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  1. Alex

    RBRR 2018

    John this was me.....you keep harping on! i stopped in the services for a sleep, I’m a professional hgv driver when I’m tired I sleep. Get over yourself please!!
  2. More adjustment required......I can’t close the scuttle gap up any more even with all the adjustments taken up. The doors are also nearly right back now so I’m wondering if the bulkhead need tipping or moving forwards?.....not sure how I’ll achieve this though Alex
  3. Had no real time today as spitfire had mot.....( broke throttle cable about 2 mins after booking it in......had to wire it open and drive home fit a spare and drive back ). Alex
  4. Thanks Nick that just the kind of help I needed! Ive just adjusted the bonnet adjusters as much as they will allow and still the gap between the scuttle and bonnet is a little large.....also drops in the middle but this may be due to no cones at present. The passenger door now needs moving back which as you say means the tub also can go back.....this may solve a few issues in one go actually( drivers door is too tight to close and the bolts in the spring tunnel are as far to the back as possible.....moving the tub will them move these forwards) . As for the vitesse valance.....I knew it was a vitesse one . Mark collected it for me in Shaftesbury after I won it for £10 on eBay it’s fibreglass .... Alex
  5. Well I’ve spent a bit of time in the garage this weekend. Live managed to get bolts in all the chassis mounts and fitted doors and bonnet. I had to cut the welds on the front edge of my new floor to get the bulkhead bolt in but was worthwhile. Opinions welcome as always.....I’m learning so happy to be pointed in the right direction. Pretty pleased with the passenger side, drivers side need a bit of work before I cut out the floor. I thin’ the passenger door skin needs some work as it’s not particularly straight. Some of it could be door adjustment but some is poor repairs on the tub where it joins the door step..... I did it but now I can obviously see I should have done it with a door fitted.
  6. That’s great thanks Nick I had wondered if I should fit the bonnet.... is there much adjustability on a herald bonnet? Alex
  7. Thank you Nick In all honesty I think you may have nailed it This car is a right bitsa anyway,the chassis and the body have all received many repairs over the years. The chassis appeared right with the rotten body but that’s simply to far gone to ever be a viable tub or bulkhead. Looks like I’m going to have to do some cutting and adapting, Ive ordered a body bolt kit so I’ll have to add in some doors and see what happens then with it all bolted up. Now wether I ever get decent alignment is another matter so ..... Alex
  8. Body is now on chassis..... bolt holes not lining up though.... Need further investigation but it’s not right, not a million miles out just not right. Alex
  9. That’ll be Bill from Rarebits selling the chassis I think. To be honest the body is only sat on the chassis outside. We never bolted it to the chassis when we collected it simply placed it on top. I should think half hour should see the white car sat in the floor and the chassis in the garage with the tub and bulkhead on it. Thank you for the heads up though! Alex
  10. So I’ve spent the day in the garage today, one floor is fitted and awaiting trial fitting to the chassis before final welding. Ive had to remake the bottom of the A post as it was very crusty.....how many different directions can one panel go!! Unfortunately this is not my forte....I’ve also repaired the base of the bulkhead where the floor joins it. Next job is strip the body off the chassis and get it into the garage, I can then mount the tub and bulkhead and see where I’ve gone wrong :-/ Alex
  11. But unfortunately looking at pictures is the easy bit :-) Alex
  12. I spent an hour in the garage taking measurements etc..... The new panels are not too bad to be fair, they need shaping to fit in places but I would guess this is to allow for discrepancies between cars? The A post panel pretty much fits straight on so I’m guessing you fit that and shape the floor to fit it rather than how I took the picture with the floor fitted and A post over the top. I believe these photos I found online show what I need to do. Alex
  13. My biggest issue is the chassis is outside under another body .... the white rusty one. As I’ve said before.... oh dear maybe I’ve bitten off too much lol Alex
  14. Thanks Nick..... maybe I should measure the distance between the garage floor and the hinges. Then once the bulkhead is level measure to the a post mounts to get a reference ? alex
  15. Floors arrived today and the A post mount repair sections..... Its about now I’m wondering what I’ve taken on though! Ive clamped the front edge of one pan and I’m thinking that I'll need to measure from the floor to the new panel to make sure it’s straight where it joins the tub? With me so far?.......then if I measure from the back forwards for the A post repair? The bit that’s concerning me most is bending the new floor down to meet the apost repair and a post itself,does that make any sense? The picture may help explain what I mean......if you can see an error or a better way please say. Im thinking once I’ve got everything bent to fit I can the do the repairs to the crusty area where it all mounts up rather that lose what could be critical dimensions and reference points. Alex