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  1. Hi Miles Assuming I have worked it out correctly your 25ug tablets = 1000 IU I am taking 5000 IU/day at the moment. I had a mild cold/sore throat last week. Usually this would have laid me out for quite a few days. Roger
  2. Superstores - aaarrrgghhhhh I popped into Sainsburys this morning. Plenty of blue top milk (yuk). One six pinter of Green and plenty of 2 pinter green. So based on the other days experience (Two cartons of Sainsburys Lacto free and two Arla lacto free is fine as they are different brands !!!!) I got the last 6 pinter green so I had 2x2 pinter green (we normally have 2x6 pinter for the week.) The Tannoy was saying that most items are 3 items only. When I got to the check out the old bag behind the counter exploded - you are only allowed one milk. I mentioned the Tannoy. The old bag exploded again and thrust a note under my nose. 'See' she said 'UHT milk'. I pointed out it said you can have two UHT milks. and no mention of milk in general. Aaaarrrgggghhhhh why don't they put a sign on the milk shelf - they are making work for themselves. Anyway - around the corner the Sainsburys petrol station had plenty of milk Roger
  3. probably delivering bog rolls to local stores Roger
  4. Hi Rod, it is 8.48am and I am trying to read/understand/pronounce the above high light - not quite a tongue twister but a brain bender.. Roger
  5. Hi Peter, written by two of the group - it's all here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Sharona I always liked it from its release - Not to clever but a nice solid beat. Roger
  6. Nobody has mentioned the Corona theme tune recorded in 1979 by The Knack - My Corona. Roger
  7. ....Or it could be metric if you count each blade as 0.8mm Roger
  8. Is better to be a complete idiot or an incomplete idiot.!! Roger
  9. Hi Chris, when you are in the MRI machine don;t have the head phones with music. Go for the head phones with no music and listen to the machine. Do Not start tapping your feet. It is quite amazing. Roger
  10. Hi Paul, shortly after Christmas into early January Myself, then Sue followed by the rest of the UK came down with what you are describing. I managed to last the first week but then the bugs went onto my chest and I needed to see the GP - I have mild asthma. The GP gave me Amoxicillin and Prednisalone (steroid). They kicked in pretty quickly. I am also taking 4000 IU/p D3 Sue didn't go to the GP and the bugs lasted about 3 weeks. Roger
  11. Is it cast iron ? Not all cast things are cast iron. Roger
  12. Hi Darren, thanks for that. The bottom right hand displays are the one. I've just had a fiddle - lets see what happens. Roger
  13. Hi Folks, is there a way to get rid of the blasted pop ups on my computer screen. I am plagued by the 'Sun' newspaper and few others. Roger
  14. Hi Hamish, At BA we used them on our 400mm films (16" wide film). Our longest was 50Mtr (150 ft+)- these were fun to expose and then process. Roger
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