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  1. Reminds me of an old Monty Python Sketch ( between an Englishman and a Frenchman if I Recall correctly) Brian
  2. John Great to hear some positive news about the NHS treatment. I've always held the view that medicine is not an exact science and medical staff work hard and to the best of their abilities to effectively treat patients. Unfortunately todays society has in some cases too high an expectation from medical staff, in some cases promoted by lawyers and the media ( good news is not news). The sad thing is that politicians and NHS management are incapable of supporting the front line as they should do. Brian
  3. 3A could it be a Triumph Sorry couldn't resist Brian
  4. BrianR

    Nissan 350z

    Pinky Will the management let you play with it as it should be played with or insist on riding shotgun to make sure you behave Bri
  5. BrianR


    Gents I have received a reply from the MT on rule4.1.14 as promised. Quote; The discussion of candidates proposals prior to an AGM should not be allowed on the forum. To explain the logic: It is fair for candidates to post their views on the club future etc, as they would in TR Action but it is not fair that candidates get discussed by 3rd parties on a club forum. people can do what they like on Sideways, Facebook etc, but the club must be seen to give all candidates a fair opportunity. Many candidates don't use the forum so may not choose to post anything or take the
  6. BrianR


    JohnD, Personally I would hope that any slagging off would be dealt with by the moderators so can understand your comments. I have emailed Mick Forey our MT contact for clarification on what is and is not permissible and also if an area for direct questions and answers between members and candidates could be made available. As for communication from forum members to the MT and back, we have been promised that any question passed to the MT via the forum coordinators will receive an answer and relayed back to the forum member. As I am not on the Management Team I'm afraid that is the b
  7. BrianR


    The answer to rule 4.1.14 is not an easy one to answer swiftly. Our original proposal was for removal of this rule ,but in doing so the MT felt that it could see a return to the unpleasant slagging off between candidates or their supporters that has happened in the past. As this would be inclined to prevent prospective new candidates from coming forward it was thought better to offer some form of protection from abuse. The forum does now have a means of communication via the coordinators that did not exist before and there is a communication pathway via the office. I will pass on your co
  8. BrianR


    Hi Roger, to follow on from Tim " we missed it" . As it was part of the original rules and nobody flagged it up at the time I certainly missed it and probably the rest of us too. As Alec's Inn had already found its own level with tech and non tech banter it didn't stand out. I must eat more carrots or something to sharpen my eyesight Bri
  9. BrianR


    John, There have been changes to the forum rules that have been presented to the MT and approved by them so things have happened . The Forum Team does not have access to the forum software that allows these changes to be posted on the site . Until Wayne has had time to do his work they will not be viewable on the forum. This being the case we felt it better not to publish them until this has been done as there would be two conflicting sets of rules in the public domain causing confusion and argument. There has been five months of negotiation/consultation to get this far ,so surely a
  10. BrianR


    Following on from John ,the e-mail address for our consultation is still active and anyone wishing to contact us on that is more than welcome and I'm sure one of us will try and explain what is happening . Darren's situation was not part of our remit for this exercise therefore we had no influence on it, which does not mean we were unconcerned about the whole situation but had to concentrate on the job in hand. As Roger and Janner have said the best way to achieve any change within the club is to work from within to try and influence management's thinking. Better still formulate the
  11. BrianR


    John and Peter, While those two rules have not been totally removed they have been changed to allow more freedom , we can only hope it is enough for you all. We have not published the rule change document that was presented to the MT so as not to cause confusion until Wayne has had chance to update the forum site. Hopefully this will be completed soon Brian
  12. I would hope that the powers that be have a little common sense and not ban all aerobatic display's but if deemed necessary restrict them to professional /air force teams. These pilots are constantly under training and health checks throughout their tour of duty and I believe the length of time they fly is controlled. To me it would seem logical that these pilots are much better equipped to withstand and recognise the onset of G force issues than the older privateers who fly these privately owned planes. Bri
  13. Excuse the typo Gary Goswell Bri
  14. Andy To date no mention of Barry Boswell or his passing has appeared in TRR circles. Not a Person I knew of personally but should have been given some recognition. Brian
  15. As a PS to my last post. I believe the MT have their first full meeting tomorrow and have a lot to get through, so we are hoping they will schedule in some time for the forum at the following meeting. Not an ideal time frame for some I know but out of our control. Brian
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