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  1. Got a bit of cramp in my hand from today, bourbon will help
  2. Productive day today, first job of the day was to remove the battery box. Armed with the knowledge from a few youtube vids I girded my loins and dove in. It quickly became apparent that the guy in Triumph who spot welded these in decided it was never coming out. Welds on top of welds, welds directly next to other welds, what a pain.# Finally after much swearing, wiggling, hammering, more swearing it was finally out. It definitely wasn't salvageable... The new battery box is ready for going in tomorrow (hopefully if I have time) Also managed to fix the cap
  3. Has anyone tarted up their front spoiler. Mine has lost its captive nuts, anyone got a recommendation how to fix new nuts in place? Fibreglass? Some fancy glue?? Also the previous owner has half heartedly sprayed it in black, some is flaking off some is fixed firmly any recommendation how to remove the old paint without hours and hours of hand sanding? I'm planning to colour code the spoiler
  4. I have a new battery box to go into, does the old one unbolt out or is it a cut the old one out and weld the new one in type fix?
  5. More painting tonight, again took these down to bare metal before painting. Luckily I have a few of these as the first couple has micro fractures that I only saw once in bare metal.
  6. Had a bit of a break over Xmas and the cold snap, I had every intention of doing a bit but the temperature change stepping out of the front door force me to skittle straight back in the house. Back on it now..... Cleared all the tools, parts and rubbish out of the boot, taken it back to metal and into primer. Makes a hell of a difference. Taking the deck back to metal and I found a bit of a dodgy repair which I will address in the coming days ( this has been a common theme and I'll glad I took it down to the metal). Treated myself to a new tool to help to get into tho
  7. I must admit this thread has had me doubting myself even though I know someone with a late Mk4 head on a 1500 with a non standard cam who says it goes great. Looking at the chart a Mk4 head will give 10.2 which should work.
  8. Been told its the later Spit 1300 head you need with the bigger valves which is the 72, I'm looking at cam options at the moment.
  9. Well I'm going to nick the head off the 1972 and stick on the 1500 engine.
  10. Received the 3 other engines today a 1967, 1970 and a 1972.
  11. Has anyone fitted a hydraulic boot lift kit? Can you recommend which strut to use and do you need to manufacture anything to fit it? Cheers
  12. Onto the bodywork section....... Managed to weld the small hole in the floor using some formed metal left over from the door repair and just happened to be the correct shape (well with a couple of hammer blows it was) which just leaves a repair required to the back of the passenger side rear wheel arch, passenger side windscreen gutter replacement and small repair to rear deck to complete the welding. With welding being a pain to do in my very narrow garage and the heavens opening up which meant I couldnt work outside I had to find something else to occupy me. First was to take the r
  13. Wow were did that month go........ A quick bit of research revealed that I have a 1975 1500 engine and a 1976 1500 engine. So the 1976 engine can go in the 1976 spitfire result!!!. I put the 76 engine on the engine stand and started to dig into it. A quick inspection revealed that although the engine was free pots 2 and 3 are worn and will need a bore and OS pistons unfortunately time ran out that day so I could find out what size pistons I need. The 1975 engine is also free and I will stick it on sale to fund the rebuild of the 76 engine. I have also received 3 x 130
  14. Just found a used once Clarke Pro engine stand local to me and bagged that for £40 and it really does look like it has only been used once too, good old facebook marketplace
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