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  1. Hi John, you do not have Alzheimer's you are simply not concentrating. You put things down without thinking because your mind is engaged on the main issue. So in effect whatever you put down did not exist. Go back a number of steps and replay the whole episode. The bearings will be there. Roger
  2. I have just come back from Sainsburys and noted that they had fresh Cherries for sale. They came all the way from Chile and not by hand cart. So we have to change our life style but no thought of stopping the carbon miles or whatever it is called on these petty luxury items. I appreciate that the folk in Chile need the exports but it makes our efforts look all in vain. Roger
  3. You need the MRI to show that there is something to actually go for. In itself the MRI can't guide the Biopsy probe to the exact spot but it tells the Radiologist where to aim the biopsy probe at. The probes ultrsaonic imager then does the rest. Very very clever stuff. Roger
  4. Hi Peter, most people that can 'make do and mend' at present will probably not be here by that date. All that follow in our wake would have trouble fitting a new watch battery. Petrol and diesel will be here for a considerable time after 2035. Roger
  5. I had the TRUS biopsy and the little probe they use contains the Ultrasonic probe to see where things are and the various hammers and chisels to take lumps out of you. It all went in and out very easily and totally pain free. But when I got home I was knackered. Today I had a bone scan with the SPECT machine and glad to say they found my bones and nothing else to worry about. I used to do a great deal of radiography at British Airways so had a very interesting chat with the CT radiographer at the hospital. The CT machine is very clever but my machine was very big. Roger
  6. Hi Chris, Nick mentions MRI and Biopsy ( not to be confused with autopsy - that comes later) Enjoy the MRI. Do not have the headphones with music. Have headphones but listen to the magnets - very very musical Don;t tap your feet. The Biopsy sounds a little frightening - It is not painful or uncomfortable. I asked the lady doctor if she had her eyes closed when doing it and she said yes. There's modesty for you. Roger
  7. Hi Chris, don't panic. GP surgeries tend to be a bit useless from time to time. Your GP will almost certainly send you for another PSA test to confirm what may be happening. It will almost certainly be a little higher. The GP should then send you to see the Urology consultant. Once on the NHS conveyor belt things tend to move much faster. I'm going through this at the mo'. My PSA reading in late October last year was 7.7. One month later it was 9.2 Where abouts are you. Some parts of the UK NHS are better than others. Roger
  8. Hi RR, you certainly can stop or slow an electric motor by removing the power and shorting the input V to earth. When a motor is coasting after removing the power they turn into Generators. Ground the Input V wire (which is not the Output V wire) and the electric load stops it dead. As per the TR6 14W wiper mtor. However if you have a bl**dy big fan turning a generator the above would not work. Turning the variable pitch blades to fine would help to slow it. But a mechanocal brake may work completely. Roger
  9. ..but they can drive a pair of KT88's hmmmmmmmm. Roger
  10. Hi Pete, they do sound impressive. A better answer than we have at present. Roger
  11. Hi Folks, you do not even need tubing. Us a flat piece of steel sheet 1mm thick should do. Have it just wider than the diameter of the bezel and about 2 / 3" long. Turn one end over to give a flange not quite as deep as the bezel. Remove metal from the folded end so the tool can get onto the bezel cut-outs avoiding the switch sticky out bit. 5 minutes. The ignition/turn warning light bezels don't even need to be folded over. Roger
  12. Hi RR, here are the switch bezel tools from Moss https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/electrical-system/tools-consumables/switch-bezel-tool-384-960.html Can you see how easy they are to make. A similar tool for the Ignition light bezel is just a flat plate with a recess filed in to clear the lens. Roger
  13. Hi Scooter, I hope my little bit of whimsy didn't offend you. Sight is the most important of our senses. Good luck Roger
  14. Just to put a smidgeon of balance to this. Late last year Big Ben was allowed to toll on tow occasions - Rememberance Sunday and New Years Eve. This cost apprx £14,000 on each occasion. So why a month later does it cost £500,000. Somebody is very bitter. We now have to live with a twice won democratic decision - get on with it. Roger
  15. Hi Mike, Thanks. I was trying to replicate the change over switch. My circuit is a little crude and I have been shown a more refined method. However mine is simple and works and I think I will stay with it. I can;t see anybody wanting their motor updated with this circuit so it is really only for me. I will finish it off and see how the long term test will pan out. I've looked at Aduino but am not computer savvy to that degree so will not go there. Roger
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