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  1. Ya. I thought the same. I actually drove it for abit today. Got the frt done and interior in. Some minor stuff to do now. The ride wasn't that bad, at all. Took the bumps rather well. Once all done and ready for every day use. I'll see for sure. I am using adapters, so easy to switch back to the 13s if needed. I would rather deep 13s but cant find any used ones. New I am not spending the money on them right now. So these will do. I might see about 14s or 15s with higher profile tires. But for now I'm going to use these, see how it goes. Right now I'm happy how they worked on the car. Yes, I love, love this look. Restomod look. thanks.. here's some other pics before my drive.
  2. Well. Almost finished!! For now. Abit more work and she will be ready to go.
  3. I'm going to make up a rear compensator for the suspension. Have dimensions, will see about making one. Has anyone made one? If so pics would be great..
  4. Update. So I took it back apart. Installed the top plate and new spring rubber. Made my own from leaf spring lying around. Tightened all up, jacked up each end of the wheel ends. Till the load of the car was on the spring. Tightened everything up. Both side. Torqued down the wheel adapters, installed wheels. Aired up the tires to same all around. 32 psi. Bounced and rolled the car.. what a difference, the car is sitting level. Also the wheels are at basically 0 camber. I'm hoping that the wheels and suspension settles just a but more. Give me 1 or 2 negative. Either way happy with that. Might install a 1/2 block later just to give a bit more negative camber to it. Or a 1/4 block if need be. Thanks for the input on the suspension tightening. The car sits very nice now as for height. The stance is perfect. With a ton of room in the wheel wells for the 17s to move around. Now I need to rebuild the frt end with all new bushings.. need to order some stuff soon. Spring is near!!! Need to get the new seats in... have to get them first. The half cage, electronic ignition, toolset on the engine and timing. After I torque the head down. As it was jus done. Time for the retorque. Oil change, plugs, finish the frt bumper.. which I'll post when done. It's a nice look!! Prob a few other things before the snows gone..
  5. Thanks. Yes I only have 4 bolts. I prob could just use the swing spring center plate. Or bottom plate?? Looks to be about right. Flat and square I will once I have a proper plate on top tighten all areas with the wheels or suspension in a on ground state. I'll add some weight in the rear when I do drive.. Thanks for the info.
  6. Rolled the car a couple times back and forth. It straighten abit. Think it may go even a bit more with a drive. At this point it still has positive camber. I think I need a 3/4 block in the rear to get 1 or 2 deg negative maybe more. I'm doing the frt end rebuild here real soon. New bushings. Etc.. so that should help as well. I need a top mounting plate for the rear spring. I used the swing spring box to hold it for now. When sitting in the car with about 1/2 tank or more fuel. The car levels out. So I think it's right around where it needs to be. Just need to remove some of that positive camber kn the rear.
  7. I haven't rolled it yet. I haven't lowered it yet either. No block yet. Just temporarily installed the solid spring to see if the lean would go away. It has. I need to do the rear rubbers between the shock tower and the body. But not to bad. I'll roll it out maybe some time today see if it works its self out. I'm assuming it will get better. Maybe 0 camber. I'm hoping any way. Then a block will give me a negative and that will be fine. Then once all back in I'll add some air shocks. Like the vette ones. Just to help out . The car is not a racer. Just a drive around after work, and car shows with the little guy. For now! Later I will upgrade the whole chassis down the road for the odd track day. For now I'm more then happy just to drive it on the road and show it off as there aren't many of them around.
  8. Thanks.. So the swing spring was all there. The box etc.. I took it apart. Yes all rubbers are gone. Lol. Worn right out. On both sides of the spring really. So my car is a bit funny. The rear part of the frame and suspension is from a spitfire. Swing spring setup.. It's not a gt6 setup. The solid spring is from a gt6 setup. The old system that was in the car before the P/O removed it all. Any way. I'm thinking that getting a new or another used swing isnt going to correct it. Not sure. I dont mind using this solid one. It was in the car before. Believe it was a roto setup. I just need to get more negative camber to the wheels. So lots say to add a block which will give more negative camber to it. So the thoughts are no??? On that block?? Thanks cheers.
  9. Also just read , that using a lowering block on diff and spring lowers the car and with that gives the wheel ends more negative camber. What's your thoughts ???? Seems like it would work. I do still need to roll the car a round and see if it settles more. But the block may be a good idea.
  10. The swing spring. Next to no rubber between the springs. The solid spring is 6 leafs. The swing is a spit spring with 5. I'm wondering if I could get a shorter spring. Not sure. Feeling getting another swing spring wont fix it.
  11. Hey.. just today I decided to swap out my swing spring, and temporarily install the old gt6 spring. Way stiffer, but has some positive camber. It may be a bit to long i think. It measured basically the same. Eye to eye. So dont know?? After install I jumped up and down to settle the car. It sits nice now. But has that positive camber on the wheels. I need to install body to frame bushings in the rear. The right side is squashed as to the left. Not much but it is. I believe the rear spring is the issue. The swing spring must be abit weak on the right. I was hoping this solid spring was going to work. I would have left it in for now. But I do think that it's a bit long. Moving the top of the up right to be pushed out a bit. Here's some pics of it with the solid spring in it. Sits nice. It has lots of spring travel, bounces nice and springs back. That's with the shocks still not attached as of now. Oh... dont mind the tail pipes.. being fixed!!!! Haha..
  12. So. I removed the 2 inner sway bar bushing clamps in the frt. Not the link ends. But the bar is loose. I jacked up and took off the rear wheel, loosened all the bolts in the wheel end. Spring, control arm, shock and trunion. Everything looked to be moving freely. The up right did move when spring was pushed down and up. Only thing was the through bolt in the trunion is seized, it wont push freely. but it did look like the trunion was moving when wheel end is moved. All this and the car still sits low on right (passenger) side. Leans still. So it's not the sway bar. It's not the wheel end ??? I'm starting to think the spring is the issue? I have the original rear spring for the car. It's not a swing spring, like what's in it now. It's a solid 6 leaf spring assy. Could I possibly install the 6 leaf spring in place of swing spring? I'm also looking at installing vet rear shocks as well. But this wont correct or repair this lean. Maybe delete the rear spring all together with a coilover setup. Thanks.. Cheers.
  13. Ok. Good to know. Maybe I can add a stronger first or second spring to help. I'm going to remove it anyway to check it out. Also the top of the diff. Maybe something there. Not sure. Worth a look. Check diff and mounting ears as well. So, if a ear mount for the diff is off. Will it cause a lean. Hmm. It's a swing spring so it has movement to it. Would it cause that side of the spring to be angled up wards. Which would cause it to be closer to the body??? Or would it not really affect it to much to where its noticable like this.??
  14. Yes, I've heard that as well. I need to check out the front tower for that shim. Left side for the left hand drive cars. I also am taking the sway bar off all together. See if that helps. I do want the 7/8 one. Will have to find one to get for it. I'm going to 1. Revome the frt sway bar assy 2. Check for that shim or spacer in the right frt shock tower. As mine is a LHD car. 3. Remove the spring and check the trunions on rear. Rotate the spring around and see what happens. Check the diff mounting while I'm there. 4. Possibly add another spring to the rear pack. It's a 5 pack and gt6s were a 6 pack. As I'm told. 5. Front end will get a full rebuild. The shocks are spaxx with oem springs I'm told from my buddy. But I need to do the bushings, all bushings in frt. it does to some extent level out with a full tank of fuel and me in it. But with out it leans way to much I think. I'm not sure how much it levels out. As I'm driving. Lol.. but I think to some degree it does. Still though, the left sits low. The suspension, when pushing down feels like it's almost maxed. Feels stiff. Other side feels good. Has travel and moves a good amount up and down. Sits nice as well.
  15. Ok. Mines a swing spring setup. Everything looks to be moving free. That box you talk about is part of the center of the spring? My spring sits on top of the diff and is bolted down with a top plate/clamp with studs. Pics show the style of spring. Direct mount on diff, sits in the groove made in the diff.
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