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    Welcome Pete! I'm one of the people who does not agree with those new rules. This is a fine place with lots of nice people. You'll feel at home soon, I'm sure. Menno
  2. Indeed, machine-made. I didn't mention this in my previous posting. The machine is steam-driven! A very, very wealthy person in the village has donated a large sum of money to have the original steam-mill restored. In the shop are a clog-maker and a carpenter. Once a month there's a free tour for visitors. The man I mentioned has done more things like this. He was used wearing a certain brand of shoes. When the (Czech) company went belly-up, he bought the complete factory and turned into a company that makes money again - and he can still wear his favourite shoes. BTW: his daily dri
  3. These here are clogs. Not that fancy-pansy H&S stuff. Pic is taken at the local clog maker, 10 mins from my home. And yes, people here still wear them.
  4. Recently, a French auction house got hold of 3 Bugattis. The cars were found at the premises of a Dutch artist who passed away recently. The cars were not totally unknown to aficionados: people knew of their existence, but the cars weren't spotted in 20 or so years and their 'whereabouts' were unknown. The cars were dug out(...) near Maastricht, the southernmost city of The Netherlands.
  5. UPDATE: Hey presto: an answer within 60mins after posting my email! Menno
  6. I sent them an email with the same question I posted here. Sit back and wait! Menno
  7. Great inititative! I'll be looking forward to the other pics!
  8. I know, but you're the highest educated in (more or less) this field I know of. @ Roger: that underlines the second of the two quotes I posted. Thanks.
  9. I need some input/help: Chemistry wasn't my forte at school (sorry Professor Pete) so I need to ask here. As many (some) of you know, I'm knee-deep into sailing. Most materials on a boat are non-corrosive or it takes a lot of time before 'oxidation (rust) gets a grip on parts. Here's the problem: on a sailing-related forum someone wrote: Then today, someone commented: Well, I never noticed the corrosive result of using WD40. Surely, most of us here are 'heavy users' or all sorts of anti-corrosive
  10. Sad to read this. The TRF was a great help when I restored my car. They were able to provide me with parts not even mentioned in the Moss Catalog! During that restoration period (a few years in total), Charles and myself had a few interesting conversations about teaching - we both were teachers and we loved the TRs. So we had something to share. Our emails went from 'business-related/questions about parts'' to 'sharing personal teaching experiences'. Rather neat! He will be missed! Menno
  11. It's custom that Dutch volunteers put candles in front over every grave on War Cemeteries. Commonwealth, US, Dutch and German war graves are lit up with candles. Just sharing this on Christmas Eve.https://twitter.com/hansdamen/status...66413650366464This was posted on YT only a few moments ago:
  12. I didn't know Gresham's Law. I had to look it up. Thanks for educating me. I think that John is spot-on with his observation. On the other hand, when Gresham is really right... then the whole transition of members predicts a gloomy future for the TRR Forum. Really, really sad. Menno
  13. John, First, let me be clear, I had (have!) no intention of being unpolite when I questioned the situation of being 'sent out' as if you wouldn't be able to think and act on your own instigation. If I made that impression, by tone or writing, I would like to offer you my apologies. Dave M's contribution, including his quote of PaulAA's posting, sums it up what I want to reply after your questions for me late last night. I've read your questions regarding my posting last night and I wanted to think it over before I came up with an answer. In the meantime, Paul and Dave have formu
  14. This, totally this. In a way, John's questions are another sign of the stubborn BoD. He (and the other 2 members) are trying to bridge the gap between the BoD's decision and a lot of members who've chosen with their feet (or better: ... chosen by typing another URL...). The questions John was sent out to ask have pretty obvious answers; because it is answering the same matters with the same answers we've come across when we were still over 'on the other side'. The answers were already there before the AGM, before the news rules were applied. Next thing is that we (the 'abolishers') are
  15. Just click on the forum page of the TRR forum and all will be revealed.
  16. @ rhino_mac: I love the 'arson' metaphor and a very good observation about what Alec should think about his Inn behind a members-only wall! Menno
  17. Here we have it: before I can enter the TR Forum I need to accept the fact that there's no way I can / am allowed to talk about the forum or the BoD. Guess what, you're now crossing over to Sideways and ask us precisely the stuff I'm not allowed to discuss on the Forum. This would put me on the same bench as Darren. Expelled! The last question does it: the moment I write the answer to that question on the forum, I'm scr@wed! And now you ask it here? On a forum where freedom of speech is still around... How odd is that! I didn't renew my membership a while back as a result o
  18. I found the phrase 'Medieval vineyards in Norway' somewhere on the internet and I stumbled upon this: http://notrickszone.com/2018/04/02/during-the-800s-1300s-ad-wine-grapes-were-grown-at-latitudes-where-polar-bears-now-roam/A friend of mine who has the intelligence of doing a few uni studies (econometry and medieval history) told me that he'd read medieval books written by monks telling about wine and grapes growing on the northernmost land of The Netherlands (Groningen). Even today this is not a comfortable area to live... So there's more than one source talking about higher temps during med
  19. Welcome! It's certainly not chilly on this forum, here among long-time friends! Menno
  20. *Spelling mistakes due to thick fingers on a phone...
  21. Wow very clear to see Thanks to the video. I would turn to one of these dent-repair specialiste who turn up at your house with a van. This part of the roof is very exposed for all to see. Failing to repair this properly is like a sore thumb sticking out! Menno
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    You beat me to it about the Defender... Around the corner of the street, there's an ENT doctor whose hobby is (was) buying a new Defender every year - so I thought... it turns out that he sent them back to the dealer because there's always trouble. Still, he always took home a new one. Despite his wife's comments. Nowadays, that's gone: no more new Defenders and the couple went into a nasty divorce (something with a young nurse who loves wellies and winching weekends...). In short: Defenders are troublesome! Still, I love the looks and the technology! I've - like so many other people- always f
  23. Not the American 'Cars 'n' Coffee' but 'Tea 'n' TRs', I suppose!
  24. This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPEHbJgomgA
  25. Thanks for sharing this with us Duncan! Sadly, the reality is even worse than we'd anticipated. We sometimes suggested that it would be their 'modus operandi' but we always considered it to be too far fetched. I think that Peter's suggestion of a Sideways IWE or at least a GTG would be something to consider. M
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