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    Driving my TR3 as much as possible. Landscape photography.

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  1. Anyone else planning to go? I'm taking refuge on Sunday to avoid a horse show that my better half is going to.
  2. Sidescreen Ben

    CT French Tour 2019

    Nick if you think this is a bit pricy you wont like the TR Register's Liege-Brescia-Liege Rally the following month then! It was on CT's Farcebook page Nick; but should now be appearing in Triumph Torque I think. Darren was gauging interest before giving Scenic Tours the go-ahead to organise it.
  3. Sidescreen Ben

    CT French Tour 2019

    That is correct - certainly not a 10CR replacement!
  4. Sidescreen Ben

    CT French Tour 2019

    Anyone else tempted by this? (We've put our name down!) The French Tour: Tuesday 4th to Tuesday 11th June 2019 It's being run by Scenic Tours I understand on CT's behalf and more will be revealed shortly but enough people have expressed interest and it is going ahead apparently. A cut and paste from the CT Farcebook page below: Day 1 Calais to Le Mans . Overnight stay . Day 2 drive the open part of the circuit and optional visit to the museum. After lunch drive to Hotel near Oradour sur Glane Day 3 visit to the abandoned village which has been untouched since 1945 as a memorial . Nothing has changed including the cars in the street just the decay of time. Drive to hotel near the Millau Bridge those who wish not to visit the village can opt for a longer drive across Volcanoes National Park , Europe’s largest nature park with a stunning natural landscape. Day 4 brings the Millau Bridge experience . Travel across and visit the viewpoints of Europe’s largest suspension bridge . Afterwards press on for the hotel in the stunning Gorges du Verdon Day 5 relax in Verdon or strike out for the cote dzur , Nice, Cannes or Monaco . Or take the challenge of the road driven by Mr Clarkson when he challenged the climber Leo Holding to ascend the gorge faster than he could drive it in an Audi S4 Day 6 depart the Gorges and head for Lyon via along the famous ‘Route Napoleon’ via Grenoble . Overnight stop in Lyon Day 7 Lyon to Reims via Troyes Day 8 visit the ghostly old Grand Prix circuit which is now a road before heading for Calais or wherever is home . Ferries to other locations can be arranged. The trip will cost in the region of £600 - £700 per head and will include B&B at all hotels which are 3/4 star . The tour company is Scenic Car Tours who are fully ABTA backed.
  5. Sidescreen Ben

    Triumph drivers DiD get together

    Looks like you all had "A Grand Day Out" Darren. Well done for organising it!
  6. Sidescreen Ben

    Flying visit

    Well all being equal we'll be at the Pimperne checkpoint but apart from stuffing as much sugar cake into our mouths I doubt we'll have much time or ability to introduce ourselves
  7. Sidescreen Ben

    A pleasant find at the barbers

    Well I was very surprised to see it! Most of the mags are 2013-2016 vintage. You are probably correct that when I return for my next "moneys worth" in a couple of months it will have been nicked (whoops) purloined (hows that Nick?!)
  8. Sidescreen Ben

    A pleasant find at the barbers

    .................of course I meant decimal point to the right! Just checking to see if you were awake!
  9. I do try to get my moneys worth so tend to delay the trip into town for a haircut. Yesterday enough was enough and off I went for a shearing. I was delighted to find an unexpected magazine in the heap whilst waiting for a good cropping. I was interested to see what a 10-year old TR3 was worth (and I'm fervently hoping the decimal point has moved a few places to the left in the intervening years!
  10. Sidescreen Ben

    Hello from darkest New Forest, Hampshire

    Nick, if I recall correctly we followed you out of Rolduc heading up a small convoy of a red Vitesse (Malc Philpott) and white TR4 (Tim Hunt) and because we thought you were off to the main drag, all the way into nearest the fuel station where we realised your beastie was just thirsty and not heading for home! The car was particularly grumpy on the way home until we discovered there was no oil in the carb dashpots! (usual crisis of suspecting everything else first of course!!). We had (still have!) a serious oil leak from the front crank pulley/timing chain cover which meant that I begrudgingly sacrificed some engine oil for the dashpots - OK just a smidging!
  11. Sidescreen Ben

    Hello from darkest New Forest, Hampshire

    Don't worry she's wearing a racing harness
  12. Sidescreen Ben

    TR3 in the snow, well sort of..

    My TR3 has been in the snow but not with me! The previous owner did the Monte Challenge in '91 & '92 and sent me some pics.. OK there's not a lot on the road! However the car also appears in a video of the '91 event and there was a serious amount of snow that year. I found my TR6 excellent in the snow (possibly helped by the large toolkit I always carried in the boot!
  13. Sidescreen Ben

    Hello from darkest New Forest, Hampshire

    Yes, that's us Nick! Fortunately you can't see my wife dribbling in the passenger seat (she has absolutely no problem sleeping even with the roof down!). She is in the process of joining as I type.
  14. Sidescreen Ben

    Hello from darkest New Forest, Hampshire

    Thank you Nick! No I haven't ventured into hillclimbing........yet. We've done the CT Round Britain & 10 Countries as well as the Paris-Prague Rally all within 12 months which has added 10k to the clock. Down for the RBRR again this October too!
  15. Hello, just joined this forum having heard about it from other virtual friends. I run a TR3 which was extensively "improved" by the previous owner for rallies and hill climbs. He has now retired from this activity and I have picked up the baton. It is a "doer" rather than a "looker". . Looking forward to meeting new and old friends on here!