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  1. Great! I was afraid that MChat is something like Facebook, Instagram etc. Thinking: "Oh wonderful! Another 'platform' I don't know anything about!" Menno
  2. I've posted this on the TRR forum earlier this morning. So let me get this straight: Early August, Darren and I had an email conversation about the whole matter and his 3-month expulsion. From his email: I am told that after three months I am eligible to have my membership reinstated, but if I'm harmful to the interests of the club, then the expulsion must be permanent. And if I'm not harmful, then I should not have been expelled. Keeping me out for three months also means that I cannot stand to lead my group or for a position on the TRR’s board, which I have said openly that I will
  3. 'Wise Men' report on the TRR website. "Wise Men' is between brackets for a reason... This is not going to end well. AGM is up within a few days. Enough reasons for a firm debate. Menno
  4. Before I was lured into the world of British classics, I owned a few Saab 96's and I still have one (MY 71). The car's electrics are a mix of Hella and Lucas parts. Readily available, off-the-shelf stuff back in the 70s. And guess what: the cars' electrics never (and have never) failed! Saab did a few interesting tricks with the electrics: only a handful earth points on the car (near the LH rear light, under the dash, under the bonnet). They also stepped away from British' classics "Oh, two or three fuses are enough..." concept and installed a row with low amp fuses. Finally: the wi
  5. Yes but that ended quickly. Things are okay again. The TRR got itself into a fine mess. Quite a few non-participating forum members (with little or none postings) - but with a long-standing membership start to chip in as well! All tell that they will not renew their membership! Which is remarkable. Then: the EGM should have had a price tag of 6K according to a posting. I suppose that writing a column in the TRA, complete with naming and shaming can be more costly... I have no idea how UK's law for slander works, but over here in NL, things would not look good for the BoD! Man is
  6. The plot thickens... Ian C's letter to the GLs for distributing to the members is ignored by some GLs and the Acting Chairman gives the advise (in so many words) to ignore Ian's mail... I wonder if a chairman is allowed to suggest not to vote on grounds of 'unfair' and 'undemocratic'. Every member can look up the info on the 'net. Dutch company laws would finish off a director/chairman suggesting to ignore other members' valid question for an EGM! A chairman should encourage participation and is off course allowed to put his advice (clearly stated as advice) to it - together with po
  7. Right, finally a spot where I can post. Funny thing is: as a member of various vintage watch sites, there's one that has a 'Forum of the Banned'. In fact, that's the nicest place to hang out! I am keeping my head down over on the TRR for the simple reason that I've not renewed my membership last years, but 'The Powers To Be' have forgotten to remove the dark blue text under my avatar; I can see, read and write everything without being a member. That's why I am silent. I will explain the reason for cancelling my membership in due time; this is not the thread for that. Not to some; I'v
  8. It's a filled system like so many cars had back in the 50s and 60s (at least my 59 TR3A has a similar set-up). I reckon I got the gauge during the time that I was looking for parts for my TR3A-to-be-restored back in 2004 or so. The originals were eye-watering expensive back then. And an original with the Celsius dial was made from unobtanium back then! I never needed the VDO because I did manage to find a proper one for the TR (in Fahrenheit). That's how the VDO started to collect dust. After posting, I put the kettle on a poured hot water in a mug. The feeler works perfectly; the water w
  9. I have this VDO thermo dial + sender in my garage for ages. A complete, boxed item with the production date on it. I have no idea for what car (engine?) it is, etc. Who knows more or can point me in the right direction? I have taken some pics to make it all easier to assess. Your input is very welcome!
  10. Ha! Off course I don't drive US cars very often, but most of the time I get the impression the other way around. But then, it are rentals and mostly the lower end of the range. We drove a Buick Envision for two weeks in Orlando. I'd hoped for a larger car, but Alamo's stock was limited when we arrived on Christmas Day. The Buick was not the fastest kid on the block... perhaps because of the 2ltr engine? A rather lazy car. (Assuming it wasn't the 2.5ltr). In either case, my first Chinese-built car experience! The bigger cars like your F150 look as if they have enough grunt. Point is
  11. We own a Honda CR-V. For years USA's best sold Compact SUV according to data I found on the web. Au contrair to what we see here in Holland. Hardly any Honda's sold overhere - especially the CR-V is a rare sight. Strange, because the car is very sturdy and the 2.2ltr 155 hp / 6 speed manual is more than capable of towing the boat trailer (one of my sons sails a dinghy and I haul a RIB to the venues every weekend during Spring, Summer and Fall). It's not the weight of the trailer+boat that's a problem. Often we need to pull the boat from the water, using a slippery ramp. That's when a 4x4 comes
  12. Great to meet you here guys! Don (4xdog here) and I are planning a Transatlantic GTG at the end of this month when he's in Holland. I am sure we'll keep you posted/annoy you with a few pics of that! to be continued on another part of this forum! Menno
  13. Hello all, Like so many before me, I'm coming over from the TR Register forum. I am sure that others already have written about what's standing practice is over there. No need to go into that. About me personally: middle-aged bloke, semi-retired schoolteacher*), family and a great fan of cars, boats in general and sailing. Oh, and all garden equipment with a petrol engine! I own: an every day VW Up, brilliant little runabout - I can park it everywhere I want! a MY14 Honda CR-V AWD for hauling boat trailers - best car I've ever owned. It goes on and on and on! a
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