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  1. Thanks Nick. Yes, just catches the lip (I think) on bumps, dips and uneven road surfaces.
  2. One further question: as I need to sell the current wheels, any ideas what car they might fit?
  3. Thanks for all the quick replies. The front has always been fine Nick; however, as 175/70 seems the most popular tyre size currently, if I wanted to go down that route I suppose it might cause problems there, and wouldn't work at all on the rears. Looks like I need to go shopping for new wheels.
  4. Hi I have a MkII GT6 bought many years ago with 5.5J x 13" Supaslot-type wheels and 165/70 tyres. I have always had a problem with rubbing on the rear wheel arches but never really known why. Having finally investigated, I think I now know: the offset of the wheels appears to be only 9mm, leading them to project too far. Before I go in search of new wheels, I just wanted to check (a) that I'm correct in identifying the problem, and (b) there isn't another solution. Thanks.
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