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  1. That's good news Nick, relax for 6 months. Or at least rest that elbow for a while
  2. Are all the dimensions still within tolerance, and did it burn much oil before? There is no shortage of 1500 blocks in the world yet, so I wouldn't worry greatly about diminishing its lifespan. However there is usually another deserving project which needs money spent on it, and 'good enough' is generally good enough for me I wouldn't overbore if I didn't have to, personally.
  3. You can just ring and order stuff can you? The website says "TRADE ONLY" all over the place. They list County as a supplier so possibly do pistons & rings etc.
  4. That is useful, thank you very much! Now I just need to remember it when buying bearings
  5. Sounds distinctly like a bit of folk etymology to me. Did you know the word broom is a contraction of 'brush the room'?
  6. Speaking as a complete novice, I used Grant rings in my 1300fwd engine rebuild on the original pistons. Honed the bores myself and was very pleased to have an engine which covered 1800 miles without apparently consuming any oil. Then it dropped a valve and obliterated piston no.4 but that's another story. So I'd happily use Grant rings and will be buying a set for my next rebuild. Pete
  7. Following this thread with interest, I've just been watching a few Youtube videos about TIG welding which has got me thinking. I know nothing about welding but this bloke (https://youtu.be/R1_wi9LEEVM?t=1186) uses MIG wire instead of filler rod for thinner steel. It doesn't look easy though...
  8. £900 should be a pretty safe bet, unless the sills are rotten. I had a 1973 BGT for about 7 years; enjoyed it for a while but regularly impaled my head on the friggin bonnet locator spike, which hangs above you like the sword of damacles whenever you're looking at the engine bay.
  9. Nice touch. A lesser man would have felt too proud to apologise. Enjoying seeing this develop, very impressive. I'd have given up at every stage so far
  10. Yes Tim, do you know him or it? It was advertised a few times before going auction, I was sure it had a windscreen frame in an earlier ad but the seller claimed it didn't. I am interested in your frame! There are other priorities on my wallet, but windscreen frames don't come up that often. Yeah I'll drop you an email thanks.
  11. Well yeah... I have partly rationalised this purchase because my mk3 Spit needs some remedial work on the bonnet. But it's mostly good and original, so I can practice on this basket case mk2 and then do a good job on my good car. I tell myself this approach makes sense...
  12. @Greta I've got a redundant regulator for you, it's a repro not a Lucas original - same dimensions though. If you PM me your address I'll get it out to you on Monday. Pete
  13. I should add that I mainly bought this so I would have somewhere to hang the very nice new Le Mans overriders @Escadrille Ecosse sent me
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