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  1. Do not underestimate what a glittering prize a substantial proportion of our financial services industry represents to Europe and France and Germany in particular. They are no doubt still gutted that the City left Paris and Frankfurt absolutely trailing in the wind in the 1980s. The financial service sector contributed about £132bn to UK GDP in 2019 (fishing industry £1.4bn). Add to that the related services of law, accountancy, tax advice, travel, etc., and the package has to be pushing 10% of annual UK GDP. All service industries contribute 80% to UK GDP. In employment terms, the City is dom
  2. Timely observation regarding non-NHS volunteers and flaming hoops Nick. It is now exactly 3 weeks since my wife spent several hours uploading all her 20 odd certificates and miscellaneous stuff. Today an NHS email appeared in her box and she foolishly thought, progress at last! Alas, no. It was a round robin saying if you have been successful, we will be notifying your local health authority and if you are still waiting to hear if you are successful or not, we are still processing stuff. She was pretty disheartened. More randomness of vaccination selection here in London today.
  3. +1 for Tom. Bit of a magician in my eyes and has some great stories although quite an age now. Miles
  4. Oddly, I can recall more 'O' level latin (although not a huge amount) than information from many other subjects studied at the, largely because we learnt most of it by rote I think. Same with poetry from that period and earlier. Probably says something about how my brain is wired. Had to give up woodwork and TD for art and latin for physics in the year before the exams as we were restricted to taking 10 'O' levels. Woodwork 'tuition' carried on with my father and great uncle (who was one of those men who could turn his hand to anything - he rebodied an Austin 7 with a sporting alternative
  5. Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes!
  6. I have Nigel Molesworh to thank for my introduction to the Gerund. Brilliant stuff! Just went to check which book it was and it looks as if is 'someone' has tossed them all. Bloody Marie Kondo! Miles
  7. Different Triumph and probably a different overdrive but does this work for Jacob? It's what I have in my 3A (not sure if I have an A or J Type overdrive following PO's restoration). Only difference is that I have wired an 'Overdrive On' lamp from the YP cable as occasionally I forgot...! http://www.advanceautowire.com/tr24a.pdf Miles
  8. Latest update. Later during Tuesday, my wife received a personal email requesting a scan of a document proving her address. At no point in the early stages or when she was required to upload all the documents following completion of all the online training that I have reported earlier, was this requested. Duly done immediately. Again back to radio silence. This is a pattern that my wife has experienced since she started the application process in late November: information requested, supplied immediately, radio silence. Miles
  9. Mike - Utterly selfish. And on the other hand, bureaucratic obstacles being put in the way of those wanting to help. I will spare you today's laughable update on my wife's attempt to apply to be a volunteer vaccinator. Miles
  10. Good grief. And what possible commercial risk is this designed to manage or mitigate? Miles
  11. Nick Thanks - so far 'silence is the stern reply' following submission of the completed application. Interestingly, friend of my wife who is doing the same and who is also retired but remained on the Pharmaceutical Register had a far shortened application process - only 3 e-training certificates required, little ID evidence, no referees, etc. Had my wife not come off the Register last less than 3 months ago in October she would have been spared this huge task. Unlike to situation for retired doctors. no allowance is made for recent retirement / removal from the Register for pharmacists.
  12. For any who have not yet lost the will to live in following this process, the next stage was as follows. All 23 certificates confirming that the training had been completed and test passed had to renamed with the title of the course, my wife's initials and the date it was 'awarded', something that could have been done by the system automatically when sending her each certificate. Each had to be uploaded individually, not in bulk. All her degree certificates needed to be located, scanned and uploaded. Four identifying documents needed to be located, scanned and uploaded: pas
  13. Peter My understanding is that the individual doses for each of the two leading vaccines have to be taken from a larger quantity in a vial. The final dosage could not have been determined until the outcome of the human trials and approval by MHRA. Supplying in single shot disposable devices like flu jabs would have been the ideal. However, shifting manufacture to that would had lead to further delay and so pragmatically and in the interests of speed, what is more commonly available to the manufacturers has been deployed. Miles
  14. Indeed. If he or his staff had looked even superficially at the other modules they would have realised that many others were also irrelevant to the role. My wife has now successfully passed all modules - the final one took about 4 hours study (I did mention she was driven). We will now see what the next stage in the process is. Miles
  15. Oh, and MoT stations can stay open during this lockdown in England and you are allowed to take your vehicle to / from the station. Miles
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