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  1. Primed frony bulkhead, a-posts and sills. Will rub them down tomorrow and give them a coat of filler primer before top coat.
  2. Another day of "final" prepping the bulkhead , a posts and sills. I reckon I have them as good now as I am going to get them. You have to draw a line in it somewhere ! I might get out to prime it tomorrow and then a quick shot of filler primer on Monday and colour coat on Tuesday. .. all going well.
  3. Yes. I was thinking of something along those lines. As Nick says above, the Spitfires didnt have them so it would make you wonder how critical they are. I reckon the Webasto on this car of mine will give me all the wind noise any man could wish for. LOL.
  4. Thanks for that coh baines link Nick. That P trim looks perfect. The 8mm bulb size looks just right to give a good seal without putting too much pressure on the hinges or catches of the quarterlight. I think that I will give the sill seals a miss as I dont fancy welding channels onto the new sills (even if the channels were available). I will have another search through my parts and see if the old A pillar seals might be there. Are they also fitted to a channel or are they rivetted on ? I am still some ways off fitting these parts so there is no great hurry on me to buy them just yet.
  5. Thanks for that. I will add those seals to my "parts wanted" list. I think I read somewhere thatthe sill seals should be attached to rails which are welded to the sills. These are not on the replacement sills that I fitted so I am not too sure how to approach that from here. I might look at some other way of fitting them if they are needed. Would many restored spitfires or GT6's have had the sill seals replaced or do most folk leave them off ?
  6. I have located 2 (?) windscreen rubbers amongst the boxes of parts that came with my GT6. I also have the rear screen rubber. They appear to be in very good condition. I noticed a number of steel finisher strips which I have not studied in detail so I do not know which screen they fit. I also have the door seal rubbers (one continuous length of rubber seal runs all the way around the door opening .. is that correct ??) and 2 (?) aperture seal rubbers for the back hatch. They appear to be be in good condition and can be re-used. It appears the previous owner had a number of surplus spares. Preliminary search however has not unearthed the sealing rubbers for the rear quarter lights. Are they moulded or do they come in lengths ? Do they resemble a door-seal or what profile is correct ? I imagine they must be a side seal profile .. but maybe not. At this stage I have a lot of seals left over from other cars and maybe I have something that might suit. I believe I should also have sill weatherseals and Upper A post seals. I have not come across those yet. Are they essential ? Sorry about all the questions but as I am getting closer to finishing off the general bodywork, spraying etc I am now beginning to move into "Triumph specific" areas of expertise of which I have very little. Thank you for any advice. I was prepping the front bulkhead and a-post areas today getting ready for primer and paint.
  7. Thanks for that Nick and I could well be following in your footsteps down the road but I will go with it for now. I was admiring the nice soldering and workmanship on the original rad when I stripped it back and thought that it is a shame to cover it up but I know that satin black is the way to go. I think practicality and originality is the most sensible route. They are an usual rad ... are they unique to the GT6 ?
  8. I have decided to stick with the original rad that came with the car when I bought it. There is some slight damage to a small area of the cooling fins but the core tubes are good. I pressure tested it and cleaned the old black paint off most of the surfaces that I could work on. Looks well in it's unpainted state but I presume the original rads were always finished in black ??. I reckon that it would be best to prime it then finish it in satin black. What do you think ?
  9. I now space to move the bodytub into the centre of the workshop and start prepping it for primer and paint.
  10. Hi. Started back into this project some months back. Spent quite a while working on the tub refitting doors with quarter lights, rear quarter windows, bonnet assembly etc, for final tweeking of panel gaps and so on. I lead loaded areas of the B Posts and some areas in the wings/bonnet area. It was my first time to attempt lead-loading and I found it challenging but rewarding once finished. Once I had the panel gaps as good as I could get them. I welded up the outer sills and primed and finalised many area of the bodytub. I then decided to move on to something more enjoyable and rewarding. I turned my attention to sorting out the many boxes of parts that came with the car and identifying parts that I need to source. More later. I then turned my attention to doors, hatch lid, bonnet assembly and other areas and parts of the car that I could complete. I prepped,primed, filler primed and colour coated these parts and panels and now have them stored away whilst I turn my attention to final prep and spraying of the body tub. Here are a few pics.. (no particular order) :
  11. Managed to source a rear glass in Dublin. Collected it yesterday. The guy also had a lot of GT6 parts that I may need down the road. Thanks to all who responded to my thread.
  12. Thanks RR. I sent him a message yesterday. Spitfire Graveyard has got back to me. He has some but the heater elements are not working. That is not a huge issue for me so at least I now know that I can source one. Next problem will be to have it shipped over. I also think that I may have discovered one in Dublin (waiting to hear back from a lad) which would be a lot handier if it was to materialise.
  13. Cheers Nick. Send me on his number if you find it.
  14. Ok. Message sent to Spitfire Graveyard. Who is Tavistock Steve ?
  15. Cheers Nick. I have contacted spitbitz and am awaiting a reply. I will contact your other suggestions.
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