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  1. It's good when it goes like that rather than bidding things more than they are worth, I just got my mgf vertical links for 50p nobody else put a bid in lol.
  2. I will keep you posted on my progress but I think chassis wise I want to be fairly standard affair, just arm brackets for the vertical links but diff fittings i wan't to keep as a bolt in off original mountings, I will be keeping the original engine and diff boxed up and it could go back to standard state if I ever sell. I will probably just machine up a back plate like the cast ally ones I have seen and make up the winged front mount, maybe strengthened and fold the spring mount like others have done, regards wayne.
  3. ball joint (top) then rose joints bottom, regards wayne
  4. I have acquired an R160 diff which is a 3.9 and drive shafts and joints this will get me started so i can get plates made and chassis points welded up then if I need to change I have everything done thanks guys, wayne.
  5. Thanks Guys most helpful, Nick it will be tuned with a cam decked block and so on I plan on using it on the track as well as on the road, but nothing serious just fun outings, now to get looking and finalising what I need, I can now get the motor trial fitted to measure up for the mounts and get them folded at work, the last of my panels arrive tomorrow so I can get moving in the right direction, pics and a write up to follow shortly,regards wayne
  6. super thanks, I think I understand you with the fixings/Brackets and yes I found the post on making these, which I can do, The back diff plate I will make out of mild steel which is easier for me, I will start looking around for the diffs/joints to match I have the rover 100 shafts and mg vertical links sorted now so it seems silly nort to go the whole way, many regards wayne.
  7. So after going through posts I have decided to go ahead and fit cv jointed transmition if I go and change the diff at the same time whilst the body is off for a subaru diff and make the plates ect, which ratio would suite the 2l straight six with a gt6 gearbox and overdrive, I am thinking easier to do the mods now than mess around later on, many regards wayne
  8. bumblebee, I wouldn't be worried about being a mobile chicane at all,just be aware of everyone but at the same time let everyone do there thing they will pass when they need to, If you have never driven or ridden on a circuit it's a lot wider unless your doing hill climbs, I would say concentrate on having a well set up car that you can drive ok and build up experience and be able to learn, It amazed me the amount of bikes that were falling apart at scrutineering I spent all of my time building a good bike that I could ride fast and not have to think it was going to fall apart mid corner, although anything can happen it is something less to think about if everything is prepared well. I raced Gp 125 and 600's and learnt to ride quickly but smoothly and this then gave faster lap times and consistent laps. The less you have to fight something the easier it is to get quicker and also be able to learn what works. I can only think this will translate to cars and I am under no illusion that I will be anything other than a novice in a car,regards wayne
  9. Reading this with interest as it's what I want to have a bash at I am similar in the fact I have never driven competitively but raced international motorcycles for years including the TT so I understand the equipment side of things and scutineering, I am only just starting my build so i am a long way off but I plan on going to a few meetings to watch, I used to race at olivers mount in scarborough which also did hill climbs but I think they are waiting for someone to take over the running of the events, so will have to go further afield,regards wayne
  10. I will add as i can't see how to edit my last post, the breaks will be upgraded and going to vented discs, i have gone from a simple rebuild to going ott but I do want it to handle stop and something to enjoy
  11. Thanks guys that’s most helpful, it has been the threads on here that got me thinking and John it was the cv upgrade that i was really meaning, so I need to do more reading to understand the process, thanks again for all the help Wayne
  12. Hi guys, here's a question for you all. I am fiting the straight six into my 1500 spitfire, and really hadn't looked at any upgrades apart from springs and shocks, but i started going through older posts and it seems many have swapped out the diff and gone to rotoflex uprgades is this something that i need to think about doing, how bad is the swing spring/ standard arrangement for the odd track day. I would rather think about doing it if needed whilst the body is off and before I get the chassis painted, regards wayne.
  13. Great thread, this helps no end for my conversion, thanks Wayne
  14. Alan that is a good idea and cheaper than making errors in stainless, i will look at that, although i had an idea to use pipe lagging with wire or copper tube so i could bend it easily for a guide, regards wayne
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