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  1. Bumblebee

    I've scored!

    Wow... Good "baying skills" If I send you a list can you find cheap stuff for me?
  2. No I'm dahn sarf. But good pointers. I will get on it this week. I looked at your CT link John.. Interesting. and in the case of that Spit.... messy Zetec, I see you are at Kempton Park in a couple of weeks. I may come and say hello. I live a few junctions up the M3 these days, but grew up only 5 miles from there. We used to go to the nature trail round the back , dunno if its still there, and fish for perch using a bit of line and a stick. It was 40 years ago mind you.
  3. Thank you all for your input. It is Andy John, I did put it in an earlier message but easily missed. I am going to get a hoop for the rear of the car, I am not sure anyone actually makes one any more off the shelf , but I will check, then sort that and some multi point harnesses for safety. That is the first place to spend, as it will almost certainly never be needed, but if it is the payoff is huge. This will allow me to do trackdays safely, and also allow me to try a sprint or climb if I want to in safety. I also need to fit an electrical cutoff switch in the car, I could just label the ignition but seeing as its miles away down the column a simple switch on the dash will be easier. I also need to work out how to box in the fuel tank, as its in the open boot effectively. All these are safety points so worth doing in the grand scheme of things anyhow. The only other things I need to sort out are a leaky front shock, a very low rear end with loads of negative camber and a wheel alignment, and we are good to go, assuming my singe bore phoenix thing is quiet enough. Of course as soon as I start playing suspension it will be poly bushes too, so without doubt I need to budget in stages. I am off to find a ROPS rear first. Maybe safety devices will have their old designs laying about and can knock one up Thankyou all for your input so far, and for the links. Reading the blue book, you end up taking notes on everything! Tyre lists.... who knew! ( well not me ) I will be sure to let you know when I eventually go somewhere to actually do something, and you can all come and laugh. Again , thank you to everyone.... Andy
  4. Cheers all. I agree with Wayne's comment that a well set up car lets you concentrate more on what you are doing , and thats a large part of starting this thread, where to spend the money thats left after safety has been sorted. I have however totally changed my attitude with regard to trackdays though. Clearly those that have done it say its safe and a great way to learn both my , and the car's limits , so that will be a 100 percent do for next year. I dont have a playstation though, so I may be in trouble . Be nice to meet a few forumites too here and there. Next I am off to check out John's links. The nipper loves the 6, he wants to drive it , but I have told him no carpark fun until he is 14. right, here comes an hour reading blue book and working out what it means to me thks again for all the advice. It really is appreciated. Andy
  5. Thanks for the input so far guys. For me the "dodgy" side of track days frankly is the fact I will be learning from scratch how to drive a car quickly, and I don't want to be a mobile chicane going slowly on a track day and end up picking a wrong line/ making a schoolboy error and taking myself and anyone else out. Hence thinking sprints and such as its just me to take me out. And no one to take me out in their eurobox with huge exhaust pipe and bolt on dump valve. The other thing I should have said quite clearly is the safety side is non negotiable for me, at least on cabin strengthening. I would do it for any sport even remotely competitive and probably even to do the odd trackday. I've seen fairly dramatic things happen in practice sessions on moto x practice tracks, and I am sure the same has happened on road car track days. I dont mind throwing a few bob at safety, and the rest of it is based around the fact I know what will happen. I will back of the field a few events, then start improving, then its...... well if I spent this on that........ I have to admit the lure of a few sprints against the clock is strong, although I am sure the odd trackday would help me learn the car considerably quicker. Its all good advice though so thanks. Maybe finding a trackday with "sensible people " and maybe a passenger even to sit in would be a good "learn the car" experience. There is also a local club who run events at Eelmoor near me , so I will contact them too. As an aside ... Wayne! You road race boys are certifiably insane, but hey you got out of it alive so all's good!
  6. Since the rolling road extravaganza I have been kicking about the idea of maybe doing something a little bit exciting with the 6 . However money and a distinct lack of ever having done anything motorsporty bar moto x in the 90s, when we all used 2 strokes will be limiting . I don't want to trailer the car everywhere so I need to be able to drive to events, and the car is used by me and the 13 year old lad at weekends for hooning about in and generally making excessive noise. So at the moment the car spec is as follows 2 litre GT6 on triple webers with a TLD r2 cam totally fresh, block decked, ported head with oversize inlets (a TLD jobby) balanced, lightened flywheel, megajolt, oil cooler with stat, standard box with O/D and diff, 6-3-1 phoenix iffy fitting manifold, stainless single bore rear pipe and cooled by a thermostat controlled puller fan. Rad is standard. Suspension wise... front Avos (currently leaking) with 8 inch 480lb springs of unknown vintage , Avos on rear, late GT6 mk3 swing spring which I think has been de-arched as it sits low but there is no lowering block. Braking is standard apart from Mintex1144 front pads, and a dubious and ineffective/broken self adjusting rear shoe setup. The whole lot sit on revolutions with the wrong ET offset shod with Goodyear Efficiency 175/70/13 tyres Safety wise. ... Nothing. Standard interior, standard seats standard boot area. Standard clocks apart from a dual temp/oil pressure gauge. So I need to prioritise what I am going to spend on what, in which order over the winter in order to maybe have a dig at something with minor competition, but that allows me to drive there and back and removes the chances of me hitting someone else's pride and joy, and generally being a spode (which was what we called junior riders in moto x days) on a track. For me safety comes first, but I need to be led by guys on here who know their onions as to what needs to be done. I need some kind of cage... I am over 6-2 so a full cage will make getting in and out iffy I think , but I bow to the advice of others. So I need to find one/get one made. I want proper multipoint harnesses, probably that I can clip in and out, as I think keeping 3 points in there for normal road driving would be sensible. I want decent seats that are safe and will let me get in and out. There are loads out there, but will I get them in the car and still get me in ? I say them as if I am having harnesses and Seat, lad will too as a matter of principle! He helps me with stuff so I cant complain. Do I need to enclose the fuel tank, currently just mdf boards over the top. I need an electrical kill switch as no poor sod will ever find the keys half way down the steering column. Fire extinguisher I assume (I've not read any regs and I may as well wait till next year to join MSA or whoever I need . Is there anything else safety wise I need to think of. Next off is suspension/handling... I need to upgrade shocks on front so they are non leaking. Protech would be the way to go?, if I can get them to answer their phone ever? Maybe some adjustable toplinks from Canleys? or is this unnecessary? Polybush the lot I assume , although which brand to use is another question. I need to measure the anti roll bar to see what is on there already Following that a full 4 wheel alignment from somewhere. probably Micheldever tyres in , er , Micheldever. They do a lot of old school stuff I think. Maybe adjustable drop links as the standard things are cack. Then there is kit for me . Helmet and suit and gloves and boots? The lid needs to be full face, I am sorry but that comes from Moto x days, watching mates with open face lids lose teeth puts you off, and even inside a car it will be full face. Any suggestions of best place to get kit will be a bonus. I think braking will be fine in sprints or hill climbs, as long as I keep manually adjusting rears to avoid long pedal strokes? Finally and as a complete aside maybe I , having spent money jetting my carbs will maybe choke them back to 28 from 30. Give it some real snap off the bottom, and the expense of a bit of top maybe? I suppose that's just a cases of suck it and see. So ... sorry about the length of this message. I am basically saying, I've never done anything car related, I don't know where to start, safety comes before everything else, so what do I need to do to go and do some fun but not expense prohibiting motor sport. I can weld after a fashion, but not to safety effective standards, but can have a go at most other things. Alan OTU is going to dig some stuff up for me to read too as I asked him off forum when deciding if I was going to go for it at all. So get stuck in guys and girls.... point me in the right direction. Most of you will have more Triumph experience than me, and a lot of you more motor sport. I will need your support, as the thought of competitive motor sport makes me really nervous, but as we used to say back then, "when the gate drops, the bullshit stops"
  7. Bumblebee

    3 Rants in one! Primarily BT.

    Yep I used that one Alan, and got a response after a couple of days . After that things started happening.
  8. Bumblebee

    3 Rants in one! Primarily BT.

    It works ! At 200Mbps no less. No more excuse to rinse the 4g router they lent me to tide me over. The son playing x box and daughter going "box sets" on Netflix gave their 4G a right mashing. And when we went away we took it with us too! Next we start discussing terms. for having bugger all broadband for a month , plus the "pain and suffering" of having to deal with BT.
  9. Bumblebee

    3 Rants in one! Primarily BT.

    Well one whole month later, after 3 weeks of to and fro from Executive complaints at BT ..... I have an engineer in my house. I "may" if luck holds even get broadband later. It really is quite exciting.
  10. Bumblebee

    Police road obstruction

    Yes but the one joy of queue jumpers is when you get to send them the wrong way. I was on the M3 to M25 junction, in the left lane which was real busy to go clockwise. Some muppet tried to run in the anticlockwise lane and cut in at the last second. Judicious use of my company owned car holding my line and speed forced him back into "his own lane" and sent him off the wrong way round the M25. Yes it was petty, and puerile. But it wasn't dangerous and it made me laugh for several minutes.
  11. Bumblebee

    Police road obstruction

    Not so much a long traffic queue story but I was in the GT6 coming home yesterday at 3 pm and drove the entire M3 section from 2-4A (the new smart motorway bit) at 50MPH due to apparently "pedestrians in the road" Well I never saw them, and I am not unconvinced it wasn't a case of set the speed limit to 50 and collect a few fines. I just dont get this current trend of minor bumper benders where the entire world's emergency services descend on the situation, close virtually the whole road and cause mayhem for the surrounding 20 miles.
  12. Bumblebee

    Megajolt for the Thug

    You are right Nick I should have said. So the engine is a fresh build with about 1000 miles on it. " 2 litre as I wanted a more revvy engine. Lightened flywheel, all balanced, TLD cam which I believe is 35 75 symmetrical, it deffo comes on hard. Its overbored by 20 thou, and has one of TLD's old race heads on it, so the inlets are opened right out, the ones GT used to rant about . It has triple 40s, with the manifolds with the worst linkage ever, I cut the linkage off and put rose joints in to get it in a position to balance the carbs. It also has a new phoenix 6-3-1 modded in the same way yours is Nick to clamp up on the collector, usual oil filter spin on adaptor, oil cooler with a stat, electric fan, and thats about the size of it.. Oh yeah , the block was decked too, but I have no idea what the CR is , I didnt do it, although I would next time. Alan, Ive started with the engine. Next it needs shocks, the front avos are leaking, and it desperately wants a full alignment, it feels "floaty" if thats a term, at speed. But I am genuinely thinking I might have a go at something. Ive never done anything competitively on 4 wheels, so its fair to say I will be holding the car back , not the other way!
  13. Bumblebee

    Megajolt for the Thug

    Hi all, Thought I would update you all. Today I drove 85 miles (call it a shakedown drive) to bdengineering.co.uk for webers and a bit of mapping on a rolling road. I had no preconceptions so if I got to 104 horses it should have that would be cool. Of course I hoped for me as its got manifolds and webers and a TLD cam, and a bit of head work. The guy there Andy, was brilliant, let me hang around, help out on the laptop and explained what he was doing and why. First run was to set a baseline which ended up at 112 bhp, but it was the state of the line we needed to deal with. Andy said it was going stupid rich at WOT and fluffy in other places . He rejetted me up to a 55f9 idle , 115 mains and 170 airs. We then did a couple more power runs before we started on the megajolt. He somehow set the load (beyond me) then started pushing in advance so this is what we've ended up with. As Nick and Alan suggested all the action is mid table but it has made throttle response more snappy and thats what we were after. After we had road tested we got back on the rollers for a proper power run. the print wasnt all that so ive had to use a pen. The difference is obvious! We only took the thing up to 5400 rpm, as Andy said, theres more but its just a number, and this is a road car I need to drive home. The engine is fresh but is it really worth redlining for a number? The final scores on the doors are 126BHP plus change, and as you can see its still pulling at the end, it just isnt worth chasing.. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the drive home was great, much more responsive so I am pleased. Pleased with the numbers, pleased with the service I got and pleased with the price which was very reasonable. Thanks to all that helped me with my initial maps and advice. My car was between an immaculate Lotus Cortina and a Lotus Elan. Its fair to say I was bringing the side down! Andy did say I had got it there or thereabouts, especially carb sync was spot on, and I wasnt too far away elsewhere. That is down to you guys so thankyou. Imnow thinking I should maybe do a club sprint or hillclimb. Ive done no motorsport since the early 90s racing motocross bikes. But Ive got this GT6.. tatty, but mine, and surely there is fun to be had somewhere?
  14. Bumblebee

    3 Rants in one! Primarily BT.

    Well clearly I am not the only one who has suffered the BT/Virgin/Openreach vortex! Thanks for the advice , I have fired off an email to the address above so lets see what happens next. Ive managed to sort the gremlins in the Stag so all the lights now work. Iv'e fitted the phoenix thing to the GT6. Well it deffo goes better than on the old 6'2'1 which was on there before but as suspected (well told really) by Nick its sounds like a Harley when you accelerate, which I am sure is the collector, so I am going to mark it now its all on the car so I can put the slits in the right place for some kind of access once I slip it back on. I can then stuff it full of gunk and try and get some clamping force on the collector. The neighbour can weld stainless so he is going to do me a favour and tack some eyes on there. Its also cacked up my webers jetting , but that was to be expected I suppose.
  15. Bumblebee

    3 Rants in one! Primarily BT.

    Amusingly whilst I was on my daily hour call to BT getting transferred/put on hold/being told it was not their department my next door neighbour who has ordered the same thing texted to tell me his internet has been cut off too. This is despite him hearing my tale of woe and specifically calling them to make sure it didnt happen to him. I laughed, but that's because I now don't feel so picked on. I thought of that re collector , but I don't know if there's enough room to spread the 3 pipes on the collector apart far enough to get mikalor bands on them and my welding is average at best on mild steel, and totally untested on stainless if I make a single slit and eyes to bolt through. I may go for the old shed loads of heat and see what gives approach. the worst that can happen is grinding it all off again! Good tip on mounting to gearbox though, thanks I am looking forward to getting home, getting at least the manifold bolted up and carbs back on and kicking back with a beer and no broadband. Tomorrow will be try and mount the rest of the exhaust on the 6 and sorting out lucas related gremlins on the stag. Neither of which requires the internet (i hope!)