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  1. I have previously made one from aluminium box and some turned bosses but it's a lot of work when you can get an extrusion for £20 and don't have to make and weld the bosses. I also don't claim to be great with the AC Tig so would rather not be tig welding fuel joints.
  2. you can produce a perfect hole in the rail with nothing more than a 13.5 reamer. My process Mark out Drill 7mm through to extrusion bore Drill 13mm about 11mm - set a depth stop on your machine so all depths will be the same as the first one Ream 13.5 to bottom of 13mm hole Little chamfer Rinse and repeat for the other 5 holes. You could do it with a pillar drill no problem. i reckon at a push and with care you'd get it done with a cordless drill.
  3. How they can do that and ship it and make money is beyond me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Fuel-Rail-Raw-Extrusion-Dash-8-500mm-Length-1-64-Feet-Aluminum/153117047846?hash=item23a67cbc26:g:MGYAAOSwk69bWuX9 I'm not sure what benefit the injector pocket cutter would give. I use a 13.5 reamer and basic chamfering tool
  4. Hey Nick, Looking good. The last efi 6 I did the rail quite similar to yours except in aluminium as I have ac tig. It's a lot of work and I decided with the efi I am doing on this next one that I'd use a billet rail. I think I paid £20 including delivery from China (ebay). In my opinion it's the best option, mark out the injector locations, drill, csk, ream etc. Rail bore is 17.5ish so takes a 1/2 pipe thread tap so you have loads of end connection options. The solid part of the rail is 1/2" thick so easy to drill and tap into that to make fixing points etc.. Anyway, just a thought. No reason why yours won't be perfect.
  5. Even on that you have to be careful where you put the head to get it to clear. Think if you look closely you can see the white paint marks I've put of the side of the bed to show me where to line up the 6 cyl to get the travel. Ideally you'd want the 49" bridgeport.
  6. I've a similar Bridgeport that I got for free a couple of years ago and done a bit of a restoration on and added a DRO. Regularly skim 6 cyl heads on it. Also got a Colchester Bantam lathe that I restored but thinking about getting something bigger....
  7. THis is quite useful: http://users.erols.com/srweiss/tableifc.htm
  8. Had big V8's on these. https://www.sealey.co.uk/product/5637187993/engine-stand-550kg
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