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  1. Sorry Nick, you've reminded me of an electrical incident on my neighbour's roof. We were up there with a power drill and extension cord, fitting something or other, when the 20 foot extension cord started to smoke and then burst into flame. Rushed to the fuse box and turned the power off. Investigation revealed that the short was caused by a nail through the power line during the recent extension, missed the wire by .05 mm, but the current the drill drew melted through that, causing the short. The reason the fuse hadn't blown was because when the floor man had sanded the floor of the extension, to stop the frequent fuse blowing he usually suffered when he started the sander up, he had replaced the fuse with a copper nail. Forgot to replace it with the fuse when he went home.
  2. should have mentioned I have an old vacuum cleaner hooked up to the 'exhaust' outlet, which keeps the visibility good, and probably extends the life of the plastic stuck inside the cabinet lid. Also found 'menu' covers from the stationery store, a cheaper source for the plastic lid protectors, than the real item.
  3. I have a bench mounted set up, sounds like it is smaller than yours. Used it mainly for smaller bits and used glass beads as the medium. Mounted an extra neon tube opposite the one provided and regularly sieved the crud out of the blasting medium. Very handy during the rebuild/restoration. Similar sized compressor, so lots of pauses while the compressor catches up, but if you are retired you don't have to rush.
  4. For quite a while I've been going for an old hand operated clothes wringer with perished off rubber rollers.
  5. wearing a mouthguard might be cheaper than replacing the springs.
  6. As a kid I had a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub with really easy gear changes. There were people round with derailleur 3 speeds, but you had to get the position right to prevent the 'graunching' noises. It was obvious to me that the future lay with SA gears for bikes and that derailleurs didn't have a future. (sigh!)
  7. Did'n know about the hedgehogs in NZ either. But some genius , probably round the same time, introduced the cute little Oz possum to Kiwiland, where they bred like flies. Just about all the power poles there have a tin shield on them, to stop the little blighters climbing up and jiggering the power lines.
  8. Over here the Australian Capital Territory (where I am) and several other states have introduced a refund fee for glass bottle and can returns. I get a small boost to the bank account as a result. At the return centre it is apparent that some people are earning a crust by going round and gathering bottles and cans that have been discarded by those who can't be bothered. When I was a kid (over 70 years ago) there was a deposit return scheme, which we liked as kids, but a dubious genius phased it out at some stage.
  9. I hope the hydrogen powered cars get a go on. Makes more sense to me than 'lectric. Over here people travel enormous distances at holiday time; waiting for the 'lectric to charge (there and back) would consume a fair bit of the holiday.
  10. Santa brought me 'Anzac and Aviator', Story of Ross Smith who did the first flight from England to Australia. Started off in the trenches at Gallipoli then in the Sinai, followed by two years in the air over Palestine. Hadn't realised he had 2 Military Crosses and 3 DFCs, as well as later an AFC and KBE. '
  11. Paul, many thanks for putting that URL up!!
  12. Wonder why they come all that way just to do that????????????? Trying to get a good night's sleep???? Or just for fun?????
  13. get rid of a few keyboards, that'll leave a bit of room. (Should I have more than one???)
  14. not as cute as Peach Bottom - Germany has the town of 'WANK' and the Hamish in PA have 'Intercourse'. The latter does not have to be sexual, but it tends to pop in there automatically.
  15. always wondered if the locals put this one up or whether the road workers hate their job.
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