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  1. Hi Roger, it is this QWERTY keyboard. It has all the handy vowels at one end. I feel like Officer Crabtree in Allo Allo The car, as you know, was a Bond MkF - great fun at the time. Roger
  2. Hi Roger, nothing wrong with old Binds. I had a MkF in the late 60's. I wouldn;t mind another given the chance. Roger
  3. Hi Nick, sorry for the delay. Here is a pic of a TR4 crank that has black ink Mag particle on white background coming from quite a long crack in the journal/web fillet radius. The crack goes over the top by quite a bit The black lines are at the ends on the crack in the pic. Roger
  4. Hi Paul, for about thirty years I bought the Tele going to work so that I could attempt the cross word. Later in the evening I would flick through the pages. During the 2000's I found myself getting more and more angry at the content. but I had to have the crossword. if the content was true then the world was a bad place. If the world was not so bad then the content was lying. I abandoned work in August 2009 and have never bought a weekday tele ever since. I get the Saturday edition for the crossword. Between the telegraph and the television I found that I was disagreeing more and more with the news items - utter tripe. Even now I fond so many errors and misinformation on the BBC news. Roger
  5. RogerH

    Spark plug

    Hi Pinky/Nick, I read an article recently that stated that many modern plugs NGK etc do not glaze the insulator down to the electrode (as they always did many years ago). Something to do with modern engines running lean never get the plugs wet. I suffered annoyance with NGK for a couple of years. Have switched to Champion L87 and they have worked very well for the past year. Roger
  6. Hi Folks, yesterday was the 66th anniversary of the TR2 run at Jabbeke. I know it is not a significant date but something out there to talk about. It went under the radar with the popular press Roge
  7. People only really die if they are forgotten after death. Always remember your past friends and family. Niki Lauda will not be forgotten. He was very good at what he did before and after his terrible accident. RIP Niki Roger
  8. Hi Nick, 0.004" = 0.1mm (almost) it is too easy. Roger
  9. The book does change with each edition. Once upon a time it was really good for BA threads without a trace of Millimeter. Roger
  10. If you have a black and yellow Dzus engineering booklet then it is in there. Roger
  11. Happy Birthday Menno, I hope you have enjoyed your day so far. Roger
  12. Those valve spring compression testers are very similar to 'Hardness testing' rigs. You apply a force 1Kg to 150Kg and see how far the tip has depressed into the test specimen. The harder the test specimen the less depression. Roger
  13. Hi John, my cynical mind would suggest that CO2 is easier to attack and tax. If you ask any school child what is that white stuff coming out the top of power stations they will all say CO2 - it is bl**dy steam in most cases. Methane comes from strange places and attacking them would drop you in the Sh*t. Roger
  14. Hi Folks, anybody on here doing the TSSC/TRR Wessex group New Forest run. Weather looking promising. Roger
  15. RogerH


    Hi Miles, yes, I had thought of that. I'll give it a bot longer and see what happens. Roger
  16. Hi Folks, does anybody on here collect cameras. I have two Canon cameras A 35mm AF35M. in what looks like good condition A super 8 cine camera 'Auto Zoom 318M' haven;t clue as to its working.but complete. If anybody wants either or both then I will send them through. Roger
  17. I like your idea but sadly paying a tax does not remove the carbon. When the likes of China, India,Russia and USA start to improve then perhaps there may be hope. Also the stupid South Americans slashing and Burning their way to death. All this palaver was being looked at in the early 60's. As a young teenager I wold be seen most week-ends sticking flyers to cars wipers warning of the impending disaster. I wonder what happened to David and Brian Liddiard If our carbon tax was sent to SA pr Madagascar for the locals to improve their farming methods then that would be something. Roger
  18. Come on John, You can only do that if there is an Interocitor fitted. The spark goes to one electrode at a time - path of least resistance. Roger
  19. Hi Mike, thanks for that. Heavens how things have changed. I thought 1/2 speed master recording and thick Vinyl were the bees knees. It is now all about where the music is. Roger
  20. I used to be well ahead of the game many moons ago with all the audio stuff but have let it slip. What are = FLAC, NAC, and Squeezebox. Roger
  21. RogerH


    Hi John, I put forward the idea in another direction. I suggested that club events that cost members money (IWE etc) could be done free or significantly cheaper. When the coffers get near to running dry then the club could tap into the £100,000 per annum that TRAction costs to print This went down like a lead balloon To many members want the hard copy (so the powers that be say). The convenience and cost saving of going electric does not enter the equation. Roger
  22. Hi Folks, that all looks very clever and tasty. I'm rather new to this. I take it that the line with 3.746, 2.158 etc are the gear ratio's Would the 3.89 be the diff ration - I'm sure it is. Roger
  23. RogerH


    Hi Tim, I can live with that. Thanks for the speedy reply. Roger
  24. RogerH


    The only vagary is in para 1.1 - where it states that the forum is for sharing technical info. However Alec's Inn contains at least 50% of non-technical banter. The title for Alec's Inn gives a good description for what it should be used for. Why not put the exception in the rules. Roger
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