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  1. I cleaned down the replacement engine and started to change a few things over. I replaced the front plate with the one from my old engine. I fitted a new timing chain. The sprockets looked ok so I went with them. I swapped over the distributor from my old engine as it had a cable drive for the rev counter. I removed the inlet manifold and the SU's and fitted the spare inlet and Strombergs that I had. I dismantled the carbs and gave them a good clean. I am waiting on a gasket kit to put them back together. I replaced the back plate (it was for an automatic box) with the one from my own engine.
  2. Cheers nick. If I have to change the sump then I suppose that would allow me the opportunity to check the stroke or maybe identify which crank is in it ??? With regard to rockers, I always thought that the cam followers should be numbered (or matched) with the pushrods when you stripped down an engine. The spare head and camshaft that came with my original engine had the pushrods numbered but the followers were loose in the box. How important is it to have each pushrod and follower matched and numbered ? Asking just in case I do decide to swop over the camshaft.
  3. The story with the engine is that it came fitted in a Stag that the chap bought. He has located a V8 engine for the Stag and so this engine is surplus to requirements. The engine was running well apparently and he sent me a video of it running before he took it out. I'm presuming it still has it's 2l internals. I did'nt even notice that the carbs were SU. I wouldnt tell the difference to be honest. Problem is getting it down here at the moment due to lockdown.
  4. It could do with a good cleaning alright... Gunk and Mr. Muscle.
  5. Thanks Nick. Here are a few pics of the engine. Regarding the camshaft, could I fit the 308778 that I discovered in my box of spare parts ?
  6. Ok. An update of sorts. I have located an engine which might suit. The engine is a runner and sounds sweet so at least that would help me get the car on the road while I consider other options. . It is out of a Mk2 Triumph 2000. The engine number is ML23346HEA. It is currently fitted to an automatic gearbox but I presume (hope) that I can fit my own flywheel and clutch. As far as I can make out the engine prefix ML2.. was fitted to the 2000 TC mk2. (May75 to May 77).... Would that be correct ?? What piston/head set-up would it have had ... (Domed with higher head ?) Are there
  7. I removed No. 1 piston on my engine during the week to check whether the dome is solid or hollow. I was toying with the idea of having the domes milled off so that I could fit a 517528 head on my block..... as you correctly point out , they are hollow. I'm still on the hunt for a 248 head.
  8. Hi Nick, It's strange that as I was bolting the head down I was thinking to myself what could I pop into the chambers that would measure the clearance between valves and piston crown. I never thought of plasticine. . I also thought of taking the grinder to the domes and "reducing them" (machining them ) somewhat.. I resisted the temptation. 12.25 :1 is fairly high CR alright. I dont think pistons would stand up to that too long.
  9. I put out the word among the Triumph owners over here about a mk 2 head with deeper combustion chambers and/or flat top pistons. Things are very quiet over here at the moment with Covid lockdown and all that (5 km travel limit) so I dont see any possibility of getting along to see any heads or blocks that might surface if indeed any does. I hadnt much on this morning so I fitted the mk2 head and torqued it down and fitted the pushrods and rocker shaft etc. There was no interference when I turned the engine by hand. Hopefully something will turn up over here but in the meantime I hav
  10. Thanks for that Phil. It would appear that the head, cam, manifolds , carbs etc. that were in the "engine parts box" came from a mk2 GT6. Maybe the PO acquired them to fit on the engine which it seems is a combination of Mk1 head and Mk2 block. Maybe the PO thought that By fitting those other parts that he would return the engine back to full Mk2 spec.
  11. Hi Nick. I found and read RR's thread last night. A man wouldnt sleep well after reading it lol. Hello RR and welcome to this quandry that I have on my hands. I went back at this again this morning. I cleaned up one chamber on each of the heads just to get a visual idea of the differences. The chamber on the later 517528 head is a completely different shape and appears to be much greater in volume. The chamber on the mk1 head is really quite small in comparison. I tried to get readings of the comparitive depth of each chamber and they appear the same (or very close). I mesured
  12. By the way, what would have happened if I had fitted the 517528 head and tried to turn her over ???
  13. Hi Nick. Yes it has domed pistons alright. The chambers dont looked to have been opened out. They look original. I dont know how long she had been running with that head/piston/block setup but the valve heads and the chambers have the signs of having been run. I started the engine in 2014 and let it run for a few minutes before removing the engine from the chassis. As you point out, the CR would have been greatly increased by the dome top pistons . I wonder what the PO (or maybe the owner before him) had in mind.... because drilling out the head
  14. Thanks for that information lads. Nick, you were spot on.... the head studs are 7/16" so it appears that the Mk1 head was drilled out to suit the larger head studs. I removed the head from the engine today. The raised casting mark on the Mk1 head is V2921. There is another raised number that I cannot read. It looks like 300488 or 508486 . Anyway, I now have 2 heads (pics below) I also spent an hour looking through the parts that came in the boxes marked "engine parts". This has given me some indication of what the PO might have been planning to do with the engi
  15. You are spot on Nick. ...517528 ..... Senior moment here. What would you suggest in this case ? Remove the head that is on her and check over /prepare the 517528 head for fitting on instead ?
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