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  1. That is sad. I didn;t know he was poorly. At least he will not have to suffer the consequences of Brexit that he so detested RIP Alan Roger
  2. Hi John, it was nice to meet you and say hello Roger
  3. Come on chaps give them some credit. The bags are there to help reduce the effects of rain. To stop the infill, under the panels, being washed away. Who is to say that when all the bags are in place they will not put a plastic covering over it. Every news broadcast spouts out some more rubbish. I don;t know where the BBC get their info from but it is fantasy. Roger
  4. That was good hunting Paul. I was never a Scout just a leader of the little thugs. No way could I get them to sing (anything clean) Peter, I believe it is DYB DYB DYB - Do Your Best Reply - DOB DOB DOB - Did Our Best But then the little swine woiuldn't say that either. Roger
  5. Like Peter, I compiled two posts, hit the button and crrashhhh oops Roger
  6. RogerH


    Hi Pete, haven't a clue about any seminars. The only thing mentioned is the Oky Koky that is the concourse. It is now in on I'll investigate Roger
  7. RogerH


    Hi JOhn, they were saying on the news that you need to get treatment started within the hour. The UCC department waiting time at my West London Hospital is 4 to 5 hours. When does the one hour treatment time start.? Roger
  8. HI Folks, thanks for the replies. This is encouraging. I followed the TR Reg forum thread with a lot of interest. Marco is a fine engineer. I shall investigate further but I am getting there. Roger
  9. Hi Folks, I keep considering replacing my standard slave cylinder and fork arrangement on my TR4A with a fancy co-axial system. There are many to choose from but i see Cambridge Motorsports do a dedicated kit. Not cheap but affordable Has any body tried this or got any knowledge/experience (good or bad) to pass on. for this kit or other udeas. The reason for the change is that although my pedal pressure is reasonable for the TFR4A it is still quite an effort after a long distance of motorway driving. Roger
  10. Hi Roger, it is this QWERTY keyboard. It has all the handy vowels at one end. I feel like Officer Crabtree in Allo Allo The car, as you know, was a Bond MkF - great fun at the time. Roger
  11. Hi Roger, nothing wrong with old Binds. I had a MkF in the late 60's. I wouldn;t mind another given the chance. Roger
  12. Hi Nick, sorry for the delay. Here is a pic of a TR4 crank that has black ink Mag particle on white background coming from quite a long crack in the journal/web fillet radius. The crack goes over the top by quite a bit The black lines are at the ends on the crack in the pic. Roger
  13. Hi Paul, for about thirty years I bought the Tele going to work so that I could attempt the cross word. Later in the evening I would flick through the pages. During the 2000's I found myself getting more and more angry at the content. but I had to have the crossword. if the content was true then the world was a bad place. If the world was not so bad then the content was lying. I abandoned work in August 2009 and have never bought a weekday tele ever since. I get the Saturday edition for the crossword. Between the telegraph and the television I found that I was disagreeing more and more with the news items - utter tripe. Even now I fond so many errors and misinformation on the BBC news. Roger
  14. RogerH

    Spark plug

    Hi Pinky/Nick, I read an article recently that stated that many modern plugs NGK etc do not glaze the insulator down to the electrode (as they always did many years ago). Something to do with modern engines running lean never get the plugs wet. I suffered annoyance with NGK for a couple of years. Have switched to Champion L87 and they have worked very well for the past year. Roger
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