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  1. Does day 281 have a laptop with username and password stuck to the front? If so I am glad to see password security is the same the world over.
  2. Things can get comfy under the bonnet. My Mk3 here (before manifold mods) you can clearly see the step down in manifolds to get the carbs under the bonnet. I imagine although I cant say for certain that the inlets will be sitting outside of the bonnet bulge, ie in the lower bonnet section, and things get very tight very quickly under there . My engine is mounted normally, so not pushed back and its all tight on room
  3. Hi AJ Are you intending to rebuild the engine in yours or build another one outside of the car? Then do a transplant. The latter I assume? My GT6 is registered as a 2.5 and the original block claimed it to be from a TR6 Pi but when I pulled it apart all the internals were 2 litre, which backs up what John just said about cranks in blocks.I had guessed that anyhow due to the sump. If you build it as a 2 litre you will be fine, but if you go 2.5 then you will have to mod the sump pan to fit as the crank will hit the sump pan. A club hammer is your friend. You cant fit a 2.5 sump. there is no room as it has to go over the steering rack. Looks like you want to stay 2 litre anyhow and just Pi it? When you look for a block make sure the thrusts have not fallen out and eaten the block/crank if you arent using your current engine. I have not played with Pi myself, but it makes sense to go with double springs on the valves. Somewhere here on this site N Coll did a homebrew head porting workshop, which I believe Nick has actually done, so if you fancy some head flowing work now is the time whilst it is all stripped down. That will then lead you to buy a decent(ish) term applied loosely exhaust manifold to make it breathe...... and on it goes! I suppose it boils down to if you fancy building one worked on engine, or just a good solid reliable one with Pi. I had mine built for me, regretted it then rebuilt it myself. Ditto gearbox. If you build it yourself you will know it is right, and there is so much knowledge on this site someone will always be able to help you. And if you are building the engine with the car still running its old one you can go to town on stuff, getting it machined how you want, balanced, block decked etc etc. Again, there is a mountain of knowledge on here (not me, other people!) As Nick has just said a nice 2.0 build with a decent cam will be plenty for road use, especially as being 5 inches from the floor makes 50mph feel like 90. Also with webers which is what I use you need a stepped down inlet manifold setup (and a weeks worth of modifying it) to fit under the bonnet of a GT6. I am not sure if Pi needs the same or if it fits, so it may be worth checking. I am sure it wont be insurmountable either way. Without looking at SteveA's blog I assume the answers will be there anyhow. I suppose the last question has to be how in gods name your passenger/glamorous assistant can get her legs up that high in a GT6!? Its cosy in there at the best of times. I have to crawl out of mine!
  4. It is a pity I am banned from driving currently due to the back surgery or I would have joined you Hamish at Blackbushe. It is a stones throw from my house, and has always been the road I used for plug chops on the old motorcycle days when running 2 strokes. Little fact here...the film Rush about Hunt/Lauda was filmed behind the current runway on the old disused runways over the back. all the pit scenes and crash footage...we used to walk dog over there and see all the old cars lined up
  5. Well I am still alive so at worst it isnt any worse. I am emerged from my opiate fog and from now on it is onwards and upwards. The NHS were, as per normal, bloody excellent. Time will tell on whether the fusion took and worked. I will spend the next few weeks at home reading about other people mending stuff!
  6. I am sure it will be fine... Thanks for the good vibes. I look forward to cycling again more than anything. 10 years ago I was doing Ironman triathlons, in the last 2 years Ive not sat on a bike or run a mile. I have 3 road bikes and a TT bike sat hanging on their racks, all carbon fibre jobs I can't bear to let go. Add in my racing wheels , power meters, etc etc there must be 10-15 thousand quids worth of pushbike sitting untouched. To think I used to do century rides in Spring as training. It is only 2011 that I cycled LEJOG. Seems a lifetime ago. If I can ride just one again then I can let the others go, but I cant just out the lot, it is admitting defeat! Of course it has also stopped the GT6 hillclimbing/ doing a trackday and learning how to drive it ambition as I am not allowed to drive for 6 weeks apparently. Hopefully I can be back behind the wheel before summer is over.
  7. Thanks Nick. I have never been good at bodywork. I am a 7 goes to fill a dent kind of person. I always put too much in then take too much out . I decided to take a one panel at a time approach, doing any welding, grinding then filler work before moving on to next . The drivers side rear wing was rippled and dented and had a repair to the lower section so I started there . Ive got the big dents out and filled. There are a few little dings left, which I will use glazing putty on (dolphin glaze or similar) then I will primer that with high build and move on the the next panel. Things are at a halt though , as after many years of back spasms they (the NHS) are fusing my lower 3 vertebrae tomorrow , S1 to L5 to L4. So having made a start , I am now making a stop again! The thought of life without crippling back spasms every 4-6 months is worth it though. I may however walk like a cyberman
  8. So after years of prevarication and other stuff getting in the way I bit the bullet and hired a workshop at a ridiculous monthly cost to move the Stag and GT6 into. This has given me back my own garage which means the Spitfire body tub which was leaning against the wall for 4 years has now been unleaned and it is now sat pride of place in my garage. I taught myself to weld on this car, and it is awful. So despite the fact I have welded in A post lowers, sills, rear arches , boot floor, floors, rear valance rear inner arches and door skins, some (likely most) may well be coming out again as I revisit with a bit more skill. There is a lot to do , I have no registration documents so I will need a triumph club of some kind to date it to register it. Anyhow I am hoping to get it done inside a year, whilst continuing to work on the other 2 .... so whether I am successful only time will tell. Im not too sure where to start. I might work from back to front doing a panel. filling priming, then moving on to the next one. Ive got most of the bits. Including a refreshed engine with a GT (duck for cover) 1147 head and cam. It is staying with its little 1147 despite me having a straight 6 engine and box sat here. Anyhow here are some appetite wetters....
  9. Fridgey Mc Fridge Face? The other alternative being Brexit mc Brexit Face. This follows all national naming rules I am aware of. Are we having a vote ?Please no..... I can take no more.
  10. Add to that the "favourite spanner" syndrome when you realise your favourite 1/2 spanner is nowhere to be found and have to spend 20 minutes finding it, despite the fact you have another 3 you could use. Finally you locate it still hanging by the ring end on the bolt side of the nut you were doing up with your ratchet. ..... Or is that just me?
  11. Alan, As a shipping agent you can take advice from me. Apart from the fact I have NO idea, as I cant tell you how to clear goods etc when no one has told me if we are in or out of a union, or whether we will need to provide stamped paperwork or not. Lets not even get on to whether things need formal entry to Customs and whether taxes and duties need to be collected at the point of entry. We may agree or disagree on the whole EU in or out thing, but we can all agree our Government's handling of it is a total clusterfook.
  12. So once upon a time, prior to multiple back spasms and an impending spinal fusion, I used to do Ironman races. Ironman Lanzarote is regarded as one of the worlds hardest due to the amount of climbing on the bike, the wind and the heat combined. I did Ironman Lanza and fell in love with the place. I have been every year since with the family. I get up at 7 AM get on my bike and go and ride for 3 hours from Puerto Del Carmen out to Fire Mountain, across the old lava flows, out and up towards Haria. Its a hot and lumpy old ride, and if the wind is up it is a lesson in suffering, as riding a bike quite often is. It is however stunningly beautiful, especially early morning when it isnt too hot and the sun is peeking through the early morning clouds you always seem to get out that way first thing. The family like the pool and the bars, and that is cool, but I loved to get out there early and just ride. I hope once my back gets screwed together I can ride a bike again. I dont miss triathlons particularly, but I do miss riding. I would like to ride Tenerife too, the riding there is supposed to be excellent, I think even Team Death Star (Sky) train there
  13. I agree John, and I was kind of speaking out loud. There has to be a better way to fund the NHS in a way it can grow with demands placed upon it getting larger. It should always be free at the time you need it , that is the point. But we (as a society) need to accept we need to pay for it and to find a better way. I only argue for insurance as an obvious solution, without giving thresholds much thought. Of course insurance being what it is they will try and get out of everything, I understand that too. But I firmly believe in the NHS and it needs to be protected in any way we can, and be financially secure. Lots of people already make money from cancer and other diseases, and I dont speak about Doctors and Nurses... Ge Medical/Siemens/Hoffmann la Roche/Boehringer Ingelheim, Kontron Pharma etc. I accept these make products to save people, but its capitalism, and ergo its all about the dollar/pound. Yes Zetec that is what I was getting at. Once you earn XXXXX quid you must take out medical insurance. You go to the NHS and they bill your insurance co, or the insurance co sends you to its own place. Or a secondary stepped NI tax on a sliding scale once you hit XXXXX earnings. We need to act to protect. 7 Lines... Still too much John. I cant get to 5!
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