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  1. Hi Vicky. my list would be: Fast Road 83 Cam , K&Ns, Sports Manifold twin exhaust, 3:63 diff, O/D, Full Width Radiator inc screens,, Electrical Fan, Oil Cooler, Slightly Lower & uprate front springs and shocks, uprate anti - roll bar, rear spring, 165/80 on 5J - ( personal opinion is that they've more feel than 175/70 .. but honestly IMHO quality 155's are fine) EBC Brake Discs, .not a lot !!! .. these are the principle differences between my Yellow MKIV 1500 and my first stock Tahiti 1500 Spitfire - ... worlds apart.... ooh and a quality motolita type steering wheel - it adds the feel of something special. Welcome to the Sister's Squadron.
  2. Hi Thanks all - Roger I like your idea as none of the suggestions to date are exactly right - although I'm not sure how I'd compensate you for your time and effort ... so I think for c £15 I'll give oldtuckunder's MGA style rocker cover knurled fixings a try and see if they sleeve inside the Rocker cover and can be mated with a ring of gasket material or cork washer to provide a secure sealed fit. Hamish's things are even more blingy and may sit too proud to close the bonnet I'll report back..
  3. Yes - seduced by the broad square masculine lines - the way he sat, - a prouder stance - a former glory - yes, Sidney caught my eye.. But when he came he was short of both nuts - he'd all the looks but couldn't deliver... Yes I'm talking about my SAH Rocker cover - I've tried but cannot help him find his nuts - flat topped, bright plated cap nuts the brochure said .. but it seems Sidney is destined to stay forever sans nuts - sad, forlorn & impotent in the corner of my garage. There must be some aging engineer out there who can empathise with poor Sid - please lend a hand and help him find his Mojo.
  4. I'm almost certainly now going to have her transported back - seems to save a lot of potential hassle and by the time buses, trains, flights, hotels, meals, taxis & time are factored in quite comparatively priced. I'll update all on the full story once this particular chapter of Classic Car adventures is finished.
  5. Hi - maybe I could phone you if I run into problems. - I'll pm my mobile & email address
  6. Hi all thanks for comments so - far - love the video and others' stories. Car is coming from Belgium and the nascent Idea is to drive it home on his Insurance and plates -( as Belgium plates are issued to the person they then need posted back immediately I garage it here )- but not sure if insurance is valid after the car is sold - ie technically mine.... will be phoning Hagerty - again!
  7. Cheers John !! So cash is better than bank etc ? - I like the sound of the guy - he seems genuine - but don't you all! ... maybe a silverback Gorilla doesn't have the same fears!
  8. Why oh why do I put myself through the worry - when I don't know what I'm doing? HELP! - I think I've found a really nice RHD car in Europe and I've agreed to buy pending inspection / test drive. Please can anyone that's driven this road before me - hold my hand and walk me through the does & don'ts Money transfer, Insurance, Driving her home, Documents - there's just such a heap more to consider on top of the usual stress of buying a valuable old car!! - For sure for those with budgets bigger than ours you just let the agents and businesses do their stuff - but this is a private sale between two individuals. Happy for everyone's six -pennorthworth but ideally would love to chat with anyone that's confident and experienced in making such transactions as reassuring, easy and worry free as possible for both parties. Thanks Nuala
  9. Hi my daughter works for this outfit: https://www.airtoolservices.co.uk/ ... contact Craig Foy or Darren Proffitt - for advice 01772 557700
  10. Now there's an idea - a SF - tour! .... My suggestion is Leige - Sofia - Liege ... too long? ..., hmm maybe.... How about - a Sideways LeJog?? Lowestoft to Ardnamurchan - for both the "Soft & 'Ard" ??
  11. How many Curlew & Lapwing do you now hear as we speed through the gorge? I remember the opening of the M6 allowed us to avoid the trudge over Stainmore to Scotch Corner- and made the route to Luton for family holidays on the Costa Bravo so much quicker - ... perhaps it's time we built a frontier across the Lune once more.!
  12. Here you go John - read the good, the bad and the sometimes positively ugly ! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g4212583-d543000-Reviews-Royal_Oak_Hotel-Rosthwaite_Borrowdale_Keswick_Lake_District_Cumbria_England.html#REVIEWS er... and a bald faced plug - 10% Discount off DB&B for any Sideways Forum users booking and quoting "Sideways"
  13. The cost of litigation, and more importantly the disruption to the lives of traders and customers alike, of serious conflict, make it all the more important for there to be easily accessible and reliable reviews. While as a small hotel owner I sometimes feel like setting up a site to "blacklist" troublesome guests - on the whole, Trip Advisor type sites do provide a mutual benefit in the hospitality sector. Too often poor reviews occur because there is a mismatch between the expectations of the customer and the service "normally" provided by the establishment. In general I feel frequently used review sites do make it easier to keep both sides Honest. Classic car enthusiasts with limited skills or experience seem too frequently at the mercy of traders - there are just too few of any marque specialists - for the hapless customer to risk complaining too loudly ( " where will I go if I upset my local garage!" ) - or perhaps as the above poster says - we are too ashamed to admit when we have been taken for a ride. Rather than fearing being implicated in a libel case - I think the custodians of sites like this are in an excellent position to develop a reliable review platform - where traders & customers can share their experiences of one another.
  14. Hang on a minute Nick - while it is true TRE have been in touch - I wouldnt go so far as to applaud their customer relationship skills. Our conversation amounted to a mini lecture in which I was instructed as to why it was all the original engine builders fault and not theirs. Why if I'd spent more money the problem wouldn't have occurred. Had I bereted a guest at my hotel for posting a considered review on Trip Advisor with the same hubris and lack of empathy I would be expecting a visit from the director of our regional tourist board. Perhaps, unlike the hospitality sector - within the motor trade the customer is never right! If A guest returns a corked bottle of wine - I don't tell them it's my vintners fault -I replace the bottle FOC- try to get to the bottom of what went wrong - take ownership of the problem and endeavour to finish the exchange in a manner that will hopefully leave the guest satisfied that their grievance has been heard and understood & willing to return. I do concede that No one wants to be held to ransom - & acknowledge that misunderstandings and dissatisfactions do often have two sides to them. However, While I do appreciate this forum is primarily for the discussion of engineering issues - I shared my experiences on a topic board entitled "Rantings" in good faith. If we end up feeling censured in what we share on sites like this - where can we go?
  15. GT6 "Breadvan"! - nobody is as scathing about a Ferrari with similar looks ! - I ask the question - why? Michelotti was a genius of design - and the GT6 has such beautiful lines it makes one wonder what the object of the exercise was.
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