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  1. Hello Nick, that was just a thread update, we all know bits and bobs go out of date, so now we are all updated on GT6 Mk3 Fan belts, ( it took a while to think up this reply)
  2. Late as usual . I have a GT6 MK3 with an alternator i use a Motoquip Fan Belt VFB 238
  3. Nick Kayzee's father used to own it, I purchased it 23/11/12, from a guy called Andy Wilks
  4. I sure do Nick, how are we feeling now ?
  5. Hi. Unfortunately my dad passed away in 1986 but before he did so he owned a GT6 which I'd love to be able to hunt down. I'm aware it's quite possibly long gone now, but worth a try eh? My mum really couldn't care less about cars so she doesn't have any information at all about it which is really annoying! Only started thinking about this today, and I came across a register earlier (which seems to be mainly American) but all the cars are referred to by their chassis number rather than their numberplate, which really doesn't help me... Thought I'd start asking on here as I'm already a member but is there any other resources worth trying, such as Club Triumph? One final thing... can you tell me what mark his car was (hopefully 'is' lol) Thanks in advance for any help WELL I THINK YOU HAVE FOUND IT Hi guys, I have this car can anybody tell me if "kayzee" is still around I NEED HELP TRACKING HIM DOWN thanks chap's I spotted his thread on piston heads dated 19th November 2012 I know it's a long shot but somebody must know him "kayzee" is his user name thats all I know about him email me george.goddard@icloud.com
  6. WOW just put two & two together and with a bit of zoom there you are, Roger this now brings me to your oil consumption of 1 ltr,, now, new nice and tight engine, nothing bedded in, I'd watch it for another 500 miles I wouldn't mind betting it's fine,
  7. The booking of the hotels / B&B's must have been a nightmare, and how did you manage the underground parking as well. I think you had a fantastic trip, and only one litre of oil for 2200 miles i reckon thats brilliant, thanks for sharing it all
  8. Chin up Nick it sounds like the home straight now, Iv'e had my follow up exam with my doc this week, Bloods 2.5 and internal examination uncomfortable but done, and the doc was happy nothing untoward, I wonder if anybody else has been checked out because of your thread ?
  9. sounds like you all had a fantasist time, and along the way posted some great photo's for the rest of us to enjoy, Roger, John, a big thanks for the forum readers and me, Nick how are we feeling these days, a lot better I hope
  10. John I bet you had more fun, Iv'e just got back in the roads were empty , the girls in Wickes were all watching footie on the check out screens
  11. Nice pic's John, and even better video, thanks for the name change Nick
  12. John are you going to run a blog the same as Roger, Please
  13. when I had my heart attack the NHS worked fantastic for me over the last couple of years in and out of hospital, Winchester hospital even transferred me to Basingstoke Hospital so I could be in the same place as my farther in law for his last week with us, So yes 3 ops on the old ticker a shed load of pills every day, and i'm moaning about having to wait ten days, I had my phone call the same day, against your 2-3 week wait & 4-6 weeks for an appointment you best move up my way, the house next door is for sale is 4 bed big enough for you with only a single garage
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