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  1. Mt. Fitchett said the Main fuel line is 5/16, and the return is 3/16, and to use only cupro nickel, so I'll get some lengths of those, which also invites the question, what kind of flare? I was thinking about using some AN bulkhead fittings at the ends of the lines, to make the connection between the hoses to the MU. AJ
  2. Thanks for the lead John, I"ll send an email. I would have thought the lines were imperial rather than metric. I'll source some cunifer lines to use. Would one of those SU fuel pumps work well as a lifter?
  3. Gentlemen, Now that i've got the reconditioned PI parts to hand, I'd like to start planning out the plumbing. I wanted to know what the sizes of the hardlines for the MU supply from the pump were, and for the return, as used on the PI TR6s, and whether or not they should be increased in size. From SteveA's blog, I saw that he was using a fuel swirl pot with a low pressure pump to fill it, before it went on to the Lucas pump. My reading suggests the Lucas pump was capable of at least 16 gal/hr flow rate, is there a recommendation on size of swirl pot (1L say) and should I ensure
  4. Was going to stick with the Lucas pump. I saw on SteveA's blog that he used a facet or similar pump from the tank into a swirl pot, and from there through a filter and to the Lucas pump. cursory reading suggested I'd want to use the swirl pot to avoid sucking air into the pump, and that I should be worried about cavitation. I"ll be updating my progress on the topic page I had started last year.
  5. Thanks Nick! The first thing I"ll do is figure out the plumbing for the fuel system. I've seen recommendations to use a swirl pot and larger diameter piping to the pump, so will have to find one of those. I've got to take a look under the trunk area and see if there is space to put all the fuel system bits under the floor, but I've seen on a blog a gentleman had it all next to the tank in the spare wheel area. Kind Regards, AJ
  6. Dear All, This situation is resolved. Through the help of some others who reached out to Neil on my behalf, and to whom i'm very grateful, Neil contacted me and posted my parts last week , they have arrived on my doorstep today. Thank-you all for your support, I can now get back into building this PI GT6.
  7. Well, it's now been a year. I've been unable to get a hold of Neil since June, and my friends in the UK have had no luck either, all the while I can see he's still active selling on ebay...Is there anyone local to him who might be able to check in in person? Otherwise I'll be seeing if local authorities can help out.
  8. Thanks for that Nick. Another gent in the UK has offered to receive the parts from Neil on my behalf. Hopefully it works, if not I"ll take you up on your generous offer.
  9. An update to this story. I had managed to get hold of Neil via phone on the 10th of June. He had expressed regret at not taking care of me in a timely manner, and had promised to get the system shipped out that Friday, then the Friday after that. Since them I've been unable to reach him via phone or email. If this continues into August, it will have been a year that he's had my parts. I've about reached the limits of my patience.
  10. Yes, I understand if he was having difficulty due to covid, Early in January I tried to impress upon him that Covid would be a problem, and it was best to try to get the stuff shipped before, that didn't work out. I have no issues making arrangements for a courier to collect the shipment so he doesn't have to physically go to a post office/shipping center. It's a very disheartening situation for many reasons. AJ
  11. Good Day All, I had posted a while back about my PI GT6 project. It's stalled at the moment due to some difficulties getting my PI system back from being refurbished. I'm trying to get some help contacting Neil Ferguson the PI guru. I've tried phone and email to no avail, I was wondering if anyone local could contact him in person on my behalf (I appreciate the difficulties of doing that what with the Covid pandemic). The situation is last year I had sent Neil a complete PI system (log, mu, filter, pump, throttle bodies, injectors, throttle body alignment tool) to have the MU and inj
  12. Thank-you kindly. My search terms on duck-duck-go didn't bring up the revington site.
  13. Hello Again Everyone, The bottom ends I was looking at have an end float of 0.009", which is 0.001" over the suggested clearances i've found online. I think it's safe to assume the thrust washers for these blocks haven't dropped. Pending that final confirmation I'll be getting one (hopefully soon). Any more checks I should ask for before purchasing? In terms of the PI fuel pumps, does anyone know where I could find the specs for its current draw? I'd like to size an alternator with that in mind, running the pump would be a new continuous load, and my Lucas alternator is both undersiz
  14. Gentlemen, thanks for all the information. I've been busy with my OD transmission swap, I'd say it's about 90% complete now. JR2, thanks for the reply. I've seen the corresponding 0.65" figure from BPNW, It's just that when I take the same measurement for my cylinder head, it's about 0.9" not 0.95" as in the picture, likewise for the GT6 Mk2 head I was trying to purchase. Yep, sticking with a 2L engine, 9.5CR so was looking at the head thicknesses per Christ Witor's site. I'm trying to determine if it's safe to shave my thick head down to 3.3" -the opinion seems to be that it'
  15. Thanks for the information and website Nick. I've asked the gentleman with the blocks to check the end float for me, and where possible to check for the damage you've shown in the pictures. My GT6 already smells like fuel . I've seen Steve's implementation from his blog, I was considering doing it that way, or putting it underneath the car somehow. Speaking of the fuel system in general, what is the system pressure, and would a fuel filter like the glass bowl ones fitted to E types work before the pumps, or is the pressure to high? Does anyone filter just before the MU? I'
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