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  1. Pogo

    Is there room for one more?

    But Peter - it's not the paint (is it Hammerite?) or brush marks that you look at when you see (or hear) your car!
  2. Pogo

    Is there room for one more?

    Pete I've always been a little disappointed that they stopped the Wooden Spoon Award. Roger
  3. Pogo

    Hello from Devon

    Hi Iain Good to see you over here. Roger PS - love your car!
  4. Pogo

    Is there room for one more?

    Ah - yes. Let me know. Rog
  5. Pogo

    Greetings from Mid-America

    Hi Don Didn't recognise you. Hope the Europe trip went well. Speak to you soon. Rog
  6. Pogo

    Another refugee from the TR Register

    Hi Stan Good to see you over here. Roger
  7. Pogo

    Greeting from Farnham, Surrey

    Well Mr Smith - you've let yourself go since you came out of uniform. Rog
  8. Pogo

    Hello from a sunny but cold Holland

    Hi Menno Just arrived here - great to see you. Hope the meeting with Don went well. Roger
  9. Pogo

    Seeking Refuge Here

    Hi Mike How you doing? Roger
  10. Pogo

    Hello from Warsaw

    Hi Paul Good to see you over here. Roger
  11. Pogo

    Hello from a cold Lancashire.

    Hi Dave Didn't recognise you using your 'proper' name. Just arrive here myself. Speak to you soon. Roger
  12. Hi Brian Only just got here myself. Good to see you again! Roger
  13. Pogo

    always a latecomer

    Hi Pete Not as late as me, but I'm here now. Roger
  14. Pogo

    Is there room for one more?

    Hi Andrew Pontefract isn't that close to us - 80 miles away, but if you're passing on your way let me know and I'll put the kettle on (although I would think you'll just go up the M1). Speak to you soon. I am thinking/hoping to start the book soon! Rog
  15. Pogo

    Is there room for one more?

    Thanks folks. Lots of familiar faces and names. Rat look is going well, although under a cover in my garage at the moment waiting for me to get my finger out and do a couple of little things to it. Hamish - I have a TR6 and a TR2 (the rat that Peter mentioned). I'm in Cuddington. Had the '6 out yesterday. I needed to 'fix' the washer switch after is decided to pack up in the day of the MOT last year. Had to rig up a temporary switch and I've been meaning to sort it since. Spent some time on it yesterday. Took the old switch out, tested it and it worked. Wired it back up and it worked. Took it off again, cleaned the contacts to make sure. Put it all back and everything as it should be. Decided to take it on a quick run for some fresh fuel. I love that car! It was a bit cold though so didn't go far. Roger