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  1. Modern cars and POs

    Easy Start does exactly what it says on the tin and will start the most recalcitrant engine, but just as Nick said, it is addictive if used too often. My first (old jalopy of a) truck was a complete addict. Vicky. x
  2. Modern cars and POs

    Darren, top tip for starting your diesel in the colder weather is to count another 10 seconds after the glow plug light has gone out. The plugs continue to warm after the glow plug light has gone out, so waiting 10 secs helps. Vicky xx
  3. I agree Dave on that G15 restoration , thanks for posting the link, Nick. I have always been fascinated by the Hurricane body for the Spit/GT6. I think the lines are stunning. Never seen one in the flesh, or know much about them (other than being a body swap made of fibreglass)......anyone? I think the Triumph straight 6 is one of the most beautiful engines ever built - amazing torque and they sound superb. It is the biggest thing I miss about our old TR6. I'm with you, John, that there is so much fun to be had with the Spits (have had 2)/ GT6 /Vitesse et al. Even those big 2.5PI saloons/estates look like huge fun.......from what I have seen of them on the RBRR (and boy, they went like stink!!). When my daily driver packs up, I would love to get a big 2.5PI estates. If I won the lottery I would get an Italia............. Vicky x (stuck in a dream world somewhere!!!)
  4. I don't think I would have the guts to drive a Lotus or Caterham 7.........not on the open road, anyway. Morgans don't excite me. I like the TVR Griffith ( to look at, never driven one!!). Some ( but not all!) of the Ginettas are pretty. Although it's not in the small specialist category, I think one of the prettiest modern sporty cars is the BMW Z4. A real classic of the future. The thing I love about the TR is the driving experience. You 'wear' a TR and it becomes an extension of your body......just think/feel where you want to go and it takes you there. I am a fan of simple engineering and not too many gadgets, bells and whistles. Out of choice, I would rather enjoy the drive in an older/classic car, than steer a soulless modern.
  5. Car diversity - a good thing?

    Agreed, a great pic of your Range Rover, Chris! Tim, your Landy is positively modern!!! When you started this thread, from your description, I was imagining something rather more old and tired! I think you have got a peach there. I'm amazed that the MOD parted with a Landy after only 13 years service. All you have to remember now is not to put petrol in it! Vicky.x
  6. Car diversity - a good thing?

    Tim, That is a fine looking LR! How old is it? Glad you had a safe trip. Vicky x
  7. TR recovery vehicle

    Smart outfit! Any TR would be very privileged to travel in such style! Vicky x
  8. TR3 in the snow, well sort of..

    Good on you, Roger! I think more people should wear flying helmets. I bought Ben a rather nice sheepskin lined Motalita one when he first got the TR3. Last year at the TRR IWE I managed to find myself a cream kid leather one. I'm chuffed to bits with it, and boy, don't they make a difference..........soooo snugly and warm. Yes, I look a complete tit in in, but I am a complete tit and proud of it, so who cares! How did your Spitty behave on the snow? Mine was like Bambi on ice unless I had 50kgs of animal feed in the boot. Vicky x
  9. Car diversity - a good thing?

    I've got some pics of some of my other old trucks, but not the 8 wheeler. It was in the days before digital cameras, and it wasn't worth wasting film on!! I was secretly rather fond of it as it earned as much as the other trucks in the yard and didn't owe anybody anything. Peter, is that your tool? It looks jolly useful.....I could do with one here (that is a hint, Ben!). Rob, That is a very, very pretty MG.....I think it would really suit me. (Ben, we need a bigger garage). Roger, 3-5 bhp, are you serious? That is smaller than most peoples lawn mowers these days!!! I think you might be winning this one! Rod, you are winning the style prize. You don't want to be driving that one too quickly otherwise no-one can appreciate those classic good looks. As for your Defender 90, Tim, we look forward to seeing some pictures. They are ruddy uncomfortable to drive, have dreadfully vague steering and wouldn't pull a hen of a nest, but they will go anywhere! Once you have got it up the A1 what are your plans for it? Some off roading I hope..........then you will have some serious fun with it! Have a safe trip. Vicky x
  10. Another "hello" from the woods

    Thanks for the welcome, Nick. I'm interested to know more about the EFI in your Vitesse, was that something you did? Hi Don, that's a good picture of Geoffrey, especially as it doesn't show that the o/s door handle is on back to front!!! Tim, That is a lovely looking TR3, and very jealous of your aero screens! I'm trying to persuade Ben to try them. That is a cute passenger too. We have two whippets who have never been in the TR. I wish they could come with us sometimes, but I know in all honesty that they would be terrified. Ours is a particularly noisy beast (the car, not the dogs!) and I always have to wear ear plugs otherwise my ears are ringing. Hi Darren, good to see you over here. What are you still doing up at these wee hours? I've got a bad case of indigestion. Sorry, you probably didn't need to know that!! Vicky xx
  11. Car diversity - a good thing?

    I used to drive a very old and chronically underpowered 8 wheeler. The reg plate was B*** UAH. It was affectionately known as Useless A*se Hole in the yard. One day I got back and said to the relief driver "You won't believe it, I've just been overtaken by a bicycle going up Finborough Hill!" He replied "Well when I drove it last week, I was overtaken by a jogger going past Wattisham Camp!" Not long afterwards, said relief driver did me a huge favour and turned it over in a quarry, writing it off.
  12. Hello from darkest New Forest, Hampshire

    The door is shut, Tim! What you can see is just how well badly they fit!! Vicky xx
  13. Another "hello" from the woods

    Hello everybody, I'm Vicky, the other (bonkers) half of Sidescreen Ben. I've always loved cars and have a special soft spot for Triumphs. My very first car was a Spitfire 1500, which I bought in the 1980s with my student grant (and then had to go a full term with no food!). I met Ben through a friend at Agricultural College, and at the time he owned a TR6. After spectacularly breaking my Spitfire in half, I contacted Ben to find out where I should buy Triumph spares, as I was determined to mend my lovely Spitty. Well, Ben went beyond the extra mile and between us (ok, mostly him!!) the Spitfire was rebuilt. It was such fun, I decided to marry him! We did the 1992 TRR Alpine Tour in the 6 for our honeymoon (my idea!!) and had a blast. As newly weds, the Spitty had to go, and we ran the 6 as our daily driver for a few years until I part exchanged it for a Volvo estate. Yes, I am deeply ashamed, but it was done with Ben's blessing as at the time the 6 had done a quarter of a million miles, reached the bottom of the U-bend, and sadly, we just didn't have the resources to keep it alive. We had no money, or garage, and welding the thing back together in the gutter (usually in a rainstorm!) before the MOT had lost its charm. We have recently heard from a fellow Alpine Tour participant that he saw the car resurrected some years later, which is nice to know. A couple of years ago we decided to get another TR in readiness for our Silver Wedding celebration ( 2017) which was to go and drive some of those lovely Alpine roads again. We went to look at another TR6, but in the corner of the garage was 'Geoffrey'; now our TR3. Well, once the engine was fired up, I was smitten. As Ben has mentioned, the car is a doer, not a looker. It is 7 shades of red, there is no relationship between the body panels ...... they got divorced some time ago, but it has character and an interesting rally history, with a trunk full of documentation from its past exploits. It is nice to see a few names I know on here already, and I look forward to getting to know many more of you. Vicky x