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  1. Managed to source a rear glass in Dublin. Collected it yesterday. The guy also had a lot of GT6 parts that I may need down the road. Thanks to all who responded to my thread.
  2. Thanks RR. I sent him a message yesterday. Spitfire Graveyard has got back to me. He has some but the heater elements are not working. That is not a huge issue for me so at least I now know that I can source one. Next problem will be to have it shipped over. I also think that I may have discovered one in Dublin (waiting to hear back from a lad) which would be a lot handier if it was to materialise.
  3. Cheers Nick. Send me on his number if you find it.
  4. Ok. Message sent to Spitfire Graveyard. Who is Tavistock Steve ?
  5. Cheers Nick. I have contacted spitbitz and am awaiting a reply. I will contact your other suggestions.
  6. Hi Martin. Thanks for that suggestion. I am based in Ireland and unfortunately will not be able to attend that event. I would be able to arrange collection/delivery of items sourced in the UK if something turns up however.
  7. Hi, I have started to create a list of some items that I need for my Mk 3 GT6 which is currently undergoing restoration. I bought the car dismantled with many boxes of parts which I have been storing in the attic of the garage. I started to look through them last week to check what I need to replace. I will start with the rear hatch glass. (I thought that I had one stored when I started out restoring the car but I cannot locate it anywhere.) Same story with the 2 bonnet latches. I actually remember taking these off the car and remarking that they were in fairly good nick. I have spent hours looking for them but no joy. Really pi**ed off by this as it's totally down to my own carelessness. I will put other items up here as I discover them missing. Should I just ad the parts wanted to this thread as I go along or should I open new threads for particular items ? Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to help out with these items.
  8. Thanks Nick. I will remember. Interesting times ahead.
  9. Thanks lads. I tested the motor with strange results (or maybe not). I attached the green to positive and the Red to negative and the motor ran quite fast. The other 3 wires (green/grey, green/yellow and black) were having no effect. It was as if the motor was running at full speed on the 2 wires coming off the motor body. I then took the red wire off the spade on the back of the motor and replaced it with the black wire. I re-connected the green to + the fan now runs on both speeds by connecting either the green/yellow or Green grey to earth. It would seem that the earth (black wire) is routed through a resistor or something and returns then through whichever of the other pair you select. Does that sound right ? Anyway, it works ok so back out now to flush out the matrix and confirm that its not leaking.
  10. Thank you for that. Will try that out later this morning. The red/white wire with the spade connector puzzled me too. I suppose I better check the matrix to make sure it's not leaking before fitting.
  11. It is. Nice to have it down off the spit and back on the chassis. Beginning to look like a car. Still a lot to do but at least I have turned a corner.
  12. Hi. My GT6 was almost totally dismantled when I bought it and there were quite a few boxes pf parts and fittings. I have taken a break from the bodywork for the moment and started to sort through the various parts. I want to bench-test the heater motor before fitting. Here is a photo. There are 5 wires in total, green, red/white coming off the the motor and also black, green/yellow and green/grey coming out of the heater box . I am presuming that the green/grey and green/yellow determine the speed of the fan motor, the black is ground, the green is +. Not so sure what the red wire is, Has anyone any suggestions how to go about connecting this up to a battery on the bench in order to confirm that the motor is working on both speeds ?
  13. Hi. I hav'nt posted in a while so here is a brief update. I took the bodytub down off the rotisserie and fitted it to the chassis. Fitted the doors and bonnet/wing assembley and spent a day playing around with the panel fit. Managed to get it 90% right and then welded on the outer sills with a few spots.. I hope I will be able to improve on panel fit at a later stage. Anyway, I then put the tub back up on the rotisserie and finished welding on the outer sills. I applied seam sealer to all joints and seams and primed over it. I gave the underneath a good coat of Gravitex (in white) and two good heavy coats of paint. I also painted the interior of the tub. A few days later, I took it back off the rotisserie and re-fitted it to the chassis. Today, I cleaned off the loom and now have it ready to refit. I will start putting a few bits and pieces back into the shell from time to time just to have a break from the bodywork. I have opened another thread to enquire about bench testing the heater blower motor. Hope somebody will give me some tips on how to test it before I refit it. Happy with progress this past few weeks. Here are a few pics.
  14. I will add one to my list for my next order. Just have to confirm which side I need now.
  15. Thats my read on it too Nick and I will hold off on welding them in until I sit the body back down on the chassis. There is very little leeway with the crossmembers and even a few mm out would cause major headaches. The "dash mounting brackets" are a strange item and I might be able to replicate the one that is corroded. Do you have any photos during/after your rebuild that shows them in situ ?
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