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  1. Hi Phil, have you tried looking at Longbridge motor spares, they used to do panels and parts for the 2000/2500. Might be worth an ask. regds John
  2. None in our house either, me and the dog far too messy. It was a clients house. I sheeted out everything but an area about 2ft square.......and that where the mucky water landed Live and learn.
  3. Hi Matt and Biturbo228. I'm just outside Dorking on the north downs. Another engine shop to add to the list albeit a bit further west in Bracknell is Classic and Modern, a nice traditional machine shop and very helpful/knowledgeable. john
  4. That is the stuff which sits in the bottom of old household radiators, and new ones if no inhibitors are added to the system. Stains cream carpets beautifully, ask me how I know.
  5. Very interesting reading Nick. I wonder how big the separation is between ministers and those (civil servants) that awarded the contracts in question. Some eye wateringly big numbers that we, our children and possibly grandchildren are going to have to fund in the future.
  6. Hi Roger That's very kind, I'd be really greatful. Can you let me know how much I can send you for your time, materials and postage of course. Cheers John.
  7. At what point cam wise would you go from two piece to one, is it only race spec that needs such exotics?
  8. Hi Roger, I was wondering how you were going to achieve the clamping for the end studs. Very nice job all round, I was going to give mine to the machine shop but now you've got me thinking. cheers john
  9. Sorry should have said flat block. So a normal Payen should be good to go, great that will be a few drinking tokens saved over the cost of a copper one. Just got to find a good source.
  10. Hi John Have read recently that folks have had problems with them failing. If NOS no problem but haven't they moved production to the Far East and I understood that was where things weren't so reliable. Have i misunderstood?
  11. Hello font of knowledge, Having read of the challenges some have had with replacement head gaskets is there benefit of going to solid copper for a good road engine. If so what thickness is prescribed. Came across a firm who makes them called "Cometic" price about £77 delivered, anybody had experience of said firm? Any good sources of reliable head gaskets if not going to copper? Info greatly received. Cheers John
  12. That looks suspiciously like a Mark Field "Jigsaw Racing" flywheel. They use to sell on eBay under the name lemans-r and I think there is still some around.
  13. Oh bugger. Good that Chris was so close to home when he made executive decision.
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