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  1. Cheers. Thanks for that Nick. Had a look at their website there.
  2. LOL. Yes a bit of overkill. I sprayed the inner wings and the inside of the rear quarters with epoxy primer and a few coats of top coat. Offered them up , punch the outer panels for the plugwelds and then marked through onto the inner. Sanded off the areas on both mating surfaces and gave the mating surfaces a final coat of weldthru before plug welding. I liked the idea of the topcoat on the concealed areas. It is a bit of overkill but I had a litre or 2 of topcoat that I wouldnt be 100% happy with for a finish coat and I intend using it up in any areas that are not visible or obvious. Maybe use it for floors, engine bay also.
  3. I agree. After cutting and replacing sections of the screen pillars, I will be surprised if anything (windscreen included) will slot in without some "encouragement". Interesting times ahead methinks. Hope to get back to it for a day or two this week to look at a few areas that still need fettling. The area around the striker plate for the rear hatch needs welding and reshaping. Thats next on my list.
  4. Not looking forward to refitting my quarter windows. From what I can remember, I think there was a few issues with them when I collected the car. They were in one of the many boxes of parts that had been removed before I bought it. Ah well.
  5. Anyway, here are a few recent pics off my phone. Picture quality is poor. This is where I am presently with the tub. Doors, bonnet/wings, rear tailgate ready to refit. A few more days of welding and prepping the tub and then try a trial refit to the chassis. Door gaps are 80% (sitting a bit high at the b-piller) but the sills are only held on with selftappers awaiting bonnet and wings to go on after refit to chassis. I hope to be able to "play around" a good bit with all the gaps at that point before welding on the outer sills.
  6. Those gutters look great. You have convinced me ..lol. Thats the way to go.
  7. The UR Quattros are gone crazy money in my opinion. Tricky cars to rebuild. Some panels are getting scarce and therefore expensive. I think that rebuild took us 2 years to complete. I didnt pass much regard to the spring tbh. I just rebuilt the running gear to get them out from under my feet and free up some space. I may revisit the running gear again and take a closer look at that spring. Thanks for your obs. Much appreciated. This is my first Triumph to restore and I am fairly in the dark about the whole geometry of the car.
  8. Thanks Nick. I opened a thread there now and put up a few photos. I will put more up later. To be honest, It is nearly an exact replica of your own project which I think looks fab. Cant wait to get mine that far. I wont put up the photos of all the fiddly weding that has gone in to it so far but I will pick up the project from where it is now and update with regular photos.
  9. This project started back in 2014. I made steady progress at the start but other projects (T25 Syncro, Jetta Syncro, Audi Quattro etc,) pushed it down the queue for a few years. I have started back into the GT6 in recent months and now have the new quarter panels, floors, inner and middle sills, A posts etc welded in place and outer sills temporarily fitted pending refitting of body tub onto chassis. I have hundreds of photos but here are a few of the major milestones along the way. Here are a few to start with. I have more that I will put up later.
  10. Thank you. I have taken lots of photos. Will put some up tomorrow. They are my old PC.
  11. Hi All, discovered this great site today and looking forward to spending many hours catching up on all your exploits. I am restoring a Mk3 GT6. Retoration taking longer than I hoped but getting there slowly.
  12. Hi Nick, I discovered your build thread today and I think it's brilliant. I am nearing the end of the welding stage on the tub of my own GT6. When repairing the roof/windscreen area, I used a section from the top rail off a Spitfire. Like you, I also opted to remove the external seam and go for the smooth look. I am happy with the repair but I am puzzled as to how I will finish off the roof gutters at the front. Would you put up a close-up photo to show how your;s has turned out. I am considering closing them off at the front or maybe "curving them into the roof" Something like this but without the "downturn" ??
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