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  1. Bugrug

    Noob from Market Harborough

    Brilliant, thanks for this.
  2. Bugrug

    Noob from Market Harborough

    My research says you are dead right on this, having looked into line boring costs to add cam bearing shells made my bank manager cry! I'll likely keep the whole 2000 motor in storage, just in case, and it is the original engine, I guess thats hoarder mentality for you
  3. Bugrug

    Noob from Market Harborough

    Fair comment and advice there Red, I'll likely plastigauge the mains and big ends whilst they are easily accessible too.
  4. Bugrug

    Noob from Market Harborough

    Thanks for the replies, it's most encouraging indeed. To answer a couple of questions, photos, I'll get a few posted up when I get on the pc to compress the files. Nick, the thoughts around the 2500 transplant are; The 2500 was in my kit car and is known to be in good order, effectively its also free which is another bonus. The original 2000 I'd like to have kept but now having been able to run it for more than 2 minutes due to various problems I can hear a rumble suspiciously similar to mains bearing woes. Also when warm the oil pressure drops off from 40 psi cold idle to less than 5 psi hot, only rising to a little over 10 psi hot at 3k revs. Then there is a muted whirring chirping noise which I'm attributing to worn cam bearings. This is all theoretical interpretation at present. Oil pressure relief valve checked, cleaned and washers added just in case it was stuck open, curiously this has a lot of wear to the sides indicating its been quite active in its past!?!? A large part of the 2500 decision lies with the finances, which are slim. Shame really as the 2000 has +20 domed pistons with good bores. It's a weird old car combining a mixture of really good quality modifications and work with some dreadfully attended bodges. Almost as if it was someone's pride and joy once with some nice upgrades attended but was then subsequently ravaged by a max power reader.....
  5. Hi All This site has popped up in far too many Google searches when I've been researching my GT6 rescue project for me not to finally join in! Currently working on the said GT6 with the original intention of keeping it a fairly standard drivers car but with a few little improvements. Rebuilt cylinder head, girling servo, master cylinders, dash wiring, 175CD carbs, electronic points replacement and suchlike. However due to the current engine bottom end woes and a spare 2500 lump up t'barn it's looking like the standardish intent is being eroded somewhat! Have enjoyed a lot of your time spent and comments posted on various triumph topics, a veritable wealth of information indeed. Hope to join in myself soon.