’s something simple with this that I’ve missed, otherwise it sounds like it’s game over. Bugger. Jacob
  7. Hi all. Big step last night, rebuilt my head and got it mated on the engine and torqued down nicely. However when I put the pushrods in and tried to slip the rocker assembly down it sits a couple of mill or two off the base of the head and is in contact with all of the pushrods, even with the adjusters fully open! The head was just refaced so hasn't been skimmed to death, it has a hi lift PI cam but I cant imagine that making a huge difference. The pushrods didn't come with this engine, they came from my mk2 gt engine. End to end with a ruler they are about 206-207mm. Head is a 21901
  8. Sorry for the late reply Nick, yes thanks I've seen that conversion on another gt6. It's cheap but it requires a bit of mods doesn't it?
  9. Hi all, after the above. Preferably a leak free rad. Or if anyone knows people who have them cheers, Jacob
  10. Evening all, So firstly Admins please delete this post if it is breaking any rules, I wasn’t sure where to put this. Ive never really done or asked for help before on this, it’s usually something I can resolve, but circumstances have put me in a difficult position and I’m just asking for a little bit of help from the community to get my gt6 back on the road. It’s so close and I could see the light at the end for the tunnel. There’s a bit more sob story in the link but if it doesn’t get finished now,then it’s never going to and we’ll loose another GT6 for good. Anyway like I said I reall
  11. Should hopefully have one sourced from spitfire graveyard in the morning after a quick email exchange, suppose some manifold paint will be needed!
  12. Desperately need an inlet manifold for my GT6, more than happy with something that needs a refurb. Jacob
  13. Thank you, Its pretty common by the sounds of it that the studs just weld themselves in place. I don't mind a challenge of removing those studs, the amount I've had to drill out of heads I consider myself an expert at stud removal by now! Do you reckon you have another with the studs still in place?
  14. Thanks, yes it is indeed Bell. Just ordered the same one from moss for 50. Rather annoyingly I had 3 std manifolds once upon a time but ditched them a while ago, rather frustrating. There's a few one ebay, one for £20 but someone's drilled out the studs so will either need bolts if they can be used.
  15. After a quick search I think that section is available in stainless, canley have it in the parts diagram (GEX1440S) but is out of stock, looks like the right piece. I’ll whack off an email to them tomorrow asking how long it’ll take for them to get one.
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