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  1. Who was it that said "time is what stops everything happening at once"?
  2. I've got a Vulcan spark plug cable somewhere...
  3. Nothing new under the sun so they say. The polarised light article reminded me that liquid crystals were discovered in 1888 by Friedrich Reinitzer. It took a few more years for the practical applications to emerge.
  4. 4APete


    Preference is still in the voice and mobile networks. It’ll be all IP in 5 years or so which enables sophisticated shaping of traffic flows. On the voice network the philosophy runs that if your call has no chance of completion because lots of people are trying to connect to the same destination the you will be bounced at source.
  5. 4APete


    Donald Davies at NPL had a bit of influence on the Arpanet work - way back in 1965.
  6. If that's normal for a Dolomite Sprint then I want one.
  7. 4APete


    That was then. I got involved in Directed Energy Weaponry (on the defensive) in a very small way back in the 90s. At that time the "pointy" end of the weapon was quite small, maybe 3 feet long. The power supply however was the size of a pantechnicon. I imagine things have progressed quite a bit since then.
  8. Although I signed up on here back in November this is my first post, hopefully many more to come. I’m another from the other, known as peejay4A over there.
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