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  1. That's been in and out more times than you could hope to enjoy.
  2. John I

    Audi A5 lights

    I'll second that after our recent experience with the oil cooler seals!
  3. A new weekend and Dennis (the Menace) comes to visit. Hold on to your hats, get your waders out and stay safe everyone.
  4. They seem to be a bit like locusts, we get them up here in the Surrey hills near dorking. They fly under the Heathrow and Gatwick flight levels at all times of the day and night. Can look out of the bedroom window and see them flying down the valley below the top of the trees, they're close enough to make the windows and doors pant! Not funny at three in the morning when they just sit in one place for minutes on end. Nice bits of kit though the "wocator" as the Navy use to call them.
  5. Is burying it their idea of safety just I case it throws one of those cheap Chinese bearings.
  6. Finally calmed down here on the north downs, just very wet underfoot as I put the bins out. Hopeing there are no more sudden big gusts, otherwise the foxes might a free meal from the food bin!
  7. Looks like they're preparing to build the Ark with that many logs!
  8. All electric modes of transport should be fitted with them so you can hear them coming!
  9. But transformers do not make the sweet sound of a 6 cylinder triumph.
  10. Sounds like the good old trusty Herald is in for some unexpected miles! Modern cars are great but they are so tightly put together that the damage gets transmitted through many parts. Hope the other driver gets his dues for wandering off without leaving you his number Fingers crossed it all gets sorted quickly.
  11. This unfortunately is a V8 and they dress the engine then put in the mounded space they call an engine bay, can't even get your hand down the sides it's so tight. Oil cooler bolted onto engine very low down on drivers side, and yes it's a wet/wet cooler so four coolant hoses to come off as well. Lovely job to get grazed hands and wet as all the cooling system/rads have to come off!
  12. Our daily drive, a 15yr old Audi Allroad recently blew the oil cooler "O" rings and dumped 9ltrs of oil very quickly, big Red flashing oil can on the dash display! Cost of new part about £5. Labour to get at said oil cooler and replace seals, just short of £800! Had to take the whole of the front off the car to get access.
  13. I agree that the western world started the ball rolling but it is now also being carried on by other large developing nations who want to catch up and progress their position in the world for their citizens. You can not blame them. The emergency was around long before we were all born it's just that we and our forebears did not see it, or refused to if it was put to them. It's sad to think that the efforts required by western society to rectify the problem are way beyond what is probably achievable by them. Globalisation and consumerism do not help, but seemingly these areas are still being pushed to all on the planet by the large multinationals!
  14. There is only a "climate emergency" because people have chosen to draw the starting line in the sand as the start of the industrial revolution. The change had been taking place a lot earlier than that all be it at a slower rate. Things are not helped by the explosion in the population numbers we have to day and what they deem they "need". Wind the clock back to the population levels we had pre industrial revolution and apply the industrial development without population growth and the climate wouldn't be so bad. So less people breeding will also help, may be more than planting trees!
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