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  1. Merkel warns for hybrid warfare from Russia and mentions the youths' climate strike as an example...
  2. Welcome here. It's a fine place. You'll feel at home here! Menno
  3. So did they over here a few weeks ago. The McDonald's and the KFC nearby the square where the demonstration was, were completely out of food after the demo. The mess they left behind on the square was so much that the City Council of The Hague needed two full dump trucks to move all the debris and trash... What's more: lots of these kids were interviewed and -very naive- a few of them told reporters that their family had plans for 3 holidays/year by plane... My guess: max 10% of the kids on the demo grounds were sincerely there for a better environment. The others were there for a d
  4. That's a great find. Modern magazines like PM can't cope with that nowadays. They've been overrun by dedicated YouTube channels. My science-teaching colleagues think that those channels are the best invention since sliced bread - and perhaps a better invention. You still get the same info, even more perhaps. My wife used to work as a communications director for a Dutch publishing company (owner of UK's Effacts among others) and around the end of the last century, they already started switching to digital content. Which was rather tricky back then, because lawyers etc are (were) pretty 'ol
  5. 1. It wasn't as if I was buying my first Saab 96... 2. Lot's of luck off course: it can easily break down on the trip home. 3. 2800 euros and a cheap ticket would not have been the end of the world. It's not as if I go out to buy a very early 911... But, in hindsight: a trailer would have been a better solution. Menno
  6. A whole heap of cars have found its way the other way around: from the UK to the Continent. Or from Scandinavia to more southern parts of Europe. Like my Saab 96 that came from the middle part of Sweden. My Saab was advertised on Blocket.se (sort of Gumtree). It had belonged to an older gentleman who had bought the car new in 71. After he'd passed away in '07, his daughter put it up for sale. I bought a plane ticket to Stockholm and took the train to the north (Bollnäs). In my luggage a few tools (spanners, but not knowing what to take with me). The asking price for the car was 30,000 Skr
  7. Sort of political refugee you mean? I suppose you can. I have no idea if that's possible when you're not already here. I think that you have to live/work here. The sources of both articles: the first is from an online 'paper'. They're often very sceptical about the EU's movements and actions. The article is written by a law professor who has a weekly column on those pages. The second article is from an old school 'paper'. That newspaper is pro-EU. The second article is written by a historian (also a professor). That historian has written a few very readable essays about 'fake news'. Wel
  8. Here's another one, lifted and translated from a Dutch paper today:
  9. The Dutch have great memories of the welcome they received from the Brits. No doubt about that! (In fact, there's a musical about one of the 'Engelandvaarders' (one single word as in: 'Those who went to England'). That guy later became Adjudant to the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina who stayed in London during the war. His real life turned into a Ian Fleming saga and the musical runs since 2010, 6 days/week. That 'warm welcome' is very much alive in Dutch modern history! Therefore, when people from the UK come over to Holland (or better: The Netherlands), there's a 100% warm welcome. My wife has 5 Brit
  10. Over here, we simply don't know what to think. On one hand, it will bring logistic companies into trouble (is the idea, no-one knows exactly when and how). On the other hand, newspapers' headlines are "Brexit will be a gold mine for us!" British companies moving to Holland = jobs, houses to build etc. Having said that: in 2018, data was issued about the number of companies and employees that had gone over to us. One newspaper wrote: "Meager result, only a handful companies made the crossing" (crossing referring to the '39-'45 period when Dutch citizens crossed the North Sea in small boats
  11. This appeared on a Dutch news website. Translation is done by Translate Google. Grammarly and Translate do not recognise the word 'ocaze'. It's from the Dutch word (borrowed from the Russians) 'Oekaze' and stands for: The last and final word of the Emperor.
  12. When I close my eyes, I can see people in the Vegas' streets running like ants when their nest is under attack: all in shock and awe 'what to do when that nasty stuff falls on your head'! I remember a holiday season in Southwest Florida when on a certain day, the temps dropped below 20C in the morning. Locals wearing hoodies and mittens, older 'snowbirds' wearing a fur coat... And we, being on holiday from NW Europe and together with the snow-beaten people from the northern East Coast states, were still strolling along in t-shirts, shorts and flipflops! Menno
  13. ^^^ this ^^^ ... and change 'National' into 'International'. As I told before, I found a copy of TRA on the table in the waiting room of a classic car / tyre & wheel repair shop here in Holland... MEnno
  14. There's a Dutch saying that goes like 'even when you change the outside, the inside stays the same'. That saying is in rhyme. You can't translate this into English and keep the rhyme. So I looked for a 'fitting'(...) translation online. Looks as if I found a 'heavy-footed' one. Menno
  15. BoD = MT? ... something with 'lipstick' and a 'pig' springs to mind...
  16. A while back, someone from the TRR came over for a sort of survey here among us, the 'dilittants'. Is there an outcome of some sort about this or was it a sort of hit-and-run action? Menno
  17. Welcome here. Or better: 'Welkom!' Given the fact that you've never done a ground-up resto and that you know the 2000 in and out, I would say: go for the 2000. Bring the GT6 to Arthur Denzler or Geert Timmer for a full resto (chequebook resto) and try to get the Stag in driveable condition. Menno
  18. Gonna try that. I certainly didn't agree with those rules. Menno
  19. Just stumbled upon the TRR forum (still in my 'favourites') and noticed that I landed on the Forum homepage without the bizar 'you have to agree with this first' page. What happened? M
  20. My son's mates are sailing the World Sailing Series in Miami as we speak. No news from them about cold weather. And the pics don't show it eighter: young men and women in shorts and summer-style sailing gear. I'm having my eye on Orlando's weather on behalf of the boss here in the house. We have also some snow on the ground. Last week about 4 inches. That has melted away overnight. Yesterday evening a second front brought about 3 inches here. 20 kms to the east, there's a lot more snow on the ground: about 8 - 10 inches. Menno
  21. Bizarre digits on TV for the last few days when looking at the Can and US weather charts. All-time lows or nearly all-time lows. Both my wife and my father-in-law are always telling about the winter of 96. That must have been something special. It looks as if this winter is catching up with that one! We have a few fellow forumites here from Can and the Northern US. How are they doing? Is it still manageable? -42C in Wisconsin, -32C (daytime) in Toronto... that's very, very cold. My Canadian in-laws (80+) had the bright idea to spend the winter in Spain and France. So they are pretty
  22. MennoR


    Due to the geographic position, Switzerland is surrounded by 'foreigners'. And they want to keep it that way... Their strict policy of being neutral trickled down to a not-too-friendly attitude and laws against foreigners. My neighbours across the street have lived in Switzerland for almost 6 yrs. (He was the financial director at Nestlé). The only reason for their return was the heartbreaking fact that their twins got systematically bullied at school for being a 'stinking foreigner'. The first time my boys and the twins took a football out and started a game in the street with a lot of laught
  23. Take an old screwdriver and start grinding away. If you grind off too much, cut it off and start again. After that, you have a permanent tool for the job in your tool drawer!
  24. According to a Top Gear episode (where they adjusted a combine harvester into a snowplough), Britain has 3700 vehicles for clearing the streets (snow). I've looked up how many we have, here in Holland: nearly 1000. Dutch councils have nearly another 1000 smaller vehicles like Kubota tractors for gritting cycling paths and less important roads. Given the vast difference between landscape and the length of the roads between the UK and NL, I can imagine that you're not too happy with the result of gritting and ploughing in the UK! We, with a dense network of anti-snow vehicles are not satisfied w
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