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  1. Great news, sparky-spit! Have a fabulous trip everyone, and we will be there next time! Vicky xx
  2. That is rotten news Sparky-spit. I feel your pain . Keeping everything crossed for you that the 1296 engine will be good and you don't have to take the modern. Vicky xx
  3. I've not even got Spitty home yet, she's still in the potato shed! Back in the spring, just as I was getting excited about the project, Geoffrey (the TR) went in to get his oil leak fixed. Well, once investigations began, that project grew arms and legs, my budget got spent and the Spitty project got pushed to the back burner. I have at least found someone willing to lend me a trailer to drag it back from Suffolk and a place to store it down here, so the logistics planning has been done! I've been in touch with our former neighbour farmer who has the Spit at the moment and told him that I will collect it when it is convenient for him. At the moment, he will be in the thick of harvest, so realistically, it will be late autumn before I can get it. The good news is, that this year's experience with the TR has shown Ben how useful it would be to have a back-up car. We had to do the French Tour in our modern, and it is just not the same. I'm still dead keen to do the Spitfire and am looking forward to the challenge. Having said that, with all the work we are having done on the TR, we shouldn't need a back-up car, but don't tell Ben! We are really looking forward to having the TR back, and it so nearly happened the time for the 10CR, but we have done the right thing in not taking a car that won't be tested properly. We would be idiots to risk undoing all the good work. The Monte Classique looks great fun...….I'm very tempted. Geoffrey could relive some of the Monte Challenge which he completed in 1991(2nd in class) and 1992 (3rd in class) with his PO. Vicky x
  4. John, Firstly, very best wishes for a speedy recovery from your operation. Thank you for posting such an interesting account of the procedure and I'm glad you were looked after so well. It is always good to hear such a positive view. How long is it before you know if the procedure has been successful at sorting your AF? Did they give you any statistics with regards to the success rates for treating the condition, or whether the heart can revert back into AF afterwards? Vicky x
  5. Hysterical!! Reading his website with tears rolling down my cheeks. Very clever! Thanks for sharing!! XX
  6. Hi Phil, Lockerley is not far from us. Happy to help if I can. I will be driving to Selby, N Yorks, on 18 June if that helps at all? Vicky x
  7. Crikey!!..….I don't suppose there was much of that going on 66 years ago at a speed of 124.9mph
  8. Good grief! I have just noticed that the chap in the back of the 2.5 emoji ……………..is he really mooning?
  9. Happy Birthday MCV 575!! I do enjoy a good celebratory emoji! I know this looks more like a 2.5PI estate than a Sidescreen TR, but I think it was a better choice than which looks to be going rather slowly. Ben had the privilege of seeing MCV 575 at Glen's establishment last year when he went to collect a new fuel tank and came home with some great pictures of this wonderful car.
  10. And I found this one too.....this is me aged 18 collecting my first car!
  11. Thanks for the ideas, everyone! I've photographed the photographs, so here goes..... remember that these were taken 13 years ago!
  12. That would be fabulous! Thank you very much!! Vicky x
  13. Thanks for the reply, that looks very promising! Excitement has just gone up another notch!!
  14. When we moved from Suffolk to the New Forest 13 years go, we gave our spitfire 1500 to our neighbouring farmer, who had ideas of doing it up (just like we had!). We have just had said farmer to stay, and I asked after the spitfire. It turns out that he has never got round to doing anything with it (just like we hadn't!!), so I asked him if he would like me to get rid of it for him. The end result is, that I am going to collect it on a trailer and bring it down here. The last time I saw it was when Ben drove it round to the farm, so it was a runner; sound but starting to get tatty. I've just found some old photos of it from the time it went to the farm, and it really didn't look too bad. It has been dry stored in the back of his insulated barn, so whilst the rust worm has probably had a good munch, hopefully it hasn't bred too much and gone completely rampant! I'm now feeling very excited about getting a project and have always fancied the Vincent hurricane body, but does anyone here know whether they are still available? If they are, I think (hope) I may have the perfect donor car! Of course, it may be that the original panels are easily repairable and it would be silly to do a body swap. Plan A is to strip the whole car down and go through everything thoroughly, so hints and tips from those of you who have done such a project would be gratefully received. Is there anything that you didn't do which with hindsight you wish you had done? Now is also the sensible time to think about any modifications/improvements to make it an enjoyable and safe road car, so again, what would be a good idea? Plan B, (which is very boring and not my preferred option) is I will take one look at it and think 'sh*t.....this is way beyond me!' and I will just get rid of it as it is. So, as I start dreaming...………. I mean planning, my final question is, if you were in my position, what would you choose to do to it? Vicky. x
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