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  1. It would be nice to see an MGC with efi & mapped ignition. The main gain on your efi Nick was efficiency and have happy memories of haring up the Alps & getting 35mpg. Your chum with the webers may be missing the point!
  2. It must be said that the old MGC motor makes a fabulous low growl. This one has triple SUs and a big cam. I hope I get to see the finished article in the car. That said you can't argue how effectively the Duratec goes about its business. Just limited on the undefinable "soul" of an old, heavy and inefficient engine.
  3. Back to the matter in hand! In the workshop there is a BMC C-Series being rebuilt (out of an MGC). What a hoofing great thing that is. I took a picture of the block next to a 1275 A-Series one. No perspective, that is the actual size difference!
  4. Yes. Hardly helpful regarding this noble mission!!
  5. Another busy day taking small steps with my A30. Crank sensor is mounted and the alternator is finished too. Then put the gearbox back on to test the clutch. Needs the release cylinder spacing towards the flywheel about another 8mm, as it drops off the end before clutch release is achieved. Used an adjacent Mini in the workshop to provide the master cylinder & pedal!! Just received the call that I am back to work on wednesday, so progress may slow a little.
  6. That may come later if it is lacking in the Go Dept! Not sure where the blower would go mind, unless it was crank mounted out of the front like a 30s Grand Prix car!!
  7. Progressing along slowly with the A30. The Denso alternator is loosely in position, awaiting the tensioning slide being fitted and a new, but shorter toothed belt to allow it to be driven by the water pump pulley. Tomorrow's mission is to finish making the crank sensor mount. Been plugging in the loom which reveals a mismatch with some of the plugs. The very nice Maniflow manifold that had gone brown has been sent for a swim in the molasses bath, been blasted, had a boss welded for the lambda sensor & finally painted with vht black to hopefully prevent it going brown again
  8. Yes, the Speed Hillclimb rules & class structure are such that my weird head puts me in the Modified Production class. Standard(ish) block, but head & gearbox are free. I don't envisage any unpleasantness (read protests) about my car's eligibility, as it won't be capable of winning against the Minis etc. No bothers for me, but an interesting engineering exercise. Nick is spot on suggesting more modern engines to invigorate classic cars with good reliability, power and economy. There is a bit of piddling around to do with electrics to get these modern motors to work outside of their natural environment (as I am finding out at the moment! Added a photo of the progress on the front of my engine. Cam belt tensioner sorted and now water pump pulley done. Awaiting Denso alternator, then second belt will run off the water pump pulley.
  9. The point of adding a more efficient head is to extract more power from your infernal combustion motor? It may make more sense to get more air/fuel inside your engines via other means. Forced induction and more efficiency via fuel injection should move things on a fair bit. I have stuck mainly to normally aspirated to keep my car in a certain racing class (they take cc and multiply by 1.4 for forced induction). A turbo 5 port A-series would easily give more power & torque.
  10. The metal had puckered on the outside, it was that close! Thought the pulley might end up splitting if we left it like that.
  11. The front end of the engine has put up more of a struggle. The bespoke timing belt arrangement had previously been thrown on just to see if the engine went round without piston/valve clashes (which it did OK). Not good enough to be going round at any big revs though........... First thing to get attention was the crank pulley which on close inspection was breaking through at the keyway. A slimmer seal was chosen and a steel sleeve turned up on the lathe and pressed on. Thanks to Steve Harris for his help on this. Next thing to get attention will be the mounting of the tensioner (a Ford Zetec item) as it is all a bit busy at the front, with timing belt, fan belt and toothed wheel / sensor for ECU all competing for the limited space. It would be nice to keep the mechanical water pump and have an alternator too! More updates will follow.
  12. A little more progress on the ends of the engine. Picked up the new clutch assembly (an uprated MG Midget item) which is a special to mix the Midget flywheel & Ford gearbox. All fitted very nicely and the release bearing even is in the right place. Still need to make up the hydraulic pipes (it is a Burton concentric one I've had for years), but other than that, it's sorted.
  13. Some nice work by you & Chris, Nick. The Grey Missile is a classy little car, which is a credit to your hard work over the years.
  14. I think a chum of mine owns the building. That is the place we used to go for the ceramic spraying of the Cray stuff I think
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