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  1. Just ordered the book, by the way, the car is of course a SLK
  2. Hi Peter, thank für this informations, need some time to check this. Ciao, Marco
  3. Hi Nick / all, additional I asked for this at the german SLK Forum, there are the M45, M62 und M65 eaton compressor for Mercedes Benz. I guess, the M62 will be the easiest to fit and it has a handy size. Its power is variable by the used pulley? Ciao, Marco
  4. Hi, my name is Marco, I own a TR4A IRS and I have been recommended to this forum by Peter Cobbold, please be gentle with me bacause my simple english. I owned a MB 230 SLK from 1999 - 2007, long time sold, and used parts from this model are on the market for small money. The compressor you get for about 200 Euro! There are 2 different types + the AMG 6 cylinder compressor. I take a look for it at eBay from time to time.... Did anyone try to fit one on a 4 cylinder TR? One "problem" is, it runs only with air, on classic cars compressors run with petroled air. Ciao Marco
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