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  1. IainR

    Long time listener, first time caller..

    It was indeed once a Salisbury LSD. It ended up like that after one of the early proving runs after putting on the EFI with the motor at 2.7ltr and a 4:1 cwp. I’m now running a quaife ATB still with 4:1 but with the motor now at 2.6ltr (a sad tale of thrown fan belts + red mist at Blyton) with the wick turned down a bit.
  2. IainR

    Long time listener, first time caller..

    Hello, liking the look of your Spit. I'm very new here myself but it looks an interesting place where fettlers are made welcome. Iain.
  3. IainR

    VHIs and MoT exmeption

    A right old can of worms indeed. I have had VHI status on my 6 since it became available even though one could argue that there is little from 1969 actually left. I'm not about to stop going for the MOT for all the many reasons that just about everyone else has cited. Not least of which I think may be related to the increasing age of the average owners. At what point does ones reaction to the MOT change from terror of the bill to fend off failure to wow thanks for finding that dodgy brake line I'll get it done right now! Looking at the list that John has posted above I might well be able to argue that the exemption is ok. However I'm not sure that I would want to take a chance on being challenged over such as the EFI set-up which is fully mapped with an Omex ECU, megajolt etc, right at the moment when the earnest desire for insurance to go from being a 'waste of money' to thank goodness I declared all the mods when I took out the policy. I also gave up on 'classic' insurance ages ago as well. After the change from Towergate to Footman James on the register scheme they refused to insure the car in any event. So I now use Adrian Flux who have a most wonderful attitude to modified cars and aren't too bad on price either. Powered by a fart trumpet you say sir? No problem at all .
  4. IainR

    Happy Birthday TR6

    Mines not quite that old has to wait until next July before hitting the big 50.
  5. IainR

    Hello chaps

    Hello Neil. Wondered where you'd headed off to. Ok though it may get a bit long I acquired THA610G in 2004 when it looked something like this: TR6 at the Ring by ringTR, on Flickr Some may recognise the rather famous bit of tarmac which was actually responsible for a major assault on my wallet! I spend most of my time in Nigeria where I've worked for donkeys years. But in the middle of 2005 I went off to Hamburg to work on the detailed design of my next project. So as you do I went via UK and picked up the six and for the next four months spent nearly every other weekend driving a long way South to Nurburg where said tarmac is located. As a result of this an extensive wish list of "essential" mods was formulated and the car dropped off with Racetorations for them to do their thing on it for me. Sadly when the body was lifted off the chassis was shot along with all the matching parts of the floor etc. So... The front suspension turrets were sent off to CTM to be turned into a new chassis and what ensued was: Engine. Triple Weber, fully mapped Omex ignition. Steel rods, forged 77.5mm pistons. 16 row oil cooler and thermostat. St./steel ceramic coated manifold and supersports system, Alloy sump. Lightened flywheel. Tuftrided crank. Fully modified unleaded cylinderhead. Block strengthening kit. Gearbox and Overdrive. Stag roller thrust conversion and lay bearing improvements. Uprated 28% reduction A Type. Both units fully rebuilt. Co-axial clutch release kit. Drivetrain. Competition driveshafts. Balanced propshaft. Uprated rear hubs. Salisbury Limited slip differential. Rebuilt differential. Roller bearing trailing arms. Uprated coil springs. Rose jointed anti roll bars front and rear. Posiblox. Quick rack. Uprated poly ,nylon and s/steel suspension bushes. Aeroquip hoses. All fuel and brake piping replaced. Rose jointed top arms. Alloy front hubs with new bearings and studs. Chassis. New upgraded and strengthened chassis c/w tow eyes. Full roll cage fitted. 5 point full harnesses fitted to chassis/cage. Body. Repair bodyshell throughout. Fit new floors and sills. Convert for wing louvers. Make louvers in both front wings . Fit repaired body to new chassis and realign panel and door fit. Seal, stonechip, undercoat and paint as required. Fit alloy firewall between driver compt. and boot. Fit long range alloy foam filled fueltank. Fit aerostyle fuel filler. Fill all bumper holes in body.Fit new n/s rear wing. Electrical. Change loom to accommodate various improvements. Fit electrical cut outs.. Fit increased capacity fuse box. Fit relays for driving lights. Fit new alarm and immobiliser kits. Move radio to H section. Fit electronic tacho into existing tacho. Interior and various. Fit lighting bar between dumb irons. Fit f'glass covered door panels. Fit new sub frames and Ridgard sports leather seats. Upgrade door locks.Fit new leather steering wheel. Repair leaking screen and pedal bushes. Fit f'glass rad cowl. Fit new Afin rear drums. Fit duck material hood.Fit door tops without finger top channels. Fit pull handles.Fit fireproof and waterproof underlay.Fit new crash pads. All finished off with magnesium Racelites fitted with 205-60-15 Dunlop D84J type R tyres. Since then the Webbers have gone replaced with EFI and due to needing to have a new engine build after throwing the fan belt at Blyton (ouch!) the cc reduced from 2.7 to 2.6 and the wick turned down a bit, though still managing 155 RWHP according to Dennis Vessie's rollers. Still makes me smile every time I go out in it. I just wish there was more time to enjoy it, maybe once I can hang my boots up. IMG_0411 by ringTR, on Flickr IMG_0408 by ringTR, on Flickr 577674005_5f93b91af9_b by ringTR, on Flickr 577673991_a26eb74948_b by ringTR, on Flickr
  6. IainR

    Hello chaps

    Thought I'd pop in here and see what's afoot. The beastie doing what it was built to do. Sadly not often enough these days and currently sipping electrickery from it's trickle charger. 577674043_8aba7ee70a_b by ringTR, on Flickr