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  1. Great thanks John - seems like I should allow 3mm for every 90 degree bend. As I'm mounting the clock bracket in front of the navigator on a new full width dash but also trying to keep the taller front facia of the box proud of the dash top - yet keep the whole unit slim enough not to intrude the cabin ( map boards etc etc ) ... and I don't currently have enough scrap sheet to make a MKII - I'd like to try to get it right from the off. And btw - isn't it great that all such things have already been worked out by some one.
  2. Advice Please I want to make a small box section with Magnetic feet on which to mount my analogue Stopwatches so the unit is fixable and removable to/from my rally dash. On paper - its fairly simple to measure the sequence of rectangular sections that I'll progressively fold - however in making a thick cardboard mock-up it seems that I need to account for a "x" measurement that will disappear into the radius of each fold! Does anyone have experience on how much should be allowed for each fold. I'll be using 1-2mm sheet steel to make my box. ( I'm not bothering to close the ends as this will allow spanner access to tighten nuts etc. Thanks
  3. Well ! - I'm glad that stirred up a hornets nest of opinions... I believe that the science of Global Warming / Climate Change is now irrefutable - it is just a matter of both personal opinion & collective action what our future holds. We either carry on regardless or begin to modify our behaviour. I'm not wanting to spoil anyone's fun - just prompting all to consider what they / we can or should do? I hear those that are sceptical about the efficacy of Carbon Offset schemes but have gained a little insight with the help of our own UK Woodlands Trust ... charity begins at home! Your calculations look pretty robust – just check 1,000 = £3.75 so 1 mile = 0.375p so if you want to round to your generous figure of 1p/mile that’s fine. 0.25 tonnes of Carbon per 1000 miles driven – then ……. 1 tonne CO2 = 4000 miles 1 tonne CO2 = £15 0.25 tonnes = £3.75 1000 miles = £3.75 1 mile = 0.375p On their authority an average car generates about 1 tonne of CO2 every 1000 miles - at these rates of Carbon Offset - I'm sure we can all consider making donations towards planting & conserving UK Woodlands. I hope to be able to develop a scheme by which we can together begin to make a difference. If anyone else is interested in helping me further this initiative please do get in touch.
  4. Thanks Nick - I'll give it a go - the car is new to me and I'm expecting a few fails and advisories but good to do things I can spot. It's a fairly easy way for me to create a "job list" ... expect a few more questions !
  5. Just a quickie I'm trying to fix a leaking Brake Master Cylinder prior to a MOT - I've had limited success in servicing them in the past ... ended up with binding brakes as the piston chamber would never completely depressurize. Anyway - I have three spare brake master cylinders - non of which fit my MKIII Spitfire without fouling the corner of the wiper motor - after market replacements all seem to come with a huge plastic reservoir. - They won't therefore seat flat on the bulk head. I see no quick way of fabricating a modification to the Wiper Motor mountings without radically altering the alignment of the activating mechanism. However, I do have a large bore clutch master cylinder ... although the reservoir is smaller than the standard BMC ( it therefore fits !! ) am I legal to use this - or will such a set up also fail an MOT ??
  6. Is it time those of us that rack up some high mileages in our Classic Cars begin making voluntary Carbon Offset payments? Very roughly a medium sized petrol car contributes about 0.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere every 1000 miles we drive - at current rates of offset that equates to about £7.50 - £10 ... or very approximately 1 pence / mile. Given the other costs we happily incur indulging our driving pleasures, fuel, oil, insurance, parts, labour, polish even ... this doesn't seem too onerous a "tax" ! What do forum members think? Given the recently announced "Climate Emergency" should we begin to voluntarily make payments ( before they are imposed upon us ) ... or just carry on regardless? There are several schemes already running should you have a urgent need to salve your conscience - but I wonder whether it would be fun to pair with a UK charity to contribute towards our own initiative. Canlet Forest Park anyone? Everyones six penno'thworth welcome. Nuala
  7. Greta


  8. Name: JJT Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2019-03-30 Submitter: Greta JJT
  9. Hi Vicky. my list would be: Fast Road 83 Cam , K&Ns, Sports Manifold twin exhaust, 3:63 diff, O/D, Full Width Radiator inc screens,, Electrical Fan, Oil Cooler, Slightly Lower & uprate front springs and shocks, uprate anti - roll bar, rear spring, 165/80 on 5J - ( personal opinion is that they've more feel than 175/70 .. but honestly IMHO quality 155's are fine) EBC Brake Discs, .not a lot !!! .. these are the principle differences between my Yellow MKIV 1500 and my first stock Tahiti 1500 Spitfire - ... worlds apart.... ooh and a quality motolita type steering wheel - it adds the feel of something special. Welcome to the Sister's Squadron.
  10. Hi Thanks all - Roger I like your idea as none of the suggestions to date are exactly right - although I'm not sure how I'd compensate you for your time and effort ... so I think for c £15 I'll give oldtuckunder's MGA style rocker cover knurled fixings a try and see if they sleeve inside the Rocker cover and can be mated with a ring of gasket material or cork washer to provide a secure sealed fit. Hamish's things are even more blingy and may sit too proud to close the bonnet I'll report back..
  11. Yes - seduced by the broad square masculine lines - the way he sat, - a prouder stance - a former glory - yes, Sidney caught my eye.. But when he came he was short of both nuts - he'd all the looks but couldn't deliver... Yes I'm talking about my SAH Rocker cover - I've tried but cannot help him find his nuts - flat topped, bright plated cap nuts the brochure said .. but it seems Sidney is destined to stay forever sans nuts - sad, forlorn & impotent in the corner of my garage. There must be some aging engineer out there who can empathise with poor Sid - please lend a hand and help him find his Mojo.
  12. I'm almost certainly now going to have her transported back - seems to save a lot of potential hassle and by the time buses, trains, flights, hotels, meals, taxis & time are factored in quite comparatively priced. I'll update all on the full story once this particular chapter of Classic Car adventures is finished.
  13. Hi - maybe I could phone you if I run into problems. - I'll pm my mobile & email address
  14. Hi all thanks for comments so - far - love the video and others' stories. Car is coming from Belgium and the nascent Idea is to drive it home on his Insurance and plates -( as Belgium plates are issued to the person they then need posted back immediately I garage it here )- but not sure if insurance is valid after the car is sold - ie technically mine.... will be phoning Hagerty - again!
  15. Cheers John !! So cash is better than bank etc ? - I like the sound of the guy - he seems genuine - but don't you all! ... maybe a silverback Gorilla doesn't have the same fears!
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