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    Driving my TR3 as much as possible. Landscape photography.

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  1. Doesn't sound as though the 6 is a keeper then Tim!?
  2. Wish we were there! Have a great trip!!
  3. I really feel for you SS. At least you have a Plan B.......fingers crossed..
  4. So, after being TR-less since March!, the final frustration (to date anyway!) is that we still have no car in time to do the 10CR and have had to withdraw. Gutted. But having "invested" (is that the right word!!??) so much in a pretty comprehensive mechanical rebuild I'm not prepared to run the new engine in on the event and retorque the head halfway up an alp. There will be other events and I'm pretty sure that the Alps will be there next year! (They may be fractionally higher!). The consolation is that "Geoffrey" - for that is the car's name - will be in fine fettle when he eventually comes home hopefully in time for my "significant" birthday........
  5. A bit too angular for my taste John. But what a beast!
  6. A lovely tribute Hamish, thanks for posting.
  7. Sorry to hear this news. We only met once when he came down to Badger's Holt last October to cheer on the nutters taking part. My condolences to his family.
  8. .......and as darkness returns so do the midge! How such a tiny creature can inflict such pain is a constant wonderment to me....but I'm glad that in general they prefer the more westerly areas of Scotland and not so common down here the Forest. PS those wheels you've got will look a treat when its painted........
  9. Interesting and ingenious; but I'm slightly perturbed by you having your mobile/video camera with you whilst having a sauna ! I'm sure you have a perfectly reasonable explanation.......
  10. A fair point you can always wear earplugs which we do even with the soft top up or down! I do expect it will be like sitting inside a tin can !
  11. Are you putting any sound deadening material underneath your beautiful headlining? Sorry may have missed your comment on this subject.
  12. But I bet you'll still hit your head on it Hamish like I do!
  13. Hamish Here's my storage method. It not a single person job to hang it up nor to mount it (when I eventually do!) I can't take credit for it as the system came with the hardtop!
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