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  1. That is very impressive. Roger
  2. Hi John, rather than explode the bloody things spit liyyle hot chips. Defo wear safety googles. Blue engineering bricks are no safer. Roger
  3. Hi John, be very careful when you say 'brick'. Ordinary building bricks can explode when very hot. You need refractory fire bricks Brick Roger
  4. Hi Nick, the way that the BBC has heckled the Gov't regarding Brexit, Covid and the price of bacon sandwiches makes them more like an anti-Govt Rotweiller. Roger
  5. That works easy enough - thanks. Roger
  6. No mercury on aircraft is not quite right. It can be moved but must be registered and packaged correctly. During the 60' & 70' BEA transported quite a lot. Every now and then rogue mercury or slap dash handling would allow a spillage. It would be easily detected using radiography and then sucked up with copper sulphate and copper wire (If my memory is working) Eventually one of our boffins made an electronic detector to find the little droplets - It worked well. There was very little trouble with Mercury as the insides of aircraft were usually very very oily &
  7. Hi John, Wiki does a good page on description but sadly no mention of diameter. Files Generally smooth files tend to be smaller than rough one Roger
  8. I said to the Registrar that she should be sponsored by Wimpey or another construction company. Roger
  9. I'm just downing a pint of Brakspear's Oxford Gold. yum yum Roger
  10. Hi Folks, thanks for the nice comments. As for prescription charges - silly old bu99ers are free - I'm 70 Although I type like a teenager. It is Tadalfil. Roger
  11. Hi Folks, an update. Today I had my 6 week post Op meeting with the Oncology registrar. He was very pleased. As far as they can tell all the nasty bits came out with the prostate and the PSA blood test is base line. The surgery team removed a bit more than the earlier bioopsy indicated. All in all a good result. Regarding stiffness in the nether regions I have bee issued with some pills. How the hell I will be able to balance then on the end is anybodies guess. Did you know there is an Erection Nurse. - that made me chuckle and a bit. The six machine gun ho
  12. Hi Miles, if you 'save image' and then enlarge you can just see fine black lines between the white stripes. The chamber cracks are easier to see. Roger
  13. I shall miss rounding up 100+ triumphs at Knebworth and getting them off without a hitch. Next year will be betterer than ever Roger
  14. Couldn't stand the suspense - so I have ordered one of ebay to see what is going on. Roger
  15. I TRied the electrolysis with a wand. +12V battery to the wand, -ve t the work piece (I think) I used Halfords Gel rust remover as the electrolite. It appeared to work but too slow for me. Bilt Hamber DeOxC in a plastic bucket and do other things while it wrks. Roger
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