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  1. Hi Chippy, The Digital Read Out should be spot on as it measures the movement of the tool via the cross slide/saddle. Any backlash is ignored. What system do you have.? Roger
  2. ....and like so many crazy/brilliant ideas if it does look promising then you can guarantee that one of the big boys will buy it up and then hide it away until present day technology gets long in the tooth. Roger
  3. Terry Pratchett wrote about how to build a pyramid. Roger
  4. I always understood that you can't turn a noun (a name type thing) into a verb ( a doing type thing) but reading Pau'ls post above I quite liked 'Roger the cabin boy.' Roger
  5. A fence sitters view - Boris's action of proroguing parliament was found to be unlawful not illegal. And that is why the Supreme court had to get involved. I find this thread very sad in many ways. People from both sides (and some fence sitters) tend to say loving things about the side they support and are truly hateful of the other side. Remove your rose tinted specs and look at the facts (I'm sure there are some). The politicians are actually worse than anything in this thread regarding hypocrisy and twisting the info in front them. Over the weeks through September Corbyn's main chant has been that the PM was not elected. But!!!! what was he putting forward later in the month - for everybody to vote him in 'temporarily' (dream on) Had he succeeded then he also would not have been voted in - so that is all right then. And before you say I am biased the PM's lot are equally as stupid. There is an answer, I know it, others know it but annoyingly those that matter do not. They all need to grow up and act for the nation. Roger
  6. RogerH

    TR6 half shafts

    Hi Paul, the shafts are either knackered or new - buy two new ones from Proptech Ltd Kidederminster. The hubs - if they are old (they could be 50 years old) or done many many miles - 100,000+ then consider a new hub (£250 each) or if refurb'd ensure it has a new stub axle within. It is the stub axle that fails and allows your wheel to overtake you. if you go for new shafts and hubs then you are into CV shaft expense territory. Roger
  7. Hi John, surely the Queen is not a figure head leader as she is not a leader. The UK is lead by the Gov't and the Queen does not get a look in other than at state openings etc. The prime minister is the figurehead leader for what good they are. As for the Brexiteers fluking a result - it takes more substance and fibre to change in any walk of life than to remain status quo. Indeed there were no rules, no guidelines, no nothing for both sides. Did the remain biased politicians mention the Irish border issue before the ref - no Did any of the remain biased politicians condemn a no deal brexit - no (the list goes on) Basically the 'remain' voters didn;t take it serious enough. The leave side took it serious but apparently didnt know what they were voting for. Roger
  8. RogerH

    TR6 half shafts

    Yes indeed, if the hubs are the original ones then they will be a good number of years old with possibly an associated high mileage. If you want to stick with the stanbdard drive shafts then it may be worth )peace of mind) renewing (not refurbing) the hubs. If, and it is a big if, you go for refurbed hubs then the stub axle MUST MUST be replaced with new. Roger
  9. RogerH

    TR6 half shafts

    Hi Paul, the best standard shafts are from PropTech Ltd Kidderminster https://www.google.com/search?q=proptech+services+kidderminster&oq=proptech++services+kidderminster&aqs=chrome..69i57.26917j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 No opinion on the CV conversion Roger
  10. Hi Paul, just like the TR - keep it moving. Muscles are designed for moving not staying still. That includes you brain muscle - keep that on the go. Roger
  11. Hi Darren, when I speak to newbie TR owners I say listen to the car. if it changes tone or develops a new sound then investigate. This is what you should do with your body all through your life. Listen to it. Do some good dietary things - no excess of anything (including doughnuts). Eat tomatoes when you can (even ketchup works) Have plenty of water. Never bottle up going to the loo. Doctors do not know everything but they do know enough to help when needed. Roger
  12. Hi Alan, Corbyn was elected as Labour leader because he had no contest. The other three candidates were seriously useless in the arts of oratory and twisting an argument. During the election campaign I said to the missus - he will win it because he can talk a good talk. I mentioned on another forum (Football) that also have a very long political 'Boris' thread that if you state a lie loud enough and for long enough it will become the truth. On the 20 years run up to the referendum did anybody state that if we leave it must be with a deal. Cameron certainly didn't mention 'deal' when he announced the referendum and good old Nige always stated a clean break. The SNP certainly didn't. The Labour party didn't because at the time Corbyn was pro-leave Roger
  13. What I have noticed during this 3 year house of Commons debacle is that if you shout something loud enough for long enough then it becomes fact even when it is a blatant lie. Corbyn is not a nice person. Roger
  14. Hi Nick, why should the older folk not vote on this? I appreciate that the younger people will have to suffer the consequences if it turns into a dogs breakfast. But likewise they may actually be allowed to enjoy the freedom they are given. I am probably more leave than remain but I still look at both sides of the story and am prepared to accept whatever turns up - I actually have no power over the subject. Young things tend to look on the good side of things and leap in. Old sods then to recount hostory and add up the lies and mis-trust that is spinning around. As John McDonald said to me at a local residents meeting 10 or more years ago ' you can tell when a politician is lying - his lips move' An old one indeed but I think rather close to the truth. Even now at this late date we have remainer politicians declaring certain actions as undemocratic and then ask for another referendum. They comment on Boris's actions (I can call him Boris as I have actually touched him) as being undemocratic and even illegal but you could bet your seet bippy that they would do the same in the same position. Last Saturday's Telegraph business section stated what a poor state the German economy is in - investors paying the banks to hold their money negative interest. And too many EU countries on the verge of collapse - and beyond. Is it wise to be in a club with such poor prospects and in many areas acting illegally itself - accounts !!! I'm still open to fair comment (don;t let the BBC comment on anything) both ways Roger
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