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  1. Hi Phil - Glad to see you've requisitioned the kitchen scullery since your return. Re above Mike Papworth fitted a 2nd o/d inhibitor switch for me on my MKII Spitfire to give o/d on 2nd -- this really helps fill a gap between 2nd & 3rd where the little 1147 was either screaming it's self silly on long inclines or would bog down & fail to pull in 3rd. I retained the column switch and get a real buzz choreographing the finger flicks changing up from o/d2 to std3. I assume TT want to retain original appearance - but the above mod is under the tunnel & a really sweat little tool in mo
  2. I think The Golden Spanner award goes to Nick. 0.020" if set not quite on the crest of the lobe can easily be 0.025"+ - More accurate setting ... ( must refit one of those solenoids with a button ) with a smaller gap does indeed now allow it to rev to 5000. although it's much much better it still has difficulty holding 5000 rpm .... Dropping back periodically. so now that's been understood perhaps I'll start again & try to refit my luminition ignition kit that TRE disconnected. See if that will facilitate good ignition at even higher revs .....To be continued. Thank
  3. tappets set to 0.014" & were all pretty good. Head re torqued & oil changed by TRE @ 500 miles - Cam - a TR Enterprise Special ??? - its a rally / sprint profile and pulls all the way up from 2000k to its now rev limited 4k! ... but was easily pulling to >5k before I meddled ( albeit with the worrying characteristic of the clashy sound so reminiscent of the head that had the springs bore themselves in ) Incidentally I needed to change points as the LT lead got wrapped around the dizzy spindle wedging between the points heel and cam lob snapping off the heel !!! Points set at
  4. ok - shame faced admission time - could the tiny teenie weenie washer beneath the points pivot securing post ... that may have dropped into the dizzy....be fouling the springs or weights???
  5. My new GT6 engine is still having a few problems bedding in. After 1500 miles I began to get a clashy clatter at high revs & high rpm - tappet check and change of points since I can now not really get back to testing if the clatter has gone because above 4000 rpm the engine begins to misfire and won't now hardly rev above 4000 rpm - it becomes rough and increasing misfires. Not sure where to start - as I'm loathed to make things worse - particularly as below 4k rpm it's very crisp. Known issue is slight wear on the throttle spindle bushes - can any here suggest a logical se
  6. Thanks Nick - They're actually considering re-manufacturing! They need OEM part number - I've only been able to supply the number from Moss catalogue ...so if any have an original parts book it would be good to forward correct part # if available.
  7. Although some suppliers list this as still available others don't. I've heard that many have found recent supplies are just not the correct moulding to offer a good seal - nor apparently is the finishing strip considered any good. In each case poor profiles result in loose fitment. Have any here advice as to how to adapt what is commercially available or how to effect an effective seal that doesn't offend sensibilities. Better still, has anyone NOS or good 2nd hand squirreled away that could be bought with love and money?
  8. Me too ! - Guess you'll be calling the engine Buzz !
  9. Note the rear tail lamps - Type L549 - smaller, neater cheaper and more secure than the OEM Type L672 ... oh dear ... this sounds awfully nerdy! ... however the type the Lemans Cars ran are less prone to being knocked & broken as you squeeze by the tail of your wee Spitfire as she's crowded into the garage !
  10. Any larger capacity master cylinders with canted reservoirs? I'm not sure what the bore's should be but one of my early Spifires is in effect running a small clutch cylinder on the brake lines!
  11. Not been here for a while but when clever engineers resort to card games - you know the isolation fatigue is setting in. Here is a different sort of game: It's called Project Apollo 13 ! Imagine you are brilliant engineers siting in a distant command & control centre and the mission depends on your resourcefulness and ability to motivate and explain....Think of it a little like Houston talking to a stricken luna module... except this mission dwells in three garages and a cottage in tranquil and serene Borrowdale This is a project I barely know where to start with... I've an ex Jigsaw
  12. https://acm.mc/en/edition/rallye-monte-carlo-historique-edition-2020/ Here is the link to the event info from this years edition. By tradition it begins a week after the WRC Monte Carlo Rally season opener. This year we departed Glasgow on January 29th - and I think the Historique finished in Monaco on the evening of 3rd of January. There's plenty of footage on Youtube and blogs etc to read via FB and the like. Only Three Triumphs entered in 2020 - both the GT6 & TR3 finished but sadly the UK crew in a replica Triumph 2000 failed 3/4 through with a blown engine. The french f
  13. Monte Classique >>> Monte Historique - several of you will know my enthusiasm for driving Triumphs far exceeds my technical abilities to maintain them - and so it is a quandary how I would progress from doing a mere tour to giving the Full Monte a spirited go! How far does your love of spannering take you? Is it from the kitchen kettle to the back of the workshop - but not much further? I know some of you do circuits but the number of these events seem fewer than before.... Would any of you consider trundling around in a van - half lost in France with the aim of keeping my Spitfir
  14. Cheers - Just found Westfield Fastners: https://www.westfieldfasteners.co.uk/A2_ScrewBolt_HexHd_UNCoarse0.3125_THRfull.html thanks
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