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  1. Thanks all, Will certainly be having a word with them.....but the worrying part is I have some more of their parts fitted... Regards,Michael.
  2. Hello, Well a bit backwards and a little bit foward. more on rimmers!! as you will see from a photo,the new rimmers (don't deserve a capital) the crank sprocket gear must be made of.... anyway used the old one. Had to machine them both to line up with the vernier cam gear and the crap from rimmers is so soft (in photo) so machined the old one and REALsteel ! Now waiting for head! Regards,Michael.
  3. Hello Nick, Here is one that we are selling..... Regards,Michael. (Drive it home he. he.)
  4. Hello, A bit of my sons handiwork on the mill/lathe. It's for a model radio controlled car! regards,Michael.
  5. Hello, A bit more foward motion. Sump and it's baffle test fitted and ready to go (from a plan from John). Also the timing chain cover with new bits and new oil pump (with modified internals) AND 10mm headed bolts!!Rimmers! Regards,Michael.
  6. Hello, These work too ARP 230-7303 (Chev torque converter bolt kit) LONGER and smaller head. Regards,Michael.
  7. Hello, The thread is "One step foward two steps back" Regards,Michael.
  8. Hello, my version is at the thread "One step foward two steps back" Regards,Michael.
  9. Hello, Nick, I am hoping for a bit more than that when it's finished (might put it in a TR6 and head to my local....track). Couple more photo's one didn't come out). In what was the second photo is the assy.lube as we couldn't get the first choice. More soon (I hope,.....still waiting for the head) Regards, Michael.
  10. Hello, My sons handiwork. He is fitting a liquid feed and re-fitting the brake. Also re-doing the switch (will add a photo when it's all done) Regards, Michael.
  11. Hello, Well a bit more foward motion. The main bearing studs are ARP 206-5401 BMC A series main stud kits (2), the big end bolts are ARP 200-6208 (2 sets). The bridging block has been machined (photo earlier) to clear the A series studs. All bearings plastigaged and in spec. All studs,bolts and washers treated with the supplied ARP assy. lube and torqued to their specs. All moving parts lubed with an assy. lube (will post the name next time). Regards,Michael.
  12. Hello all? Well I have finally made a bit of a re-start. Plastigaged and fitted main bearings. Looking for my ring compressor (loaned it to some-one and havn't got it back yet so have to borrow one off a mate). Regards, Michael.
  13. Hello, Bit late but.....someone might find it useful. On my thread 'One step foward and two steps back' there are pictures of a lot of relevent ARP fastners for 6 cyl.Triumphs.Regards, Michael.
  14. Hello John, The one west of Phillip Island is Albert Park (Victoria). Regards,Michael.
  15. Hello John, The one above Phillip Island is Symmonds Plains (Tasmania) Regards,Michael.
  16. michaeljf


    Hello, Does a ''62 Morris 850 (with its original grille and badges) with a 1275 Moke motor,cam,carby, exhaust system and disc brakes count? Regards,Michael.
  17. Hello, I have had an 850 sedan, 600 sedan and a 850 sport amongst othet Fiats. I can't find the original posters photo! Regards,Michael.
  18. Hello, More distractions! Helping a builder mate re-build my mother in-law's ensuiete AND the grand-kids have arrived for the school holidays ( missed them for the last ones because of the virus). So next week.....Regards,Michael.
  19. Hello John, The one about 10 oçlock from Philip Island looks like Bathurst. Regards,Michael.
  20. Hello John, The furtherest one to the right looks like Philip Island. Regards,Michael.
  21. Hello Sparky_spit, As Nicks description and the sellers claim (Their second sets sent to me) they are the tri-metal. The first sets were shiny aluminium coloured. These sets are dull finish even though the second set look a bit shiny in the photo,and the numbers are supposed to mean so too! Regards, Michael.
  22. Hello, Sorry important bit. $110 rod bearings, $105 main bearings, $ Australian. regards,Michael.
  23. Hello, I have just put these on my rebuild thread but thought they might be useful here too. Regards,Michael.
  24. Hello, Well after too long a lay off,back to the build I hope. Regards,Michael.
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