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  1. Thought that was the EU President Donald Tusk on about Brexit.
  2. Quite a lot of others Still remained seated at least ours stood up. Anyway isn't this what the EU wants to see... the back of us.
  3. Before the big bang, there must have been something there to make the big bang and it was bloody volatile. Dave
  4. All new building in this country should have solar panels and/or solar tiles. Dave
  5. Didn't the French build a tidal one years ago?
  6. Oh by the way, how do I subscribe? Every time I try it asks for dollars. Dave
  7. At least you're plugged in, recharging l presume.
  8. They took rabbits and rats, then convicts, or were.....!!
  9. Or an Egyptian....lol. Glad everything is okay and you're home, main thing is don't over do things Dave
  10. Might get one of those if she's strong enough to get me in and out of the bath, better still, the shower...lol Dave
  11. Sorry Paul, if Democracy worked we would be out of the EU now. Dave
  12. I think the main carcass will remain. The North and South towers are iconic along with the flying buttress so a spire is probably a favourite unless the foundation (stonework pillars) have been badly damaged by the heat.
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