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  1. Just need seat foams for a MK1 (Impossible???) and a soft top and we can ride in the rain. anyone have one for sale for a 64 Spit please?
  2. I have great difficulty getting into sideways, when I try and log in it always says wrong password or name, despite telling sideways many many times nought is done?????????????? apparently Pantera prices are tanking, ie dropping, not being a speculator I think its a very good thing, I bought my {Pantera on the proceeds of selling my black TR4) but have spent much time and dosh getting it "better". I should never have sold that 4, it was the BEST restoration I had ever done the only time I found it difficult to drive was on a return trip from the NEC, dark on the M6, LHD doesen
  3. Just seen this on BBC science, makes you think about the speed of UFO's that people have witnessed, we are beginning to emulate the ones who may be light years ahead of us. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47585433
  4. A bit more progress, all chrome work now back from Walsall (no more on that one) car at the paint shop for final prep and getting the unseen bits painted. should be done by the end of the week. the doors screen and boot will be done as and when the painters have time "to fit them in" between other work.
  5. Tim please excuse this late reply but have had lots of problems getting into the Sideways forum, my password they say is wrong, so I change it and I'm in. but the next time I try and sign in I get a message saying wrong Password, I have just bought one from the net but having to get it repaired. sending you a PM.
  6. Yes I agree Alan,I hope that when the parts land they will be worth he expense. Some sad tales there regarding car dealers, all true, I would mention my experience of buying a Citroen XM estate car years ago, by far the worst car I ever bought but the sorry tale would take too long...............
  7. I didnt hand over a deposit. I did send them an E mail complaining about their charges. I had a phone call from the firm from a bloke who told me that they only do correct work, using copper nickel and then chrome, he explained that their materials had increased in price dramatically Nevertheless, they said they would in this case reduce the cost by £530. Quite a difference. I do have the problem that I still think a pound is worth 20 shillings, must try harder.
  8. I sent the bumpers and overriders door handles and headlamp rims for re chroming. It was late last year when I sent the stuff, I called them just before Christmas to ask if the bits were ready, but having staff problems they were going to take more time. I thought the costs would be around the £500 mark. I got a call today from a very nice lady, telling me the parts were now ready and would cost me £35 to transport, after I had paid for the chroming cost which was, £1,541.00 I have queried their charge and await info from them, I should have asked for a
  9. Adrian thanks very much, I shall have a try at buying the one from a well known site we all visit. best Pete
  10. Imported from CA about 6 months ago, I have got the car an MOT and am awaiting its first Reg Number from the DVLA, rust free, well not quite but its not bad at all bodily. have welded 2 sections into the nearside floor, and 2 sill repair sections let in, very small ones though. Decided to have the car repainted and am just in the process of preparing for painting. The bulkhead was very solid but years of brake fluid and wear and tear had taken its toll, so began there one coat on after wearing out about 10 rotary wire brushes, Interestingly the seats where in need of reconditio
  11. Can you explain please Neil, or is it still difficult for you to write more than one liners. Kind regards Peter.
  12. Hello Paul, here are some from the show at the NEC last weekend. Hope you like them. best Pete.
  13. P Hogan didn't close ATBar, but we all know the man responsible for its closure. Without Doubt. h the Red Tomato is on th e stand at the NEC.
  14. Hello Rodger, nice to see your post, my rat look motor is third division compared to yours, Andrew should start a Rats Ar-e section, to rival the concourse boy's.
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