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  1. Hi my daughter works for this outfit: https://www.airtoolservices.co.uk/ ... contact Craig Foy or Darren Proffitt - for advice 01772 557700
  2. Greta

    10CR 2019 - who is in?

    Now there's an idea - a SF - tour! .... My suggestion is Leige - Sofia - Liege ... too long? ..., hmm maybe.... How about - a Sideways LeJog?? Lowestoft to Ardnamurchan - for both the "Soft & 'Ard" ??
  3. How many Curlew & Lapwing do you now hear as we speed through the gorge? I remember the opening of the M6 allowed us to avoid the trudge over Stainmore to Scotch Corner- and made the route to Luton for family holidays on the Costa Bravo so much quicker - ... perhaps it's time we built a frontier across the Lune once more.!
  4. Here you go John - read the good, the bad and the sometimes positively ugly ! https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g4212583-d543000-Reviews-Royal_Oak_Hotel-Rosthwaite_Borrowdale_Keswick_Lake_District_Cumbria_England.html#REVIEWS er... and a bald faced plug - 10% Discount off DB&B for any Sideways Forum users booking and quoting "Sideways"
  5. The cost of litigation, and more importantly the disruption to the lives of traders and customers alike, of serious conflict, make it all the more important for there to be easily accessible and reliable reviews. While as a small hotel owner I sometimes feel like setting up a site to "blacklist" troublesome guests - on the whole, Trip Advisor type sites do provide a mutual benefit in the hospitality sector. Too often poor reviews occur because there is a mismatch between the expectations of the customer and the service "normally" provided by the establishment. In general I feel frequently used review sites do make it easier to keep both sides Honest. Classic car enthusiasts with limited skills or experience seem too frequently at the mercy of traders - there are just too few of any marque specialists - for the hapless customer to risk complaining too loudly ( " where will I go if I upset my local garage!" ) - or perhaps as the above poster says - we are too ashamed to admit when we have been taken for a ride. Rather than fearing being implicated in a libel case - I think the custodians of sites like this are in an excellent position to develop a reliable review platform - where traders & customers can share their experiences of one another.
  6. Hang on a minute Nick - while it is true TRE have been in touch - I wouldnt go so far as to applaud their customer relationship skills. Our conversation amounted to a mini lecture in which I was instructed as to why it was all the original engine builders fault and not theirs. Why if I'd spent more money the problem wouldn't have occurred. Had I bereted a guest at my hotel for posting a considered review on Trip Advisor with the same hubris and lack of empathy I would be expecting a visit from the director of our regional tourist board. Perhaps, unlike the hospitality sector - within the motor trade the customer is never right! If A guest returns a corked bottle of wine - I don't tell them it's my vintners fault -I replace the bottle FOC- try to get to the bottom of what went wrong - take ownership of the problem and endeavour to finish the exchange in a manner that will hopefully leave the guest satisfied that their grievance has been heard and understood & willing to return. I do concede that No one wants to be held to ransom - & acknowledge that misunderstandings and dissatisfactions do often have two sides to them. However, While I do appreciate this forum is primarily for the discussion of engineering issues - I shared my experiences on a topic board entitled "Rantings" in good faith. If we end up feeling censured in what we share on sites like this - where can we go?
  7. Greta

    GT6... ish

    GT6 "Breadvan"! - nobody is as scathing about a Ferrari with similar looks ! - I ask the question - why? Michelotti was a genius of design - and the GT6 has such beautiful lines it makes one wonder what the object of the exercise was.
  8. No John - I collected the car from them in early 2017 and by the time I'd done Ilkley & Leukaemia Rallies she was gnashing like something out of the Beano < 2000 miles and the damage was done. It didn't help that neither TR Enterprises or I spotted woeful crank end float that also trashed the block - on stripping it looked like a thrust washer had dropped not long after the engine had been rebuilt - lying pristine in the sump - one lives and learns. TR maintained that the wobbly crank caused the valve spring grinding - but a) they should have spotted the endfloat problem & b) I still don't understand the mechanism by which this may have occured. I'm not even sure why they changed the springs in the first instance - as those in the engine were < 10k old - specced & fitted by Jigsaw. Hopefully picking up the eponymous "Greta" on Friday and hope to share results of the fresh engines' Rolling Road readouts next week - will be interesting to compare against Red Roosters post.
  9. All these tales of woe - suggest that what the classic car community really needs is a "Trip Advisor" style review facility. Centralised reports on the experiences of customers at various establishments. As some will know I've had my own share of bad experiences. As a small hotel owner I know how review sites work from the receiving end! Sure you will get the odd difficult customer that expects everything for nothing and then will complain long and loudly at being mistreated - but you'll also get the glowing support of loyal customers singing your praises from the tree tops. Savvy would be punters learn to discount the best, ignore the worst and get a feel for the established reputation of the outfit in which they are spending money and ( in the case of our cars) - sometimes investing heavily. What such review sites have done is focus businesses' on treating customers fairly. Mistakes do occur - that's life - most of us accept that - what is important is how mistakes and mis understandings are resolved. For instance - I had work done by TR Enterprises a couple of years ago which resulted in the trashing of a perfectly good cylinder head. Although I don't know exactly how it happened - it seems that following a recommisioning exercise the valve springs ( which they replaced and charged me for ) became bound and bored themselves into the head ( no valve spring seats fitted ). Despite good communication and friendly service I was left with a ruined head and absolutely no recompense. I've hesitated naming and shaming - particularly as there are relatively few Triumph specialists with such well established reputations - I just cannot get over the feeling that I was let down. Have the tech savvy IT wallahs here got the nowse to create a review facility?
  10. Thanks - one potential customer now forewarned.
  11. Greta


    Hi Ian, as you say a monster tomb! Well done for wading through his various blog posts. Can you briefly précis the guys' argument against 20/50 - I'd naively assumed that we all knew it was inferior but needed to continue to use it because the heat disipation and clearance tolerances of older engines necessitated it? I'm interested to know what - in the light of the guy's research - you'd suggest we use in: Needs to be readily available in UK. a) Newly rebuilt engines & b) old engines with unknown mileage?
  12. Greta

    The Red Shed

    Great to see you make a big start - just don't let the Red Shed succumb to the same fate as kinkySpit !
  13. ... anyone fancy going back to JoG in the depths of winter? Oh - thought not! Anyway - just had through from Douglas Andersen my Monte News Flash He is the guy in Scotland who's Herald Coupe leads off the UK start of The Monte Carlo Historique / Classique Rally each year. As a side show they run a UK only tour as a precurser ( warm up / swell the numbers ) tour - and this year it runs from JoG to Aberdeen - Clydebank & Dumfries. Last year I did the last section in my (JJ Thuner tribute to be) Spitfire 4 and would love to do this rather longer tour in January coming. My main job will be to try to fit and enhance a new wiring loom to take a dynamator to boost a couple of Lucas Spots It would be great if several Monte Carlo Rally related Triumphs / Standards could also attend. I just thought that on the back of RBRR I could perhaps pique a little crazy interest. I've asked Phil but he has yet to confirm his sailing schedule. MONTE NEWS FLASH HERITAGE EDITION.docx
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