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  1. No need to crawl under the car for measurments, no the greatest time of year for that! But thanks for the offer to do so! Good to know the Subaru cvs have loads of plunge - mine came in the post today. Hope you get your gearbox back soon!
  2. Hi ZetecSpit, Using the R160 diff and Subary inner CVs, and the MGF hubs/outer CVs, and 2x R100 (short/nearside?) shafts, does you Spit keep the same rear track width as standard? Mine is a Mk1 GT6, which I believe has an inch narrower rear track as it has the short swing axle/fixed spring set up. So I'm thinking that whichever shafts I go for need to be able to go in a further 12.5mm each side more than the standard Rotoflex set up. I'm guessing the plunge in the Subaru CVs may be able to allow for this? Cheers, Andi.
  3. Thanks Nick. Think he was quite active some years ago - black and silver round-tail Spit if I remember correctly. He may even have gone onto really hard front springs for racing. I seem to remember Clive Gimson (?) and John Wolfe having 800lbs front springs and going to 1000lbs!! Thanks, I'll do some research - may have seen a photo of Andy's uprights/links in the past. Cheers.
  4. Hi Nick and Zetecspit, Thanks for your responses. Nick - yes, the plan was for custom to replace the leafspring, but after talking with you, the RoSpit idea seems the best. I am unlikely to be able to go for that at the moment, so will look to keep the leafspring and just have some adjustable twin lower links, but coupled together for rigidity. My friend deals with MGFs so is sending me some complete hubs with drive flanges, so may include uprights. Nick, Zetecspit - I will try for the rotoflex uprights first, but the MGF or R100 uprights are
  5. P.s. the above photo is not my conversion - just shows the vertical links. Cheers.
  6. Hi, Like probably most of the world doing a CV/lower wishbone/LSD conversion on a small chassis'd Triumph, I am looking for a pair of rear Rotoflex vertical uprights/links. If anyone does have a pair and willing to sell, please let me know a price. Many thanks, Andi.
  7. No probs, Nick. Took me 2x years on and off to find them, talking to pretty much all the suppliers including Allmakes and buying a number and sending them back. Roger, thanks for that.
  8. Hi all, This forum has given me much useful information, so just wanted to say a big thanks to people. Also, when upgrading to the Freelander wheel studs, there was the problem over all the ones I found having too much smooth shank and too little threaded section to use original steel wheels safely. In the photo, Nick Jones pointed out that the ones to use (ringed in green) are Freelander 1 studs, but still I found no-one who could supply. I finally found a supplier though! JGS4x4. This is what got back from them: "Hi I have checked the
  9. Hi Nick, Tim, That makes sense. I have a Mk1 with (I believe) a Mk2 hatch, and it too has vertical heating elements.
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