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  1. I saw a beautiful XK Jag that had been converted, he'd even digitised the original engine sound, I have no idea what it cost but externally the car looked mint. It was probably this one given the location https://lunaz.design/production/jaguar-xk120
  2. Ah right, I am familiar with GT, the PS/SP is just a coincidence then. The PS character was rude about people fitting MX5 seats on FB whilst he's turned his car into a total frankenTR with electrification and curious headlights, he didn't react well to that being pointed out.
  3. He’s PS, are you his alter ego on here?
  4. He paid to have it done, partially funded by the Austrian Government, nothing classic about an EV, best off on a dedicated forum I’d suggest. I wouldn’t want to attract the Austrian guy as he’s disparaging about other people’s modifications whilst being a zealot about his own.
  5. iani


    Quite easy in military helicopters, there are so many warning lights & hydraulic fluid leaks to watch due to the absence of trim panels to hide them.
  6. If you're looking to use an IACV and feed the air in via the circled areas, or via tappings below the standard ports as suggested above, you would then the rear air valve would be superfluous and you could use that as the take off point for the MAP.
  7. My TR6 is now on the road, running on an Emerald K6 ECU & Jenvey Heritage TB's, I'd like to thank all those who contributed to my requests for assistance on here and elsewhere. Ian
  8. The idle control is currently using only the IACV which gives a target RPM based on a table set by Emerald.nThe "Idle stabilisation using Ignition advance" is currently disabled, one of Emerald's documents states to leave this disabled whilst tuning, I might try it out to see if it improves things.
  9. They remote into your pc, connected to the ECU, car was in the garage though, not driving.
  10. I haven't set it up Iain, Emerald did it remotely, that said, they did it before I sorted the air leaks, the O2 readings are much more stable now so they might need to do it again.
  11. I had some assistance today, we improved the exhaust pipe joints, the one near the collector wasn't on far enough, it moved forward by another 1.5cm or so. we then cleaned & refitted the O2 sensor before rebalancing the TB's. I've just driven the car for 25 miles, for most of that time it ran ok, I'm still running in a new engine so keeping the RPM down and not labouring the car. The O2 showed as being on the lean side most of the time, improving under load when it would hover around 14.7 +/1 0.5 or so. There didn't seem to be a lot of power available however, I would describe the throttle response as rather flat, when I came onto local roads on the way home it wasn't idling well either and I've put the car back in the garage now, I don't know where I go from here with it, I'm not sure it's up to a drive to Emerald. I am going to try another decent O2 sensor, I'll get one from 14.7 to match the controller, I may well have knackered the original by having wired it up incorrectly.
  12. The documentation for the Spartan 2 controller states: "Grounding is very important, Spartan 2's black wire (electronics ground) should be grounded where the MegaSquirt ECU is grounded, Spartan 2's white wire (Wideband Sensor Heater Ground) should be grounded to the chassis far away from where the black wire is grounded. The white wire carries upto 3 Amps and if grounds are not properly chosen, it can cause very large ground offset errors. " We have two wires then, following the Emerald insructions: Black - should go to where ECU is grounded (This is battery Earth for the Emerald ECU) White - should be grounded "far away from where the black wire is grounded" on the Emerald ECU this connects to an Earth wire from the ECU, ultimately looped back to battery ECU as above) Following the Emerald instructions would seem to conflict with the Spartan 2 instructions regarding a separate Earth and it being "far away" Has anyone else come across this? how have you Earthed your Spartan? Ian
  13. I compared the ECU reading from the manifold collector with my LM-2 reading from the tailpipe today, not a million miles off each other and my readings are much better than they were previously. I'm running in a new engine, I've smelt the oil and I don't smell fuel from it, hopefully all is ok.
  14. I was aware of this issue, I had a blob of weld added to one end of each clamp to help them reach, when I refitted the manifolds today I observed that the inlet was actually thicker than the exhaust, for some reason I had fitted the clamps the other way round last time. Hopefully the seal is better this time round.
  15. Thanks Tom, unfortunately they aren't the easiest to buy from online, I'm not going through this nonsense of someone calling me to take card details. I've just fitted a thicker gasket from Revingtons this afternoon, the idle has improved and the AFR, although not constant, is certainly not quite as wild as it was before. I will check the exhaust joints over the weekend and see if there's any leakage through there.
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