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  1. I was considering a Huco pump, but want to see how she behaves now I've fitted a heatshield and fixed the blowing exhaust downpipe flange, which was raising the engine bay temperature a bit! Just need some warm weather for a test drive... I did look at re-routing the fuel line. Will go down that road as and when I ditch the mechanical pump. Hamish I had a filter dangling close to the exhaust, and realised that probably was absorbing a lot of heat to removed it. Presume your mods had a noticeable effect?
  2. Thanks all, much obliged. Yes John, not sure how the FBHVC pulled that out of the bag but I'm not complaining. In a way I don't really want more people to use classics to get around the charge, as then TFL would remove the exemption! Thanks Nick, yes I ended up getting my early straight crank re-cut with a taper, as the keyway was mullered. Hopefully won't need to remove the pulley any time soon! It's running but giving me headaches with chronic fuel vaporisation (I think). Lovely interior though so it's a nice place to sit while the bonnet's up, waiting for it to cool down. Thanks very much for the spares offer; current block & crank are still standard sizes so shouldn't have any issues there, plus I've amassed a spare crank and rods. No doubt there will be plenty of surprises to come though.
  3. Hello all, please may I come in. I only have enough energy to concentrate on one forum, and was using CT for a while. Recently got bored to death waiting for the pages to load so drifted away. I see a couple of familiar names here. I've spent a lot of time reading this forum and am well impressed with the level of technical knowledge and discussion. I'm definitely more of a novice myself; did a bit of thermo / fluid dynamics as part of an electrical engineering degree so understand some of the words at least. In the garage I've got a mk3 Spitfire which is bog standard but due an engine rebuild, and a 1300fwd which has just had the dubious honour of being my first car engine rebuild. Still running-in, with a few snags to sort out. I've got a few options with the Spit rebuild but am struggling to decide what to do. Will start a thread shortly to elaborate. Incidentally I'm based in London, close to Waterloo. Terrible place to drive but there are quite a few classics tucked away round here.
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