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  1. Ha! That's interesting. Bit awkward on the petrol station forecourt, like. I don't think the food colouring would be necessary (good for a Youtube vid though); you can see globules of water in fuel anyway.
  2. Thanks for finding these John, really enjoy them.
  3. That is quite literally my favourite video on Youtube! You're a genius. I wasn't on here 8 years ago so wouldn't presume to say "welcome back", but.. hello anyway Pete
  4. Seems pretty encouraging then? That vid does sound quite harsh as you get over 4000rpm but hard to judge - might be mostly wind noise. Have you got any soundproofing under the gearbox tunnel?
  5. Very cool! Great battle with the Spitfire. All the graphics are useful as well. What happened to our man at the start though? Everyone just piled past him Makes me want to get out and do trackday whenever they're up and running again...
  6. Wow, that's very interesting. I'm going to have to digest it slowly! That table with the Spitfire at the top for cornering force - would that be for the swing spring / longer driveshaft models?
  7. Really enjoyed that John, I look forward to this year's video whenever it comes out. I'm a bit surprised that one particular model doesn't really seem to dominate. Top six in that race were TR8, TR250ish, TR4, Herald, TR4, Spitfire. Was the old TSSC series like that?
  8. Evening. Just checked on my 1296 and 1147 blocks and they're both 1/4" bore. Pete
  9. I used to own an MGB GT. Speaking to a Triumph GT6-owner at work one day, he sneered a bit and said "Oh MGB's are quite refined aren't they". I didn't understand what he was on about until a year later when I test-drove a Spitfire. Where the MG would run out of puff above 3500 rpm, the Spitfire seemed to come alive as the rev counter swung from 3500 to 5500. I think it's mostly down to rattly chassis construction vs monocoque MGB, and small high-revving 1300 vs lumbering B-series. To me the Spitfire was an exhilarating blast of noise but maybe it's not everyone's cup of tea. Steve you seem to have invested a lot of time and effort into it though! This is what mine sounds like when you take it above 3k rpm: https://youtu.be/KqkOWZZ8phg?t=7. I suppose it does sound a bit harsh but I like it. Saying all that, make sure the exhaust isn't touching the chassis anywhere. Pete
  10. I reckon you'd get a bruise on your left leg from that nasty square edge on the gearbox tunnel. Looks tasty from the outside though. I imagine that much power would rapidly accelerate my demise if I ever played with such a car...
  11. John did you see race 1? It was live-streamed on the SVRA youtube page. Not sure if the whole stream will stay up but this link is working at the moment https://youtu.be/r4AXUt15ZEk?t=143
  12. My very brief contribution to Spitfire noise, enjoying an empty London last month:
  13. I've managed to download the app John, but there's no live video. However the 'next event' listed is tomorrow, and includes the Kastner cup. The app is a bit confusing but I found there's a 'replay' option on the video page. The most recent thing on there is from 13 June. There is nothing under the 'live' option, so they're not streaming anything at the moment.
  14. Ha! Deary me, I hadn't checked back on that thread, after sticking my oar in (to no avail). I don't get why some people are so defensive, and don't seem to read the actual text that they get worked up about...
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