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  1. Hi Folks, my sentiments are with the nurses. Not just for the effort they put in with this Covid chaos but all the work they do to save lives and help. However I can also see a huge issue if the nurses are paid over the odds as it were. Not all hospital staff bent over backwards to cover this Covid 19 issue but they would be included in any pay deal. Then you have all the other services that helped out Army etc fire and police. And then one must consider that the nurses can only put in 100% (unlike footballers who can do 110%) and for that they get paid. Indeed
  2. Hi Peter, sadly you are replying to an idiot that should know better. Roger
  3. The same people also supply quality drive shaft and prop shaft UJ's at very good prices fr my TR4A Roger
  4. Hi Chris, the camber is adjusted by using a combination of the TRailing arm brackets. These brackets have 1, 2 or 3 notches in them. Have a read through this to see how they are adjusted. What they have tabulated works very well http://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/Suspension/AdjRS/AdjRS.htm You can also get adjustable brackets that make life easier but they look fragile to me. Make sure all the springs and thigs are as they should be before you start. You may also need to load the car when doing the adjustments - 150lb bags of sand on the front seats.
  5. Hi Chris, start off with two shims at each position. Then TRy to assess if both wheel centres are the same distance back from the front wheels (not too easy) Then with the car properly loaded you can sort out the toe in. Do you have a garage near you with a Hawkeye wheel alignment system - they are spot and will tell you if your balls are out. The you can sort your camber - aaaarrrggghhhh Roger
  6. Hi Colin, I do not think that my little rotary table would be any good on the Nuke Subs. But if they can get the sub in my garden then I'm prepared to give it a go. Roger
  7. Hi Folks, I have had some good success with my TIG welding machine. I am making some TR surrey rear frame cups that conceal the roof attachment bolts. I need to attach a 30mm x 1mm plate onto the end of a 30mm diameter tube. See the attached pics. The other day I made a rotary table for my mill. I used this to hold the tube. Pic 2 & 2a show the job and welding gun set up. Pic 3 shows the weld bead Pic 3A shows the minimal weld penetration (I wanted this to stay clean). Basically- set the rotary table so the tube is concentric. Set the gap t the
  8. Hi Nick, it is a conumdrumnium. The thread is defo 5/6" x 13tpi. As mention M16 x 2mm is so so close at 12.7tpi. When this switch was first created there was no organised metric thread system - a bit of a hotch potch. Very odd - probably no longer a chance of an answer - it;s 90 years down the line. Roeger
  9. Hi Folks, That one either stumped you or it was so tedious you opted for a different post. Can't blame you. Nobody seems to have a sensible answer. Rather odd though. Roger
  10. Hi Mike, they have had a great deal of experience with these flu like viruses. Back in 2000 the SARS virus was a good learning curve. They often relate to SARS when talking about this particular virus. There has been mention of a nasal spray on another forum thread but that could be a bad thing. Nose are a quick route to the brain.. Roger
  11. Hi Mike, quite so. AT is very good at monitoring almost anything remotely with very good results. For a known failure sight it is also possible to attach ultrasonic transducers across the area to give 100% assessment and then to raise the alarm should anything nasty start to happen. We nearly did this on a BA 747 that had an issue with the big bolts that held the wing flap tracks in place. The bolts would corrode and then snap. This would load the other (corroded) bolts which in turn would fail quicker. A transducer at either end of the bolts would detect the crack (possibly) a
  12. Hi Folks, this is an old puzzler. Does anybody know the origin of the switch or why the manufacturer used a non standard thread form It is very close to 5/8" diameter and has 13tpi. This does no exist anywhere as a standard thread form. The nearest standard 5/8" is BSF at 14tpi - that would have been a good choice People now use M16x2mm (12.tpi) but that standard however did not exists pre WW2. The British car industry did not waste money on oddities so why choose an oddity of a thread when something so close (5/8BSF) could have done the job.
  13. Colin, when you were doing the attached drawing did you know you were re-inventing the beautiful Concorde wing - the 'Ogival' https://www.heritageconcorde.com/the-wing Bottom right hand corner of the drawing. Roger
  14. A friend of mine builds 5" scale steam engines (GWR of course) and they are truly a work of art. All his drawings are done by hand and are also a work of art. I suggested a decent software drawing package. He looked aghast. Mainly because he would have to start from scratch to understand how to work the computer/package etc and also there is no soul in a computer drawing - the drawing, along with the steam engine, is part of him. Roger
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