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  1. Seeing as The Guardian came up, I'll post this here too... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/may/27/remain-hard-brexit-what-uk-european-election-results-tell-us FWIW, unlike many (most?) in the UK, I can't see the problem of political union.
  2. Hi Peter, You're quite right on the expulsion point - as noted above the ONLY changes that we're party to have been with the TRR Forum and the rules related directly to that. I, for one, completely understand your position but the TRR Forum will remain the poorer for your absence. Tim
  3. Perhaps, Roger. But I see this: "...for the enjoyment of Club members and for the sharing of technical knowledge and assistance..." (my emphasis) as being inclusive of far more than just technical info etc. There are now two sections ("Alec's Inn" [TRR members only] and "TRs Out and About" [public]) which are for things broader than technical questions and support and I, for one, am hoping that these see a bunch of diverse topics for like-minded folk. The sort of stuff which I also like to come here for. We'll see how it goes, of course, and any Forum is ultimately only as good as
  4. As noted above, this exercise was related only to the TRR Forum and, obviously, had no effect on Darren's situation. I think that whole issue is a perfectly valid reason for people not wanting to be part of the TRR any longer - nothing that our team has done regarding the Forum will fix that. However, for those who have left the TRR and/or the Forum because of things like the Forum rules implemented after the AGM, I am hopeful that the changes agreed will encourage them to return to the TRR Forum while still posting here or elsewhere (or even nowhere). Detailed rule changes have bee
  5. John, You are correct: those are the rules that have not, yet, been changed. But if you read John's post you will see that changes have been agreed and are coming (after much work, discussion and debate). Whether everyone thinks they have changed enough is, of course, entirely up to each person. I hope that they do, but respect everyone's own position on this. There will be an announcement when the changes are put in place - hopefully later this week. Cheers, Tim
  6. Just when you thought that Parliament might grasp the nettle and determine a way forward when the government is unable to... they completely whiff on their task. Farce piled upon farce. They are now against May's deal, against no deal and, when asked to propose their OWN deal, vote against all those deal options too. Still, at least that's in keeping with the UK voters - they only managed to vote against something too. It just goes to prove how easy it is to say that you're AGAINST something, but how hard it is to take responsibility FOR something. Problem finders, not problem
  7. But don't we have two years to enact the "alternative arrangements"? If that is done, the backstop will never be used. Could be that I'm missing something... ;-)
  8. As I said earlier in this thread: for those in Parliament (and the country) who believe that there is (or will be, by the time exit is complete) a 100% effective alternative to the backstop - and, let's be clear, all the keen Brexit MP's say that they DO believe this - by their very own logic, the backstop cannot be a problem as it will never come to pass - the 100% effective alternative will be put in place instead. So, how come the backstop is unacceptable...?
  9. Yes, John, that's true. Cold in itself is rarely a significant problem here because we are used to it. Having said that, a lot of work goes on to try to ensure homeless people are safe in the extreme cold with additional spaces opening up for them (church halls and the like). We all own some pretty warm clothing too ;-)
  10. Just seen this. Toronto was, indeed, extremely cold this past week after a fair dump of snow on Monday night. As luck would have it, I flew to LA on Monday morning so I missed it all. Returned Friday night to huge piles of snow, but temperatures back to only about -15 as they have been for a couple of weeks. And then it actually crept above freezing today. TR is NOT out to play.
  11. I don't know anything about having an 00 number... Actually, John, the woman at passport control just asked me "Do you have another passport?" For one brief second I thought maybe I should deny it in case they got out the rubber gloves, but honesty got the better of me. "Yes, I have a Canadian one," I said. "That's good, because your UK one has expired..." Some people sometimes look at me a bit strangely as if I'm a spy or something but whenever two passports has come up at a border, the officials are very blase - they must see it all the time. Fortunately, my UK passport is a
  12. Yeah - fortunately I had my Canadian passport too, but I always enter the UK as a Brit. Well, almost always, apparently...
  13. Agree, Nick. They did a similar good service for me in December - AFTER I tried to get into the country with an expired UK passport... ;-)
  14. I've lived across the water for almost 20 years, so step into these things with great trepidation. However, if those in the House that voted for "alternative arrangements" truly believe that they are 100% viable, then the backstop shouldn't be any sort of a problem, because it will never be needed. Seems pretty simple.
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