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  1. My local garage has a Hunter Hawkeye laser system and they do it for free. I'm sure they make their money somewhere but the tracking is free. It is not April 1st just yet. Roger
  2. Hi John, where do you find them. That is excellent. Roger
  3. A leave victory in the Ref was not a disaster. What followed was a disaster. From the beginning the cabinet should have spent 3 months organsing a plan to present to the EU. This would have included all leaders of parties in its construction. They should have had Victoria Coren on the team (professional poker player) The plan should have been simple and tempting. Part one of the plan is we leave on 29 March 2019 or Part two - we maintain our trading links with the EU. eg we give them cars, they give theirs to us - everything on a reciprocal agreement - everything. All partnerships are maintained = aerospace, science, crime etc etc Tourism remains as is Working remains as is We give them a one off lump sum to over come any internal EU hic-cups. We become a stand alone nation working and trading with the EU Let the EU have the choice Roger
  4. I live in Hillingdon Borough - West London. The CT went up 2,4%. First rise for a good few years now. In general I would give the council 10/10 for the running of everything. It must be very difficult to run such a massive machine. Roger
  5. Hi Miles, not bodges but ...............................unconventional engineering innovations. Quite an art sometimes. Roger
  6. On the big jets they have igniters - not sure if they would fit in the TR though. Roger
  7. Hi Menno, did you remove the spark plugs. ? when trying to pump up pressure. With the plugs insitu there will be quite some pressure on the big-ends etc. Roger
  8. Didn't Mr,Crabtree always end off by saying 'tight lines' Roger
  9. As mentioned above, always put coarse fish back. No point in eating anything that tastes iffy. Sadly a great many UK ponds are being poached by our East Europeans. Stick with good old fish & chips from the chippy. Roger
  10. Hi Paul, here is THE recipe. Gut and clean the fish. Stuff the cavity with onion, carrot, and a sprig of sage. Lay the fish on thick brown paper. Sprinkle with a decent white wine. Wrap the fish in the brown paper. Tied shut with garden twine. Bake in the oven, Gas mark 4, for 1 hour. Remove from oven and unwrap. Throw fish on the bin and eat the paper. Hmmmmmm yum yum. Roger
  11. Hi Miles, Your brother-in-law dying so young is so sad. I have never done any fly fishing (they are quite small) but plenty of coarse fishing on canals and lakes. I am now into Carp in a small way. Just a couple of weeks a year - usually September or October. Be careful it can be all consuming - more so than owning a TR. About four years ago I popped down to my local pond. In two hours I had 10 carp with a total weight over 50lb - I was somewhat knackered afterwards. Each TRout you pull out think of your BiL. Roger
  12. Hi John, this one is for you - just to cheer you up. Last July I spoke to an NHS ENT consultant due to dodgy Eustachian tubes, causing a degree of deafness. Recommended having a procedure whereby a stent type thing (balloon) is inserted up the tube - inflated - and withdrawn. This should open out the tube. Just before Christmas had a telephone call to ask if I was happy to go to a private hospital that is used as an NHS overflow. No problem on my part So far so good. On Feb 9th I pop into the private hospital for the procedure. Only to find no procedure - but a chat with another ENT consultant. He is happy to do the procedure but does not recommend it or in fact did the previous NHS consultant. Hmm why am I here I am thinking. Never mind there must be other things to try. The Consultant asks me to book up a hearing test immediately prior to a follow up with him. I am given an audiology form to book a hearing test. So far so good. I have spent the last two weeks phoning the supplied number - answer phones asks to leave name and number. I do this - nothing. So far so bad. Today I visit the hospital to see if they actually have an audiology dept. yes they have. The audiology chap is very pleasant but he is lonely - not lonely in a sad way but lonely because nobody works along side him. He can't answer the phone when he is testing. He appears not to follow up his answer phone messages because there are not enough hours in the day. So why am I rambling on. The NHS is brilliant because it is an employer and they have receptionists. Private Hospitals make money because they are not over staffed - especially in the receptionist area I know which one I vote for. Roger
  13. A good Obit. I never met him but he sounded just the chap you needed in charge. Roger
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