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  1. Thanks gents all very wise words indeed. As I'm only using it as a road car I will have the original bores checked once I get round to stripping the block down. Management has plenty of other jobs for me as we are rebuilding/renovating our house at present! Thanks for the offer Nick, I will see what condition this short block is in as it was only reconditioned about 20k ago but that was also 20years ago. I may end up helping your shins after all, if it still available when I have done the necessary dusting off and inspection on my lump. Thanks again.
  2. Many thanks Redrooster and Roger. Nick, that sounds as though you've had a night mare at some time in the past. Reason for considering it was as part of the upgrade to my 2l mk1 block. I have a mk2 head and want to replace the 18/58 cam with a new Newmans grind either standard 25/35 or a little bit hotter. So if I'm going to put in new I might as well make sure the journals it runs in are in the best condition I can achieve.
  3. Should have said, south east half way between Heathrow and Gatwick just outside that wonderful car park M25!
  4. The clue was in the last line but I hid it in normal type face! Dorking/Guildford area.
  5. Can anybody point me in the direction of a reputable/good engineering firm or individual who has the equipment and knows how to use it properly to line bore the camshaft journals in a Vitesse/ gt6 block. Hopefully they will have many good results under their belt. Near to Dorking/Guildford area would be great but I don't mind travelling ........a bit! Cheers john
  6. Hi Nick, thanks yes I did mean Neil C. Talk about cross pollination in the brain, I can't even blame predictive text as I've turned it off and I haven't had a drop yet. Though will change shortly. Apologies to Neil. john
  7. Hi folks, I know it's nearly 10 years since Nick C did his DIY head post. Did anybody manage to get a copy of the inlet profile section drawings which appear on page 3 of the post. I read that it had been suggested they be transposed to enable templating. I am about to embark on DIY head improvements and I want to check no work has already been done and ensure I don't find water! cheers John I
  8. Thanks Nick, yes block will have larger studs fitted (probably ARP head bolts/studs). Just taking the head to pieces and it looks as though it might have already had some work done to it on the inlets as I can't see any evidence of casting miss alignment, it all looks very smooth behind the valve seats! Will post some pics when I get it stripped down further and cleaned up cheers J
  9. As a very newbe who should have been here years ago happy new year/decade. Just about to put a 2l mk2 head onto a Vitesse mk1 block, just for fun road use. I can recall reading somewhere on here that Newman cams will grind a fresh blank but not sure which profile to go for. Namely original mk2 gt6 style or TR5 or have them grind a special? Should say it's a carb head with hopefully a flowed exhaust driving a single rail j type of. Any thoughts or advice greatfully taken. Cheers J
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