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  1. Some impressive plywood origami Nick. A nice off cut of Axminster or Wilton would set it off nicely . Good to meet you too. Managed to get home without indicators (and only sidelights as the headlamps refused to work as well! My kneecap is not up to grovelling about under the dash so I'll send Vicky in to discover the loose connection(s).
  2. I think the plural of Marcos, if we stick to the vehicle, is likely to be further complicated by it being a made up word from Marsh and Costin.........
  3. It's alright chaps, I've recovered my composure now
  4. That's quite enough engineering porn thank you Hamish!
  5. Well you told me last year that I was a slow learner........but I've got it now!
  6. It sounds as though there are some route changes planned from what's written in the latest Club Torque. With Badger's Holt abandoned and also Pimperne cakes also off the menu. Can't say I'm surprised about the former, we rechristened it Badger's Arse because it was such a pain to get in and out of the area. Probably academic for us as having done it twice I'm not inclined to do it again...for a bit anyway, particularly as I'm not sure my knee will be up to it.
  7. I just fell over on the pavement outside the hotel, nothing dramatic, must have just caught it wrong and pop!
  8. It does indeed and the physio has started. Still very swollen and sore
  9. OK, so my nightmare/tale of horror precedes this evening ( but then I've always dismissed Halloween as a cunning American marketing ploy). My TR3 has been in hospital for an extended period (in a well known and well regarded private clinic in Somerset), undergoing extensive mechanical surgery to engine, gearbox, wiring loom etc etc. This has resulted in us missing the CT French Tour - we did it in the modern, which was not the same at all, and pulling out of the 10CR completely - just not right to do it in a BMW! So suffice to say a frustrating, TR-less summer. Then 3 weeks ago, whilst in London at a work do, this happened. I neatly split my kneecap in two. Needless to say, two days afterwards, I had a call to say that the car was ready for collection! We're all back home now. One in the peak of fitness and raring to go and the other feeling rather sorry for himself!
  10. Doesn't sound as though the 6 is a keeper then Tim!?
  11. Wish we were there! Have a great trip!!
  12. I really feel for you SS. At least you have a Plan B.......fingers crossed..
  13. So, after being TR-less since March!, the final frustration (to date anyway!) is that we still have no car in time to do the 10CR and have had to withdraw. Gutted. But having "invested" (is that the right word!!??) so much in a pretty comprehensive mechanical rebuild I'm not prepared to run the new engine in on the event and retorque the head halfway up an alp. There will be other events and I'm pretty sure that the Alps will be there next year! (They may be fractionally higher!). The consolation is that "Geoffrey" - for that is the car's name - will be in fine fettle when he eventually comes home hopefully in time for my "significant" birthday........
  14. A bit too angular for my taste John. But what a beast!
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