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  1. I like the idea of the gas strut..... would you happen to remember what it’s from?
  2. Thanks Nick.....have you added a bit to that? I did think about a gas strut myself......looks very neat!
  3. I wonder if anyone can take a picture of a herald/ vitesse boot stay? Im interested in where it mounts to the lid, I seem to have misplaced the part. I believe it’s just a right angle.....perhaps someone would get busy with a tape measure for me if it’s that simple? thanks alex
  4. I think it’s going to be something I have to live with.....I’ve noticed it before on others so presume it’s from heat during arch repairs. Oh well it’s going to be a daily driver so being a triumph I’m sure I’ll need to rectify bodywork regularly
  5. As predicted it doesn’t really show in the picture.
  6. I’ll give it a go tomorrow..... not sure it’ll show though. Bet it will once it’s painted!!
  7. Spent today.... or at least the greater part of it, trying to do exactly the same on the other side of the roof. I think I’ve achieved it in the main although not 100% perfect. I have noticed however a slight bulge in the rear wing. It’s almost as if it’s had the arch flared on one side alone. Not massively noticeable but it’s there..... unfortunately my skills will probably mean it’s best left as it is. Alex
  8. Not sure to be honest....I just looked at the comments on Facebook.
  9. £360 for the manifold £120 for the collectors..... all plus Vat
  10. Had my 15 year old nephews over today so put them to work. Got the car out of the garage and turned around and back in. My garage has a huge ridge slope into the door so I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own. Had to use the handbrake to turn it round( long bit of wood I can reach with my hand) then the lads arrived to push it back in. Was nice to see the roof from afar..... I’m pretty pleased with that!
  11. So remade the pillar.... happy now. Even sneaked it out the garage a bit for a shot, can’t go any further on my own as it’ll just roll down the drive.
  12. I think I agree with Nick however I think you were right about it needing to be thicker Clive. Again I think Nicks suggestion to paint the vertical section body colour is a good idea. Thanks guys!
  13. Thicker pillar.... better or worse?.... if better the thicker or thinner of the 2?
  14. Ok perhaps I misunderstood your comment regarding my attachment method. The bit under the rear side window is dictated by the seam on the body. Unfortunately the highest point is at the rear where the soft top attaches and I’ve had to follow this along. In reality it’s no thicker than a saloon window side rubber so should be reasonably in keeping with the rest. The current thought is to thicken the upright to reduce the impact of the curve area. Alex
  15. Thanks Clive, I have .... initially I’d thought of filling in the glass area but was advised against it. Apparently they are very dark inside without them. The person who recommended glass said the best part of a saloon is the light airy feeling inside.
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