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  1. An update: plain throttle butterflies from Burlen were fitted Friday night, although not before having to tidy up some rough edges on the screw holes which fouled on the spindle when trying to slide them into place. Foolishly hoped that two small brass discs costing £21 + postage might have been finished to a reasonable standard Did it work? Emphatically yes! Gold star for Nick Jones' remote diagnostics In fact the poppet valves were causing more of a problem than I realised because it almost felt like a different car. Whereas before it would stall embarrassingly often in stop
  2. I work for a subsidiary of an electricity distribution operator (electricity board, in days of old) and can entirely see the purpose of smart meters. The tangible benefit is for the network, not the punter. Worth doing to modernise the grid and allow demand management via variable pricing, which is a necessary tool for more renewable power. But I think they've significantly over-hyped the consumer benefits. The roll-out was hilariously mis-managed and should be a case study for how not to run a large technical project.
  3. Are they from Park Lane Classics and what is the colour? They do look nice
  4. Mine looks pretty ugly on closer inspection. Exhaust seat appears to have been knocked further into head on one side, plus there's damage to inlet seat which would certainly need re-cutting.
  5. I assume my daughter gets it from her classmates, the majority of whom seem to have learnt English from Hollywood and Youtube. I nearly lost my temper when she pointed out an 'ice-cream truck' a few years ago. Back to the actual subject though: Fullfact have done an article on Covid & vitamin D, which seems quite balanced to this non-expert https://fullfact.org/health/vitamin-d-covid-evidence/
  6. I'll have a proper look tomorrow but suspect it'll want re-cutting. Will see how it responds to some lapping. Never know eh! I just baulked at the idea of cleaning up all the rough edges, didn't get as far as thinking about the valve seat cos there was a spare 1300 head waiting in the wings anyway.
  7. Ah, that's a good explanation thanks @JumpingFrog and @Nick Jones. The 2nd version seems more consistent with my hazy memory of pressure vs boiling point, and is worth remembering if I ever get round to fitting an AFR gauge. Would you believe, I had noticed the lack of engine braking! Very glad to have a possible solution for it. And the new plain butterflies are in the post, so will soon find out if they're the culprit
  8. I freely offer you one that is 3/4's in good condition having covered only 1800 miles on new valve guides and unleaded seats. Combustion chamber no.4 needs a bit of tidying up though...
  9. Reckon it was the front carb; I took the dashpot lids off and forced the pistons down in turn, which seemed to reveal that the front was doing most of the work. I'll have play with it tomorrow evening and see if there are any other clues. What is the actual purpose of the poppet valves anyway? Presume it's emissions-related but can't see how. Especially not if they provoke 2000rpm idle...
  10. My ten-year-old uses the "I'm good" phrase and has to repeatedly endure my hectoring dad-joke reply: "I'll be the judge of that!"
  11. John I am quite convinced that there is no correct English but am confident there is a spectrum of quality from 'excellent' to 'execrable', or thereabouts. There is no shame in trying to avoid the latter.
  12. I should add, it's got the later type carbs with engine-breather intake ports behind the venturi. These are blanked off and seem to be airtight. Removing one blanking plug made the engine stall. No breather on the manifold. Fixed jets and fixed needles. Ooh another thing: I sprayed brake cleaner on the exposed end of the front carb's throttle spindle (if that makes sense): this brought engine speed down temporarily, which I wasn't expecting. So there is a leak at the end of the throttle spindle, but if I stick my podgy finger over it to block it off, that has no effect at all.
  13. Hi all. I've got a 1300fwd which kept finding new and exciting ways of breaking down in 2019, reaching its zenith on boxing day (see below for ref). Well now it's got a new (old) engine running twin SU HS2's because I broke the Stromberg... It's been running nicely and I made the mistake of feeling pleased with myself. On Saturday morning however, on a 10-mile trip through town, the idle speed started creeping up as temperature increased. Expected something simple like a snagged throttle cable or sticky linkage - but no, everything was moving freely. Choke fully off, throttles fully
  14. "Be a man" at least makes sense, "man up" is gibberish. Edit: but I accept that the sense is different from "grow up". Irrational irritation clouds my judgement!
  15. John I must pick you up on the use of that detestable modern phrase "man up". Like many recent imports it adds nothing useful to the lexicon. 'Grow up' is grammatically logical and serves the same function, without the anachronistic sexism. That aside, I don't think anyone was moaning
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