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  1. A simple tip if you need a new capacitor. For most industrial applications where size is not an issue AND if you have no clue as to what size cap to get. Use the external dimensions of the cap. Go to RSComps on the website and see what they have in that size range. They often state what it could be used for. I did this with a Halfords Jet Washer. The cap was cleaned of all identification but RS came up trumps. Roger
  2. RogerH

    Life changes

    Hi Darren, before joining BEA as an aircraft Technical apprentice my main loves were gardening and cookery. I considered joining the army catering corp and had an apprenticeship almost lined up at a local bakery. After 2+ years working with file and hammer etc etc my gaze turned towards transistors - magic things. I'm good and spanner work, I'm very good at finding cracks etc but every now and then I will squirrel myself away for few weeks building daft electronic devices. Over a good many years, intertwined with the above, I have thought about blacksmithing and thatching - I would love to do both. I think the problem is, is that I am interested in the things I do not know or can't do. For your blacksmith dream seek out a blacksmith and ask if he would show you the ropes in his spare time. If you do it alone it will cost a fair bit in equipment to get started. Roger
  3. Hi Nick, I suggested that MMA is easier to play with, with little skill, in that as one will be welding thicker material (not usually 1mm sheet) it is easier. Once you are able to strike an arc, to play with the molten puddle and get a more even weld fillet. Less controls to cause havoc etc etc. For thin material you have to look at MIG and TIG. MIG becomes the easier option then. Also with MMA the gas shield from the stick works very well (usually) But it is a personal choice. Roger
  4. Hi Darren, to get good welds I would suggest MMA (Arc welding) is the easiest - with the right rods. You can join metal easily with MIG but it may look like 'chicken shit' Whatever you go for will take some acquired skill. The RTech people do a training day day if you buy one of theirs I would go for a TRansformer unit - tried and trusted. But a good inverter should do well. They are lighter because they do not have a bloody great 50Hz transformer inside They use a high frequency small transformer. Roger
  5. Hi Nick, I will happily accept that a spacer tube would seriously help hold the bearings in a constant position and allow minimal play. This would have a major effect on the disc play (stopping it) and thus knock back. As for the stubby flexing - I'm not party to that one.. i will accept that all things will and can flex - but to what degree. Not for me. But I do like the idea of the bearings not spinning. Roger
  6. Hi Menno, when you ask people what they use WD40 for many of the answers circle around some form of cleaning. Its high solvent content obviously do the cleaning. If you have two dissimilar metals in contact the last thing you want to do is clean off any oil deposits Put more oil on not WD40. Ideally any Ali in contact with other metals needs to be Anodised. This gives a non-conductive coating to the Ali. Indeed wash off the salt water with fresh water. Apply oil/grease, Keep the WD40 safely in the dustbin. Roger
  7. Oooops!! Just spotted this reply. I have the standard bearing/axle set up on my 4A and have never noticed knock back etc. I find it hard that a 1" diameter lump of steel can flex enough to give any odd indications. Roger
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    ooops - Wrong garage Roger
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    Out of this world

    The Clangers Roger
  10. Hi Pete, the human race is extremely resilient in one form or another. Should our population be such that we can no longer cater to nourish our people leaders will gang together and allow the weak to die off. Firstly in opther countries that have endemic famine. And then within countries that havea resource but too many mouths. China, Russia etc will simply let the lower classes to perish. And that is without war. Just like certain car clubs - those members whose faces fit will be fed, those that don;t fit will be expelled to the back of the queue. Roger
  11. excellent stuff. Nice one Menno Roger
  12. RogerH

    New Dr Who

    HI Fellow Who'ites, have you spotted that the TV channel 'Yesterday' are doing a triple installment of DR.Who repeats at 6pm on a Saturday. yesterday's offering had Torchwood. Daleks. Cybermen in a double bill. It was the one where the four Dalek advance party come down from the Sphere. They ask Rose.' who is the man in the background' of a video clip. She says that is the Doctor. You can see all four Daleks are visibly shaken - a small movement backwards and their eye pod moving upwards - excellent The recent incarnation is awful. Roger
  13. Hi Roger, thanks for that. I have never had a noticeable brake pedal problem (clearly I am not trying hard enough). Next time I strip the front end down I will investigate more closely. Roger Roger
  14. Thank you Nick & Roger, I will leave well alone. Roger
  15. Hi Nick, thanks for that. I'm nearly convinced but as I do not have an answer I shall go along it . I may have a play with the front wheel bearings and put a few thou of preload and see what happens. He he he!!! Roger