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  1. Thanks, I had it right and the ignition is fine.
  2. Yes, I just need to confirm the fitment and I'll order a set, £100 for six is reasonable.
  3. Thanks chaps, I've bought a sensor like the one above, will get round to doing something with it when the car's on the road again.
  4. The injectors appear to be: "Genuine Bosch EV14 injector 350cc/min compact extended. Single spray with a 20 degree included angle cone. Good for 250 BHP in a 4 cylinder engine or 63 BHP per cylinder at 3 bar" I need to open up one of the TB's to confirm they are the extended ones, if so I have found a source of similar model 237cc @ 3Bar injectors at a good price and will get a set of those. When I ordered the TB's from Emerald I did ask their advice and they didn't raise any concerns over the injector sizing, it's rather annoying to have spend more on another set.
  5. Turns out there is a contradiction between the wiring list supplied and the K6 manual, once I moved the O2 sensor input wire to the correct terminal the readings improved significantly, I can't get it to run in closed-loop or adaptive mode though, despite a lot of tinkering with the parameters. Another issue I have is with the low injector use &, they are idling around 3%and only getting up to c. 8% with higher RPM, I spoke with Jenvey at the NEC today and they suggested I try 250cc injectors, not an expense I'm keen on having only recently bought these TB's complete with injectors, note that Jenvey have only offered a smaller size for a month or so. Perhaps I can find some S/H Bosch 250 cc injectors.
  6. I should add that there are settings for this controller supplied by Emerald, there doesn't seem to be any way to edit the settings however, I'll take it up with Emerald.
  7. I have my TR6 engine running with the Emerald K6 ECU & Jenvey Throttle bodies, my AFR is really rich at idle, c. 11. I have a spartan wideband controller connected but the ECU shows it as a simple O2 sensor, I manually select wideband controller but there is no option to write the change back to the ECU, any thoughts?
  8. Thanks Iain, I have sent you a PM. Ian
  9. The ECU is supplied with a map but the car isn't running yet, only half the wiring done and the fuel plumbing is taking a long time.
  10. The labels have been removed and I've put some clip on ones on, they now reflect reality.
  11. Mine is an Emerald ECU, theirs is Omex, we will see how it goes.
  12. Thanks Nick, that makes sense, I should have pointed out that the red leads are on my car, the blue leads are the Racestorations car, hopefully all will be work, still some way off being ready to fire it up. Ian
  13. Can anyone confirm if the plug lead configuration on the set of blue leads below is correct? This is a Racestorations car, I have just received a set of plug leads (red ones) from them and they simply won't fit if I follow their wire numbers, I have managed to fit them based on size but I want to confirm that I have connected them properly given the numbers are all wrong. Ian
  14. Me neither, but after forking out for the Jenvey Heritage TB's I stopped worrying so much :-(
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