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  1. Fronted adverbials seem to be the in thing! This was sent to me on facebook today. It made me chuckle and very glad that I am not one of those poor parents trying to home school my kids. (Apologies for the colourful language) Credit: This is Biff. This is Chip. This is Biff and Chip's homework. Biff and Chip are required to write down ten examples of fronted adverbials. Biff and Chip have not a fucking clue what a fronted adverbial is. This is Mum. Mum has not a fucking clue what a fronted adverbial is either.
  2. When my niece was a little girl, she saw a wind farm in the glorious countryside and said "Look Mummy, fans for sheep!"
  3. Brave, brave man, that doctor. That photograph is quite haunting. I'm so relieved we haven't witnessed the same harrowing footage shown in the documentary 'Grand Prix - The Killer Years'. If you have seen it, you will know the bit I'm referring to.
  4. We have got a sparky coming out to the farm as, having just moved in, there are sockets we need in places where there aren't any and various other electrical things that need sorting. I will make sure he does a full safety check on the place; it needs it. As you can tell, things electric are not really my area of expertise. Thank you all for giving your time to reply and enlighten me a little more. I have learned something from your advice. EE, that sounded like a nasty experience. Did it make the turntable go round? When I was a lass, I used to work for a dairy farmer. Every m
  5. Thank you all for your replies; the sensible ones and the one from Roger . I have decided to order a new boiler; the old one is clearly trying to kill me and I don't ever want to see it again. Ben has already taken it to bits for a post mortem, so there is no going back now! We will get our RCDs tested as neither the hard wired RCD socket or the mobile one pluged in to an ordinary socket tripped with the boiler fault. I still find it worrying that Ben said he couldn't feel the fault at all, as he gets one hell of a kick from the electric fence. Maybe he could really, but said he
  6. The problem has existed at both our old property (hampshire) and new property (Devon), it doesn't seem to matter where I plug it in. Yes we use it through an RCD, and it doesn't trip. I have already decided to stop using it, and will get a sparky to look at it. I'm too young to die! But, the big question is, why doesn't it do it to anyone else?
  7. I'm hoping you clever people might be able to answer this one! I feed my horses steamed hay; that is ordinary hay which has been put into a large chest and has steam from a boiler going through it for one hour. The system I use is called a 'Haygain' if you google it you can see a picture. I have owned my Haygain for about 5 years and it has never given me any problems. In the summer this year, I started getting a tingling feeling through my fingers when I touched the neck of the filling point on the boiler (3Kw kettle) and I thought that the boiler must have an electrical fault and was
  8. The current tally of red tailed squirrels stands at 47 and apparently none of them have made it home yet!
  9. I get like that when Ben drives too fast!
  10. That was great fun Hamish! Looking forward to the next installment! Stunning countryside too.
  11. I clearly don't think the same way as an engineer!!
  12. Terrific news Roger! Enjoy you beer and celebrate. I'm rather intrigued by the NHS having an erection nurse. Why didn't the careers office tell me about that as an option when I was at school?
  13. All I can see is four little smiley astronauts!
  14. Lovely! It looks so peaceful up there.
  15. Thanks folks and yes, I think you are right, O/D is the way forward. It is on the list! Cheers, Vicky
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