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  1. A fair point you can always wear earplugs which we do even with the soft top up or down! I do expect it will be like sitting inside a tin can !
  2. Are you putting any sound deadening material underneath your beautiful headlining? Sorry may have missed your comment on this subject.
  3. But I bet you'll still hit your head on it Hamish like I do!
  4. Hamish Here's my storage method. It not a single person job to hang it up nor to mount it (when I eventually do!) I can't take credit for it as the system came with the hardtop!
  5. Looking good Hamish, I've yet to attach mine which I bought about 3 years ago! It's hanging above the car suspended; no poised and ready for action! Except like your journey nothing is simple. I need to swap the windscreen struts (yes, I have replacements for those too!) as the existing ones are bent. I too had to remove the roll bar.....yet to sort that! Then of course the soft top won't fit anymore so that will need replacing. Simples! .....but your struggles have encouraged me to get a move on...when I get the car back from its engine rebuild....but that's another story!!
  6. You should see what she looks like 30 years on. The bodywork needs attention, the joints are siezed up and there's a leak somewhere......... Oh sorry were you referring to the last picture or the ones before that??!!.......
  7. We're doing it again in Geoffrey, he loves Alps! We're also going to do the CF Gorges de Verdon trip in June just to keep the miles up!
  8. Yes I think so! It's quite common for these engines to resent being full and 2/3 to 3/4 full being happy!
  9. The rust proofing programme needs to end now Nick! It's reached the rear valance. I shall top up the oil to its favourite level (2/3 up the dipstick) and take it for a good run and see if the "de-snotting" has made a difference.
  10. Nice new wheels! They'll make all the difference!
  11. 4 litres on the RBRR. Mostly stuck on the chassis! Hence concern over pressure forcing it out past seals.
  12. I thought you might be interested in this page from the TR2/3 "Red Bible" (Service Instruction Manual) explaining the original setup. It shows that the rocker cover "vent" is sucking in air and the Crankcase tube is "huffing" it out. I have never suffered from mayonnaise on this engine. I think your right though Alan. I need to cross things off the list and I have done so re a blocked breather now I am suspecting valve guides. Recent dry compression tests (can't recall figures - done at Revingtons) were OK and were within tolerances. .
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