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  1. And if that doesnt work try upgrading to the latest version
  2. I use a flux capacitor to even out the sparks, works great right up until 88 mph steve
  3. Good question John! hmm, i’d want something that was fun and fast but also capable of being relaxed, nice but not too showy i’d be tempted to say 911, as i do think that’s the best allrounder to mix things up i’d ideally have a modern recreation of a classic 911, ie a Singer or similar :-) steve
  4. If i recall, the tacho needs 12v, signal and 0v, ie earth perhaps check all are as they should be first ie, the 12v feed is actually 12v 0v/earth is a good earth signal connections solid. so many electrical problems turn out to be ‘dodgy earth’ that it’s always worth checking. i’d probably try a temporary install with 12/0v from the battery and a short trigger wire to the tacho just to check ! steve
  5. You are right Alan, accuracy above 5000 revs important for me not idle :-) interestingly the tacho agrees pretty much with the app for the 123tune+ ignition system. which is more than can be said for the 123’s ‘rev limiter’, which cuts in way too early, like 1000 revs below the set value. steve
  6. If it was JDO then he’s very helpful, and mine flies around to 6000 easily :-) steve
  7. I had an accuspark on my previous car and it worked well i did find the black rotor ring to be fragile though..... so go easy with it Hamish!
  8. Was just looking and reading about this, very interesting!
  9. I found a Halfords professional vortex ratchet that had been lost for over a year...... in the bilge of my previous yacht! rusted up of course so i needed a replacement took it to halfords to buy a new one, ‘lifetime warranty’ they said and gave me a new one for free :-) steve
  10. And beware that the timing marks might not actually be right !
  11. I finished programming at the ripe old age of 28. this crystalised when we needed to replace a program i had written a few years earlier, something recursive in a 4gl, and i could not understand parts of it! the ‘new’ team assumed the old program was ‘overengineered’ ..... i went into sales :-)
  12. Fantastic, wish i had that workshop and the skills to use it!
  13. Its a conspiracy! Apple run by aliens, how elese do they come up with all that new stuff?, and built in features to prevent us seeing their transport. Probably. steve
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