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  1. The seals were so bad when I tried to put a pick behind them to remove from the caliper they just shattered, never seen anything like it. My choice was between Green stuff and M1144s but the 1144s were described as race pads. I have had race pads in my track bike and frightened life life out of me when braking into the first corner and the pads were still cold (and hardly working) so I went for greenstuff.
  2. Over the past few days I have been struggling to overhaul the brake system, managed to get the copper lines disconnected ready for the new ones and relieved the passenger side of its disc caliper for a rebuild. The pistons have been well and truly welded into the calipers, tried soaking in penetrating oil....nope, tried compressed air....nope, tried compressed air and heating up with MAPP blowtorch......nope. Finally resorted to welding a nut onto the inside of the caliper and manufacturing a pulling tool. Now rebuilt with EBC green stuff pads.
  3. A tin of K&N spray oil should last a lifetime, well mine certainly has
  4. Master cylinder mounts painted, new bolts and one refurbed and one replaced back in. Brake lines next.........
  5. Ok I had to use a fair bit of heat to get the piston assembly out. Have I knackered the valve at the end of the spring or is this normal If I have knackered it anyone know where I can get another one it doesn't seem to be in the repair kit?
  6. Master cylinder rebuild day and 40 year old brake fluid that has gone solid (I didn't realise it could do that). After much heat and sonic cleaning the old piston is out of the brake m/c and the seal kit is in. Got problems with the clutch one though.
  7. Cleaned, etched, lined and painted the and fitted back in the car with new rubber spout, clips and blanking pipe. Fitted the new battery clamp and put the choke back on. Bit more buying too, new ignition switch and the old one fell apart when the steering lock was chiselled off.
  8. Now £130 ono as I'm fed up of tripping over the bl**dy things
  9. Triumph Mark 4 Seats in generally good condition for the year. There is a couple of nicks here and there Location Wigan Collection of arrange your own courier £180
  10. My fuel tank blanking vent disintegrated when I took the tank out and is no longer available. Is this just a bit of fuel pipe blanked off? Will aruldite do to blank some fuel pipe off as a substitute?
  11. It's getting a clean out and liner kit fitted, just waiting for postie to turn up with it from Moss.
  12. I got the fuel tank out the other day and removed the 27 year old fuel. I noticed that although the tank is sound there is some surface rust on the outside. What paint are people using to spruce up their tank, I assume it would be petrol proof and satin black. I would prefer a one coat solution as it will be hidden behind the boot trim.
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