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  1. So the tub is about to come off so I thought its time to properly look at the suspension. My daily driver is an MG TF so I'm not exactly used to plush handling more crash/ bang but sticks to the road. I'm looking to loose an inch in the ride height and I believe thats optimal according to various threads but how do I achieve this? I have read about changing the spacers but I dont know what spacers to get and where to get them from for the desired effect. Can someone enlighten me? I'm also assuming I will need shorter front springs and height adjustable dampers, can someone recommend what springs and economical dampers (approx £100 a side, I cant afford Konis)? Is there a spacer involved in the front?? I have adjustable AVO's on the rear, new old stock.
  2. Bonnet off and stripped ready for the blaster, had some fun getting that off by myself. Started stripping the door for reskinning but Mr Haynes was having difficulty expaining how to get the glass and mech out.
  3. Started the stripdown, boot lid off, lights off, doors off, quarter valences too
  4. Doh, I was looking at AVO's, I have a full set of poly bushes to go into the car including lower shock bushes will that fix their design issue? I was looking to lower the stance a little, any ideas on spring size?
  5. All the brakes pipes replaced and brakes renewed, had a problem with one drum adjuster which snapped so got a replacement from the bay. After chasing all the leaks all hydraulics are now bled up and got good pedals, I could chuck a seat in it and drive it round the estate. Shocks are knackered and leaky, still debating whether to get adjustables or standard While I was taking a minute I noticed I had tyres of a certain vintage that were built in East Germany
  6. Registered myself for the auction as the missus wants a private reg for her 50th (along with other things). I downloaded the sale prices of the previous owners, wow that's some prices, I may be unlucky.
  7. Seems alot of work as I start to tackle the bodywork I don't know whether I can be bothered (could just be tired after a hard days work) .Might be worth seeing if someone wants to do a swap with a 1500 engine or chuck it on eBay nearer autumn.
  8. @michaeljf Nice Jota!, are they as scary as they say?
  9. Now I'm not doing this anytime soon but I managed to purchase a Vitesse 2L lump with late numbers for just over £100 which was working when taken out if the car, dry stored for a few years and turns over fine so it would be rude not to buy it. Once I have completed the build of my Spitfire and enjoyed it for a while I will consider installing the 2L engine. What should be on my shopping list to complete the installation? Does the lump work with the HS4 carbs? Will the Spitfire gear box fit? Will the prop need shortening? That sort of thing......... The 1500 engine thats in the Spit currently is not original to the car, the numbers have been damaged and are hard to see so it no great loss changing the engine......eventually
  10. Warm evening so dragged the spit out and had a look of the state of the rear brakes. Lots of rust, missing drum screws and evidence of leaky pistons (plus the rear shocks are shot but that's for another day) so tackled the pistons first. Stripped the drum down, the drum itself looks like it just needs a clean up but I need new pins, springs and shoes. Luckily I did have the pistons and fitting kit, I was surprised how the pistons were fitted as I expected bolts and not the twin forks the spitfire uses. Struggled to get them out and fit the new ones but perseverance paid off. Unfortunately the brake drum (transfer pipes?) copper pipes were shot too and it seems no one seems to make these separate and only offered in a kit so I will have to make those Ordered the new shoes, pins, springs, etc. now its just a waiting game to see when the postie turns up with them.
  11. I live 2 miles from 3 sisters, you can hear the lovely sounds of racing from my house
  12. The SGS struts are over twice the price and dont come with the ball end connectors
  13. @yorkshire_spam the user is https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/adunn9 they keep selling really fast but just ask him to list another set.
  14. You still need to lift to about 20 degrees then the struts take over, its very smooth and doesn't jar the bonnet at the end of the lift. The bonnet is supported at both sides so the twist is much less. I do have to twist slightly when I open the bonnet but that's because the cones are shot and haven't got round to replacing them yet.
  15. The fuel filter also includes a regulator, first spitfire so never fitted one there before but its not near the exhaust manifold and is at the same height as the old fuel pipework. Will let you know if there are any issues
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