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  1. Sidescreen Vicky

    Wordpress alternative

    Peter, I can open your blog ok, or did you mean so that you can edit it? Hope I haven't just asked a really blonde question? Vicky
  2. Sidescreen Vicky

    Another refugee

    Good to see you over here Graeme! Great pics too Vicky x
  3. Sidescreen Vicky

    Looking forward to great conversations...

    Did someone mention spanking?
  4. Sidescreen Vicky

    Looking forward to great conversations...

    Alcohol makes my legs go funny! Cheers, everyone!! Vicky
  5. Sidescreen Vicky

    TRR - new Forum Rules

    Big thank you to Sideways for being here, I am done with the TRR too and will not be renewing my membership or posting on their forum again. I'm glad to have found a friendly and inclusive forum and look forward to enjoying the friendly craic and banter again. Vicky x
  6. Sidescreen Vicky

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    I think you have hit the nail on the head, Menno! Vicky x
  7. Sidescreen Vicky

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Members' Chat on the TRR forum
  8. Sidescreen Vicky

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    A group of us called for an EGM after the BoD expelled Darren back in July, using evidence which the BoD had discussed amongst themselves, but would not disclose to Darren, nor give him a chance to answer. Their process was flawed and unfair. We now have a situation where none of Darren's group members were heard, and a decision has been made without those members evidence in support of him. Why? I am left feeling that the way they work is to decide on the outcome and then find evidence to support it, carefully ignoring anything which may not support the outcome they chose before they started. The result is bonkers. As for the punishment, I am outraged. Darren, moral courage is a quality that a lot of people don't have. You have it in spades and have stuck your head above the parapet when you thought something was wrong, and have stood up to represent the views of your members. The TRR would be a far better place with more people like you! Vicky x
  9. Ben and I are Team 119 and will (hopefully!!) be there with Geoffrey, our 1957 TR3. There is a rather smart red TR3a taking part, but you won't confuse that one with us.....ours is 7 shades of red and has a certain 'patina' about it!! Seeing friendly faces at the checkpoints gave us both a massive boost last time, it really does give participants a lift. Oh, and if you really want a laugh, you can watch me trying to park Vicky x
  10. Sidescreen Vicky

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    +1 I have just read the online version. Gobsmacked! Absolutely furious. The BoD have reached rock bottom and started to dig. Very VERY cross. I need to go and calm down before I explode. Vicky
  11. Sidescreen Vicky

    Shelsley Walsh this weekend ?

    Great videos Hamish! I wish I had the balls to do this, it looks great fun
  12. Sidescreen Vicky

    Cavitation or something else

    Nick, Love your explanation on cavitation and vapour lock and the analogy with the kettle! Brilliant! Thanks, Vicky
  13. Sidescreen Vicky

    FOR SALE. 1971 Triumph Vitesse 2L

    Lovely looking car, Hamish! I think I would look in that........and there's room for the whippets too
  14. Sidescreen Vicky

    Tyre Age/replacement

    Hi Roger, This recommendation by a highly knowledgeable and very experienced Triumph owner has popped up recently on the TR forum, and I'm sure the poster won't mind me copying his recommendation across (see below). I appreciate he's referring to tyres for 15" wheels here, but I've had a quick peek and Camskill do the T-Trac 2 in 175/70/13 for £35.20 each incl VAT. Lots of other sizes available too. Ben has T Tracs on his TR3. We both think they are jolly good tryes and would definitely go with them again. Vicky x TTrac 2 tyres in 165/80x15 have been in short supply for several months. Now back in stock at Camskill, an online tyre supplier I find eminently satisfactory. Link - https://www.camskill...:_2_Noise:_70dB Excellent tyres for any TR2-6 on 15" wheels in my view, and at the current price, a bargain . . . . £40.90 apiece inc vat, a set of 5 delivered to my door in a couple of days, came to just under £225. Usual disclaimers.
  15. Sidescreen Vicky

    Modern cars and POs

    Easy Start does exactly what it says on the tin and will start the most recalcitrant engine, but just as Nick said, it is addictive if used too often. My first (old jalopy of a) truck was a complete addict. Vicky. x