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  1. Kev_tr6


    Hi Nick, glad you managed to get out in the Vitesse. My fingers are crossed that things will improve for you drastically very soon. Good luck. Kev.
  2. Hi Ben, thanks for giving me first refusal. As you know my situation at the moment I would be happy for Phil to proceed in the purchase, if things fall through let me know. All the very best Kev.
  3. Thanks Ben, I’ve sent you a PM.
  4. Kev_tr6


    Hope it all goes well for you Nick. Cheers Kev.
  5. Kev_tr6

    Brake fluid cock-up

    Hi Paul It is a tandem master cylinder with the larger area of the reservoir for the front brakes and the smaller area for the rear brakes, when filling up the larger area it overflows into the smaller area. Hope this helps. Cheers Kev.
  6. Kev_tr6

    Hello from Dorset

    That looks quite good Paul, you would have to go over it with a fine tooth comb though. Prices for Beta’s are just going up a little but still very low seeming they are quite rare.
  7. Kev_tr6

    Hello from Dorset

    Hi Darren I bought the Beta just over 2 years ago to be a daily driver but not long after I had to retire, subsequently I’ve only done about a hundred miles in it. The windscreen went over winter so I’m try to sort that out as well replacing the head gasket on the TR6. Not enough hours in the day, god knows how I found the time to run a business. Yes I do remember you telling me about your HPE, what a shame. cheers Kev.
  8. Kev_tr6

    Hello from Dorset

    Hi Paul, yes the Monte Carlo is a nice motor. Always best to keep the Mrs happy.
  9. Kev_tr6

    Hello from Dorset

    Thanks for the welcome Nick (Neighbour)
  10. Kev_tr6

    Hello from Dorset

    Hi. I’m another from the other side (TRR), it’s just not the same there anymore and I was getting a bit lonely. I’ve been loitering here for a while and recognise many members, so I thought I would join. I own a TR6 PI CP car and a low mileage Lancia Beta Coupe (no rust :-) ) oh and a half share of a classic mini with my Son which needs an engine rebuild. I hope I can make a useful contribution to forum. Cheers Kev.