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  1. Bumblebee

    Hi from new member in Hampshire

    The wheels were on it when I got it but whoever fitted them did not bother checking them for clearance and I am sure they are the wrong offset, but some track rod end adjustment ie adjusting them a tad on both sides means they no longer catch. I am going to put spacers on them though for peace of mind. I quite like the look of them , pity they arent right! Onto the carbs. When I got the car they were on there, but you couldn't sync them due to the linkage and they were all over the place. However the valve stems were shot so the head had to come off. seeing as I was pulling the head, and the crunchy gearbox I decided to pull the whole engine and have a look. the car is registered as a 2.5 and indeed had a cp block in it, but when opened it up all the internals were well worn 2 litre bits. Here I may have to duck for cover but I had my box sorted by TLD and at the same time had a worked head and cam off him. I had the block decked the whole lot balanced the crank ground the rods all made "round" again, cam bearings installed and the flywheel lightened a bit and rebuilt it into a proper 2 litre. I have a pair of SU carbs on a ported manifold but I just couldn't resist throwing the webers on despite knowing I could sort the SUs a lot easier and it would not be as juicy.. The fuel pump it a Huco low pressure pump from FastRoadCars which is supposed to run at 2.2 psi ish , although I have not put a regulator on it yet. All the floats have been adjusted more than once as I adjusted them , then measured fuel height down a main jet hole then readjusted. I have had to push more fuel through at idle to cover lean patch on low throttle. As I say I read on here a lot of people suggest 50F11 but that made her awful lean off idle like afr 17! so currently back on 45f9 ticking over at 12ish afr makng low throttles circa 12.5 to 13.5 afr. Setting AFR at nearer 14 on tickover makes it run lean, into late 15 early 16s....The rocker breather just drops to a catch can vented to atmosphere. its set at 15.5 btdc on tiining but Im going to EDIS it at some point, the dizzy is a vitesse on and it starts the advance curve quite early Here is a pic of the carbs now I have modded the linkage, ignore the copper pipe and unconnected heater pipes, I am currently mocking up to reinstate the heater I dont need! Thanks for taking an interest , much appeciated. I also have a stag which Ive reshelled , and a MK2 spitfire which is a longterm project and the shell of which is currently leaning against the garage wall whilst I finish welding rear wheel arches in it sorry for the essay. Andy
  2. Bumblebee

    Hi from new member in Hampshire

    The wheels are the same size, the photo makes them look different. Sadly the panel gaps dont look that good any more. Ive got a picture of the carbs prior to cutting off the ridiculously poorly designed linkage and putting it back again on rose joints. I will try and get a picture of the modified setup at some point. Yes I have put some filter socks on it , all be it cheapo ones! I need to sort the idle jets out. Ive had to richen it up at tickover or it goes lean on part throttle on 45F9. I tried some 50F11 but that made it leaner! think I will try a 50f9 and see what happens. Ive got some SUs and the original inlet manifold but the induction noise from webers is kind of addictive. Ive got an AFR meter to guide me , and the nipper writes down the figures on his co pilot bit of paper. Andy
  3. Bumblebee

    Hi from new member in Hampshire

    This is her/him/it I found it online ,its long before I owned it. It has 2 wiper blades now for starters, The wheels need spacers as the fronts catch the track rods... Theres loads to do, but seeing as she is now running want to drive her for a bit just to get some faith in her.
  4. Hi to one and all. I have been lurking for a while but when I tried to lurk yesterday for some info I needed there was no one in! This caused me to realise if I am using the facilities I should buck up, join, donate, and get involved. So I have a Yellow GT6 , a bit tatty, with the worlds worst painted black stripes, hence the "bumblebee"picked by my son,which was once (a while ago) owned by someone else who was on the forum. I bought it sight unseen off the bay, and to be fair it hasnt been that bad. I originally found Sideways when looking for the best way to modify my weber linkages to actually make them work. I have now done that mod, although my "engineering" is not up there with some on here. I have also "discovered a raft of other, er, issues. Such as removing the diff to sort out an oil leak to discover... the oil leak was due to not blocking off the spare 2 stud holes.... the swing spring had no base plate, no spacer, and no horizontal bolt BUT... it did still have the transit shackle on one side! Weirdly it drives a lot better now those bits are sorted. Anyhow I probably dont have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, but I hope to get involved here and there. Ive got loads of things I will need to sort, weber jetting, wheel alignment, EDIS which will be my next project, etc etc etc...One thing at a time though, currently just driving her. Andy