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    Driving my TR3 as much as possible. Landscape photography.

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  1. Took the TR3 to Revingtons for its post-rebuild tune up today. They showed me the old head that they had removed and replaced with a newish modified one. The cracks were in places they hadn’t seen before. Thought you’d be interested.
  2. We were down to marshal at Lands End this year for the first time. Sad but as you say not surprising given the circumstances.
  3. Crikey Phil, hope you don’t get scurvy! . Hope the RBRR goes ahead; we’ve offered to marshall at Lands End. Hopefully we will have moved to Devon by then and won’t have to get up quite so early! Fingers crossed.
  4. Mind you don’t damage those lovely floor tiles! I’m getting serious workshop envy!
  5. I feel sure that that last comment re Bosch Classixx will be of immense value to someone, somewhere at sometime Nick!
  6. Please note! We are not planning on fit the wheels in the background of the first picture! We’re not going for a Monster Spud! P.S. sorry about the quality of the pictures. Potato sheds are necessarily dark to prevent them sprouting! At least it’s stopped any rust sprouting too!
  7. OK, so how do you tell which end is which of a potato?
  8. Some impressive plywood origami Nick. A nice off cut of Axminster or Wilton would set it off nicely . Good to meet you too. Managed to get home without indicators (and only sidelights as the headlamps refused to work as well! My kneecap is not up to grovelling about under the dash so I'll send Vicky in to discover the loose connection(s).
  9. I think the plural of Marcos, if we stick to the vehicle, is likely to be further complicated by it being a made up word from Marsh and Costin.........
  10. It's alright chaps, I've recovered my composure now
  11. That's quite enough engineering porn thank you Hamish!
  12. Well you told me last year that I was a slow learner........but I've got it now!
  13. It sounds as though there are some route changes planned from what's written in the latest Club Torque. With Badger's Holt abandoned and also Pimperne cakes also off the menu. Can't say I'm surprised about the former, we rechristened it Badger's Arse because it was such a pain to get in and out of the area. Probably academic for us as having done it twice I'm not inclined to do it again...for a bit anyway, particularly as I'm not sure my knee will be up to it.
  14. I just fell over on the pavement outside the hotel, nothing dramatic, must have just caught it wrong and pop!
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