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  1. Pete Fenlon

    Tr Register

    P Hogan didn't close ATBar, but we all know the man responsible for its closure. Without Doubt. h the Red Tomato is on th e stand at the NEC.
  2. Pete Fenlon

    Is there room for one more?

    Hello Rodger, nice to see your post, my rat look motor is third division compared to yours, Andrew should start a Rats Ar-e section, to rival the concourse boy's.
  3. Pete Fenlon

    TR6 wiper p[ark fault

    Thanks Peter will have another look when the frost has cleared off!
  4. My 69 US spec TR6 wiper wiring has been a problem. Now i can switch to slow speed then Fast speed but when I switch off the wipers stop immediately and don't park. I note that on the switch, numbers 123@4 all have connecting cables but 5 has a lead going ????? could this be the problem
  5. Pete Fenlon

    Our tired footie lads

    I read in the morning paper that Manchester City players are "Burnt out" after playing so many matches. They cover about 7 and a bit miles per game, they play about twice a week, they do this for sums of money unimaginable to ordinary people. It seems that the game is so full of mercenaries who care sod all for the club, and only about the salaries they can command. The Drag queen Eddie Izzard ran 43 full length marathons in 54 days. The cyclists on the Tour de France average about 105 miles a day for 3 weeks. The soft sods on the football pitch don't know they are born, they should be payed after the game on the pitch in cash from a Securicor van in Pound notes, and the amount announced to the fans, who would I think then applaud their heroes after the hand over of each £1000.
  6. Pete Fenlon

    First Visit

    Roger thats a "Proper" garage, and in perfect order, I bet you know where everything is. Would love to have a lathe but pretty certain I wouldn't be able to use one, an 8 start thread is hard to achieve I'm told. The only bit I dislike is the GAS canister they scare me to death, its like having a pet unexploded bomb as a pet.................... Got me coat!
  7. Pete Fenlon


    Hello Peter, About time too, I have had a brief gander but will study the post most thoroughly tomorrow. I miss this content on the TRR forum, so glad to find another PC post that will intrigue and most probably Baffle my puny grey cells, but I will learn something I'm sure. thank you.
  8. Pete Fenlon

    always a latecomer

    Thanks very much gentlemen. Peter, the donkeys have wonderful accommodation If cars could talk they would be envious. I would love to build a large wooden garage in the back garden but have severe resistance from my beloved!
  9. Pete Fenlon

    always a latecomer

    Yet another TRR member visiting this to me new forum, in the Manchester area and hope to have my 69 TR6 on the road in late spring/summer. As its an import from California, many TRR members believe its not an original car because it went overseas. To a warm climate where rust is little or none existent. I hope they haven't followed. Pete