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  1. Hello from a cold Lancashire.

    Hi Rod. Looking good over here, still getting around the forum slowly but surely. Dave
  2. Hello from a cold Lancashire.

    Hi Peter and Darren, thanks for the welcome. From what I've looked at up to now, this forum looks good. Pity about AtB, sledgehammer nut syndrome. Dave
  3. Hello from a cold Lancashire.

    Thanks for the welcome Nick. Yes, lot of good knowledgeable and friendly TRR members over here and i'm certain that the Sideways forum will benifit from them, and vice versa. Dave
  4. Hello from a cold Lancashire.

    Saw the door open, so drifted in sideways. Hi Guy's, feels like home over here. Names Dave, retired and got nowtelse2do. I owned a small haulage and warehouse company until I realised that the big companies were useing my overdraft facilities. I was a transport manager for a couple of local companies but was always happier when driving HGV's. I own a 1973 Triumph TR6, a 1994 Transit campervan and my son and myself own a 1984 Jaguar TWR, XJ-S V12. Dave