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  1. Nice, you're actually further forward than me. Shaving down the case got you a bit more. TU. Nick, I'm wondering if you are going to put a dog-leg in your shifter like the Spit has? It may be very close to the panel, no?
  2. Nice work there Fuelish. When we did mine we left the shifter rod in there and slid the Change Control Case forward until it hit the case, then it was really easy to see what needed to be trimmed to get a snug fit against the casing. Of course the biggest thing to look for is free movement of the rod. Nick, I know that you are past the notion of relocating the Hand Brake, but in case you're interested in the details of how I did it, I've added that section to my site. https://stevew10.wixsite.com/spit16/copy-of-fuel Looking forward to seeing yours in action.
  3. Well doesn't that image look familiar. Really nice work on that tranny Nick, more than I could do for sure. I see that you didn't want to modify the tunnel cover, but I wonder if matching the stock location with a short straight shifter rather than the long dog-legged version might not be that comfortable? I moved mine 6" further forward (although that's with a Mazda 1.6 in front of it) to get it exactly where I wanted it. One result of that also meant moving my handbrake back a touch. Not a big deal, but it adds to the project and creates another difference from stock. Over
  4. Those methods seem a bit forceful. I've always just slid the studs in and put a lug nut on backwards, perhaps with a few washers to lessen resistance and then tightened them in. They go in perfectly straight and never takes much force. If it does I'd look elsewhere for studs. I think the last thing I'd do is modify an expensive hub to fit a cheep stud, or even vice versa. Filing off splines may work, and new ones may be cut when pulled in but I think I'd just look elsewhere. Just a thought. There has to be other vendors of studs, like Doorman etc that have the same specs. I got mine
  5. Thanks Nick, I figured he knew what he was doing. As background, I've got a '78 Spit with a Miata 1.6 and 5-speed, currently running a GT6 3.27 diff and I'm thinking about more power. Due to availability (lack of) of the R160 with 3.54 gears around here, plus the length of the unit (propshaft angle considerations), I'm looking at a shorter R200 fitment, which naturally leads to a complete new suspension. At this point, I'd say that the thing I envision is most similar to the RoSpit double Wishbone set-up. 5 books later, I'm in the infancy of rear suspension design, and it looks
  6. Hey guys, I’m just new to Sideways, love the technical nature of the Forum. A few questions if I can. But first, much respect to all the lower wishbone set-ups here, very impressive. 1. I couldn’t find any dimensional data on your modifications. I’m specifically thinking of wishbone lengths, top and bottom if so equipped? (obviously in the interest of camber change) 2. Nick, your son’s set-up looks like a great in-between, that is, keeping the transverse leaf but eliminating the trailing/radius arm. If it’s on the road at this time has he had any issues with toe change on accel/
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