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  1. Putting some extra air into the tyres, making sure they're properly inflated for the winter... Menno
  2. ??? something I've overlooked?
  3. That will happen in the future and it has started on the TR Serie sub-forum already. Although it's a little funny starting the first threads there: it's like putting your furniture in a new home... At the other end of the spectrum. Give it some time. After all, this is the Rant Area. Some here have been a TRR member for more or less half their life. Getting a TR in the 60s was the utter feeling of freedom and now it's perhaps the memory of their 60s youth. The era of liberation. Being a member of the TRR and knowing and experiencing the nozzle on the freedom of speech is more than simply
  4. Welcome, Andy! You'll feel welcome, I'm sure. It's like the old days - apart from the 'dazed and confused' feeling (I have) from recent happenings... .... ^^^ here ^^^ I had written my personal opinion about the person in charge of a this. But after re-reading my paragraph, I realised that hitting the 'send' button would be the same sort of writing as the infamous article in TRA #308. I will try not to lower my standard to that. So, I've deleted it. Back to welcoming you: it's a fine place here. Enjoy your stay. Menno
  5. Favo topics? R&P steering: yea or nea? Do I need a Harmonic Damper? My new S/screens do not fit properly when it's raining cats and dogs Do you feel the difference when you opt for the hardest suspension bushes? A or J Type Overdrive in my car. What to choose?
  6. Michelins are much more expensive than Vredesteins and are indeed value for money. But I haven't found a source that can tell me that the Michelin prices are worth the money in comparison with the Vredesteins. For me, Vredesteins it is. Added to that: Vredestein has linked itself (at least over here) with the classic car scene and -despite the original look of the tyre- they have put a lot of modern technology to match their current tyre with classic car driving. Menno
  7. Must be the same member who provided the anonymous emails to the BoD regarding Darren... Menno
  8. No not me. I wouldn't even think of getting on top of a mountain and -more or less- jump off! There's a small airfield near my house and there's a big parachute club using that airfield most of the year. Parachute jumping has its own problems: every year something happens with one of the jumpers. Small injuries up to fatal ones (sadly). Granted, riding on a bike is less safe, I suppose. And we all do that here in Holland with hesitation and without a helmet. Menno
  9. One lucky guy. His guardian angel is still gasping for breath... https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CUFtQ_1543304448
  10. Thanks for that! A better solution than my Forum For The Banned suggestion. It's going to be crowded here! Menno
  11. That Forum Of The Banned is only venting my frustration. No need to open up a special forum, I agree. (Mmmm wondering... would a similar suggestion be translated as braking the new rules? After all, it's airing the fact that one is not satisfied with what the BoD 'offers' me... Stil, l I can not get over the fact that every shred of criticism is 'Verboten!' on the TRR Forum, but at the same time, these people are committing genuine character assassination in TRA #308! Menno
  12. I nearly get the urge to ask the owner(s) of this fine forum to start a Forum Of The Banned for all our TR related matters... What a mess!
  13. I hope you're really in a jolly good mood and is this ironical suggestion... He who pays the piper calls the tune [... had to look that up! M.] when he's writing the tweets. Early this morning, I remembered an International a few years back with a special twitter-feed! So, at least it's not unknown to the community. Menno
  14. Is there anybody out there who's Twitter-savvy ánd is going to the TRR's AGM? That makes room for a sort of real-time info. Choose a nice hashtag and off you go! Using Twitter will turn the BoD's plan about restraining the TRR forum into yesterday's news as well. (Got to think about it: I put 40 yrs of modern history in one title... TRR, AGM and Twitter / Hashtag!) Menno
  15. ^^^ exactly this ^^^ And the auto VW Up shifts gear so quickly that you're in third before you've crossed the junction. It's certainly not BMW's autobox. M
  16. I've experienced the same with a VW Up! and an auto box. At home, I drive a manual (cheaper to buy), so I had no hesitation getting into the same car but with an auto. The same symptoms as you write, Nick! Back home, I searched for a VW Up forum and found that it is normal... Perhaps there are simply too many gears, spaced very closely (together). But at least it's better than that awful CVT boxes that give you the impression that you're destroying a car's clutch when you step on the loud pedal! (Another 'fine piece' of progress...) Menno
  17. ^^^ this ^^^ hence my pixelated remark. Menno
  18. When the IRP was installed, people on the various forums agreed with the list of names: some even know one or two IRP members personally and they were giving a good 'review'. Now, a few weeks on, it looks as if those three men were duped or weren't that wise after all... As I said on the TR forum: they have tied their name forever to a report and a string of events that's at least questionable! I am really curious to know how those three men look back now! I don't expect them to come forward here (of course not) but as said, some folks here know them personally. Surely they must have ha
  19. The demise of British Leyland, the Marie Celeste-mystery and Global Warming will be on your plate as well. Just making fun of a dreadful situation. As you suggested: there must be a reason to 'bridge' the 3-month ban into a lifetime ban. That's the moment anonymous witnesses appear. Remember that I made a 'funny'(...) remark back in August? Kafka... Can't believe it has come true! BTW, I admire the guts of the people in the picture: no 'pixelated' faces to remain anonymous! Menno
  20. I had an interesting conversation with a person who holds a uni degree in psychology, especially organizational psychology (don't know if it's with an 's' or 'z' in British English...). I told her the whole story about DC in a few sentences and her first question was: "Are these people member of a board or have they run a company for more than 8 years?" Not knowing the correct answer, I said: "Yes, most of them have run a business and or have been on the board for a pretty long time. Mostly together. (please correct me when I'm wrong) Her answer was short and simple: hubris! I d
  21. I'm good! Rant over. Let's have a drink at one day. Would love to see your workshop btw. Menno
  22. ... I now realise that you're the same guy from TR Forum: Tom Boyd, moderator! Is this simply commenting on my writing or is it a habit being a moderator? Apart from that, how on earth do you find the time moderate the TR forum ánd comment on my writing here!? Rest assured, you don't have to moderate me here. Your name is not on the S-T's staff list. Everybody with enough sense knows why I've used the words 'kicked out'. If not? Well, like the best soccer player of all time, Johan Cruyff once said: "If I wanted you to understand it, I would have explained it better!" Menno
  23. ^^^ this ^^^ I already mentioned it. But I think that my limited knowledge of the English language causes some diffusion here. Menno
  24. ... I've been kicked off the TRR forum's Members Chat as a result of not renewing my membership (for obvious reasons) and the fact that I don't want to pay more and get less, being a foreign member. To be honest, it's a long-standing rule, so no complaint about that. It was going to happen at some point in time. Can't help thinking that my opinion about the ongoing BoD charade (...) has speeded-up the closing of my account. I do have access to the non-membership parts of the forum. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure about that, because I noticed that at least two Directors got interest
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