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  1. Proctoscope

    Suggestions Paul? remove it, clean it off, send it back :-) Steve
  2. Alternator Excitor voltage

    Inreplaced the tired 17acr on my ‘6 with a new 45A 18acr from ebay last spring, the difference is notable. voltage after startup is higher, and the alternator co-es significantly better with wipers, lights etc during ‘summer’ ! mine worked out of the box without any prep. hope you get your’s sorted, sounds faulty to me. steve
  3. Duplex Cam Chain Alignment

    Good point :-)
  4. Duplex Cam Chain Alignment

    Thanks Alan! one day the engine will need to com apart and all will be revealed, notes also refer to forged pistons, ‘con rods as supplied’ and other mysteries..... since the motor runs superbly i’m leaving it well alone until it doesnt :-) steve
  5. Duplex Cam Chain Alignment

    Really interesting thread ! my 1980’s engine notes state clearances of 24th cold, which seems huge to me! i’m unsure what the cam is, there are ‘777’ references in the notes Why would so large a clearance be required/recommended, surely this just reduces the valve lift? steve
  6. Hello from Warsaw

    Happy Birthday from me too Paul! steve
  7. Thanks Paul just went out to collect GF in the D4 big roads ok, but in town it was treacherous! tricky to make it up the slightest gradient and so little grip that braking at all brought in the abs. home safe though and heading to the gym then pub, ON FOOT ! steve
  8. I’d like to know what the temperature cuttoff for winter tyres is, ie what is too hot? have read that 7C is the cutover point, but for local journeys i’m thinking anythin below 10 or even 15c the winter’s will still be good as they wont get too hot. Thoughts? steve
  9. I might actually have been better of in the TR, smaller tyres and also has an LSD, but he’s not moved all week.
  10. My winter tyres didnt help much yesterday, mainly as they are in the summerhouse not on the car ! have ordered a spare set of wheels to fit the Michelin Alpins to, but they’ve not arrived in time. so yesterday took the D4 out for 20 mile round trip on its summer tyres once i made it out of my local road and onto the main road it was actually fine cant match Paul’s speed though, more like 17mph than 170kph :-)
  11. Microfiche

    Nice work Steve!
  12. Just spent 30 mins checking tdc, and the timing marks line up perfectly! car is now basically ready for a rolling road session and then perhaps a trackday or two :-) ive done trackdays on motorbikes, and with Prosche, but never in an old sports car Brands Hatch is nearish and i know the track well, so might look for something there in the spring steve
  13. There is a thin band of rubber Patrick. its a Moss damper , but balanced and maked in the US steve
  14. Sunny again today so took a few hours off to fit the new damper, no need for a diaper change as it all went smoothley ! the new damper fitted like a glove, i thought it might need tapping on but it slid on beautifully. back in with the steering rack, cross tube, radiator and the car fired up just as before, which of course it should as i hadnt changed anything! next i’ll check the new damper’s timing marks against true tdc, and set up the 123tune+ correctly. ’whilst down there’ i fitted new bushes, poly, to the arb...... which turns out to be 7/8” so back to Moss for the correct set.....nice run in the Alpina once all is settled i’m thinking a rolling road setup for the 123tune+ to get the best out of it, And get some numbers :-) steve