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  1. Hi Nick, Had my PSA blood test last Monday and have the doctors telecon review this coming Wednesday. Fingers crossed. Roger
  2. A lady friend of mine was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer just at the start of the lock down. Her hospital turned her away just when her chemo was to start. I heard about her problem in June and she was dead in late August. Why weren't they recommending D3 from the start. Roger Roger
  3. Hi Folks, as mentioned the unit turned up Saturday morning. I didnt really think about the size of the unit when buying it. At present it sits in the living room. I took the lid of the box last night and it is definitely in there. I then put the lid back on. I'm going to have to be creative as to where this thing will live. Having watched a good number of tutorial videos over the week end one thing that I have found is that there is no 'one' way of doing this TIG stuff. I think next week when I get it up and running I shall be playing with all the controls
  4. Well surprise of surprise the TIG161 has turned up. I actually wanted click and collect so that I could pick up other things from the shop. Dare I open the box. !!! Roger
  5. Hi Folks, I had this dream that I would be able to create beautiful welds from day 1. Your comments are not inspiring me. I can do nice arc welds. My MIG welding is poor but the metal stays together. I think that suggests I like thick metal. The TIG should be a new journey. (I hope I have brought the spare wheel) Roger
  6. I enjoyed Tech Drawing at school - it all made sense somehow. The only problem I had drawing those tube intersections was joining the dots up free hand. When I went to BEA and did tech Drawing in the inspection department (pre-computers) my wife produced a very fancy curved template from her old statistician job. It had every possible permutation of curve you would ever need. Roger
  7. Hi Folks, for quite a while now I have been considering a TIG welder. I've never had a proper need for one but every now and then I would be in a situation where it may be useful. Just before this recent lock down I was refurb'ing the driver door window electric winder motor. I installed them about 15 years or so ago as Sue had a serious problem that stopped her using the machanical winder on the 4A. Anyway about a year later the drivers side motor packed up (rubbish parts from the scrap yard - what is the world coming too). About 10 years later after trying to find the sam
  8. Hi Nick, when you come up with an electronic speedo drive please share. I've been trying to rid the behind dash area on my TR4A of wires and drive cables and want to remove the speedo cable. A couple of years ago I bought a digital thingy that would fit where the angle drive fits on the GB but haven't got round to inventing the end at the gauge. I was thinking of a DC servo as I want to retain the existing gauge. Roger
  9. Hi Richard, new to me. I think your dad's TR6 engine bay needs more grubbiness to hide the white fur. Seriously what coolant is in there - it should be the 'old' fashion blue stuff with borate etc NOT the modern orange stuff Could it be lime scale if you are in a hard water area. Have you considered fitting silicone hoses - they are a bit pricey though. Roger
  10. Hi Vicky, get Ben to earth his left hand. You hold his right hand and then stick you finger in the hay and see who lights up first. DON'T DO THIS - I WAS JOKING Electric things outside are always problematic. After it is fixed consider using blue garage glove and use only one hand at a time. This way the current will not pass through you and light up Ben. Will you be getting a Christmas tree this year - if so hang Ben from it and wire him to the hay bale Roger
  11. Hi Alec, I'm a little bit cynical regards US Authorities having worked with them. They tend to work with $$$$ in their eyes otherwise the operators ignore them. As for plumbers - !!!!! Roger
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