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  1. Isn't the use of similar solvents how they get decaf, or is that Cocaine from coco leaves?
  2. Just finished my Christmas bottle that Santa left under the tree, a highland 12 year old called " anCnoc" to smooth for its own good. Very easy to back for seconds or thirds
  3. PaulAA, I understand where you are coming from but as I said earlier each leader is getting their own source/feed of advice and scientific evidence upon which they have to make a judgement call which is a subjective decision by that individual. Nobody on here is (as far as I am aware) privy to any of the detailed advice or evidence given/proffered to any of those leaders with the unenviable task of having to make such decisions. When this all rolls out and the fat lady has sung and the post-mortems held then and only then can rational judgement be made with the benefit of hinde sight. Hopefully we will learn from whatever mistakes were made the world over and take heed of those decisions where it went right. It servers no one at present to make judgements as we don't know the final outcome!
  4. John D I doubt Boris thinks the virus or having to deal with it are " minimal things or trifling matters" My step daughter is Principle Private Secretary to a cabinet minister and I can assure you that non of this is being taken lightly or considered a" trifling matter" The native Indians have a saying " don't judge a man untill you have walked a mile in his shoes" untill you have held the top job John D I think maybe you should be a little less judgemental of others efforts.
  5. to Mrs mattius and her colleagues. Hope she gets a break soon so she can recover.
  6. D3 is a wonderful beast, however big phama doesn't make any money out of it so its position and use in the main stream medical fraternity is not paramount. As a result it is side lined to 2nd fiddle and used/promoted more by homeopathy/alternative therapy practitioners who don't have a vested interest!
  7. Hear, hear. No matter what your political leaning you have to applaude the NHS staff for what they are achieving in very difficult times/circumstances as well as the politicians, civil servants and their advisors political and scientific. These people are having to make very difficult decisions on an issue which has only been seen on such a scale on a very few occasions in the last century. There is little if any precedent in modern times for what we are currently facing and asking our leaders to lead on. It is a very subjective matter and ask a range of experts on how to tackle the issue and you will get a number of different approaches, that is life as we all see things slightly differently given the same facts. They (the politicians/advisers) like those in the NHS are doing the best they can based on the knowledge and advice they are being given at that moment in time. We should not judge them at this time, but look back when it all is over and learn the lessons from whatever mistakes if any that were made. Until that time may we all stay safe and well.
  8. Built a special in the early 80s and had to send it for MOT's with a bag of sand in the back just so the hand brake would bite when they did the test otherwise the wheels just skipped over the rollers!
  9. There's none so blind as those that can't see what's in front of them. Scary times ahead for Mexico if he carries on like that.
  10. Never thought of that. Great utilisation of military personnel and equipment.
  11. I wonder if it's the same guy who came and rattled our windows earlier today up near Dorking. Would be about right for a run down the Arun valley!
  12. What a neat simple idea and easy to replace worn jaws!
  13. JohnD and Nick Jones thank you both for your advice. Need to do some bed time reading me thinks!
  14. Thanks John Had considered this but I know nothing about PI/EFI. I see there are a few snippets of info across here any particular pointers or are the choices too many!
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