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  1. I was told on FB by someone more knowledgeable than myself that there is a small difference between the hood frame on a MK1 car and a MK2. can someone let me know if it is significant, or just whats the difference.
  2. I returned mine last week and added the note that I would love to rejoin the TRR when they opened Alec's Inn to all, and re wrote the rules so that they were not insulting to future members. My subs ran out at the end of December, but I still have access to Alecs Inn. I don't post now but think I will be excluded very soon. Hasn't the Board now remained very much the same but are calling itself a management Team?,
  3. Bugger, how do I edit my post and get rid of the picture???
  4. Am I alone, I just don't understand this, 365 in 365, Its a bit like Jazz, a beginning, no middle, no meaning and no end, until next year, no offence meant it is probably just me. with apologies and a picture to break the ennui, this is how I did mine. Pete
  5. Am needing a hood frame if anyone can help, Peter.
  6. Thanks for your help, sorted.
  7. Need paint colour code for MK1 1147cc rocker cover, also paint code again for powder blue. Thanks IAnticipatian.
  8. Anyone can have 2 passports, my area of work was Europe Africa and the Mid East for many years, so much animosity between countries meant 2 were mandatory. I did foolishly forget I had 2 passports with me on a Trip to Saudi Arabia, they were not happy about that seriously not happy.
  9. Enjoyed that Menno, they were good live weren't they.
  10. Having read about the Russian convoys not much could be worse, braver men there weren't, my dad was reserved occupation at Metropolitan Vickers in Trafford Park in Manchester, he and his pal sonny billings went to Liverpool to sign up in the Navy, dad was arrested and sent back to work, sonny died on his first voyage. we don't know how lucky we are. the Europe we were then fighting for, have forgotten these very brave people.
  11. WOW didnt know that, thank you for the info, amazing.
  12. Pfen


    The rules are silly and have caused the exodus of TR men @ women, to this station. I will not type ill of the TRR forum for it was a very interesting place to be, and I enjoyed it immensely for a good few years. The BOD on the other hand, haven't done the Forumites any favours, they are really causing the death of the TRR forum by cuts of a thousand meetings, before I believe, they will not do a thing to open Alecs pub.................. but we are here and lets have a new start.
  13. Hello Miles, thanks for your kind comment, Centre laced chrome wheels do look very good, but the cleaning isn't easy. Best wheels are the American Silverstone Mag wheels they look factory but rare and expensive sadly.
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