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  1. Hi Pete, yes, no probs. I do have a ltd company I could have used but he didnt seem bothered. Good service to, ordered yesterday and arrived yesterday....although he has sent BEs for a GK heavy crank not the GE light crank! Doh!
  2. They also do oil pumps for £35.70! But only angled in stock at the mo.
  3. Did some reseach this morning and found a company called XRN Engineering Ltd, 01483861777. Very helpful and do King Trimetals for £17.71 mains and £15.84 BE. A really good price.....hope thats useful info for anyone.
  4. Thanks Nick, found and read an old thread on bearing shells where it stated the glaciers weren't that good....thought I'd rememered reading it. And they want £120+vat for both sets!!!! Think I'll decline and go for the king tri-metal.
  5. Finally got round to having the crank reground and have been offered glacier bearings, but at £60 a set they seem rather expensive. The grinder says they are genuine old stock, anyone know if they are any good....or at least better than the King/County ones...I'd pay the cost if they are good trimetal ones.
  6. Morning chaps, we're just back in blighty heading north/west on the A14 and theres a fair few classic cars heading in the opposite direction...any ideas what event they are headed to.... Must be somewhere in thegeneral Harwich area?
  7. Just checked and early mini crank journals are the same diameters as the Triumph 1300 (lightweight) crank. Has anyone tried fitting them as there appears to be a greater number of suppliers than just King/County.
  8. Thanks Nick, this the the fast road 1300 I'm talking about now, and do intend to give it some now and then ( it'll be running twin 40s). The 1500 runs fine, but its just a plodder, no zing, I'll keep it for a spare. I'm going to use the more expensive lead/copper shells from Rimmer/Canley...no idea where they come from though, unless you know where to get better ones from? However, just checked and its approx £100 for a regrind so having invested so much in it already seems daft not to go for a regrind doesnt it?
  9. To grind or not to grind? The new set of followers arrived yesterday and pleased to say they all look good. So, can now rebuild the motor....but before that I decided to double check the diameters of the crank journals. Mains are worst case (front) 0.00122" undersize. Others are approx 0.001" undersize. BE are all approx 0.0067" undersize. I'll be fitting new shells so am undecided whether its really worth paying out for a regrind? Just for 0.001"? Any comments if it'll be ok?
  10. The guy at Newmans said he will hand pick a full set, and will be guaranteed....not a lot more a can do/ask of them.
  11. Well I'm now in a bit of a pickle. I went for a newman cam on the recomendations on this site, but it appears they have a new follower supplier who clearly cant make them. The ones from Canleys looked OK.....but were they? Did they kill the cam? I've told Newman I wont accept any from their new suppliers, I'm not prepared to be their trst guinea pig! Bit annoyed that they didnt check the parts before sending or validate the productd being supplied. I wanted to go with a cam and followers supplied by one company so as to avoid the " you should have used our followers" a
  12. FFS!!!! I'm dooooomed Cap'n So, the Newman cam and followers arrived today. Unboxing revealed a nice new cam and 8 followers....4 of which I've rejected!! 4 are as expected, a dull grey finish. The other 4 are shiney with dings and scratches on the cylindrical bit and one hasnt even been faced....you can still see/feel the lathe facing tool spiral marks!!! Doesnt anyone do proper QA these days?
  13. Well that was a good test of the 1500. Its 39degrees in the shade out here today and we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the garden centre, but she didnt overheat or complain at all, oil pressure was still 20psi at tickover (500rpm). So well pleased. That 1500 is proving to be a bargain for £50.
  14. Crank mains, oil pressure was 60psi cold, dropping to around 30 on tickover, so I'm not unduly worried......seen and run a helluva lot worse! And yep, fully torqued the caps. ....waiting for the new bits to arrive so I can rebuild it...
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