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  1. 4 litres on the RBRR. Mostly stuck on the chassis! Hence concern over pressure forcing it out past seals.
  2. I thought you might be interested in this page from the TR2/3 "Red Bible" (Service Instruction Manual) explaining the original setup. It shows that the rocker cover "vent" is sucking in air and the Crankcase tube is "huffing" it out. I have never suffered from mayonnaise on this engine. I think your right though Alan. I need to cross things off the list and I have done so re a blocked breather now I am suspecting valve guides. Recent dry compression tests (can't recall figures - done at Revingtons) were OK and were within tolerances. .
  3. Yes Alan, there is also a vent from the rocker box cover (The grey pipe in the photo dangling above the filter. It's usually strapped to the red breather pipe with a tie-wrap). @JohnD : yes I get your point John, in my defence I'd point out that the set up I have is the ST original set up. I can see the advantage of a catchtank setup (design in incubation as per Hamish's set up) particularly as the engine is not standard.
  4. I see what you mean Alan but in the photo above it is upside down in "soaking mode". On the car the longer section with the angled end is pointing downwards.
  5. Responding to suggestion that my excessive oil consumption may be due to a blocked crankcase breather pipe I removed it and gave it a clean with copious amounts of Lydian degreasant (a 5 l can of which was gifted to me by the PO). Removal and refitting was straight forward which was pleasant! I'm not sure what I was expecting but I don't think it wasn't completely blocked. A considerable amount of black "snot" came out following a good soak and some vigorous shaking of the tube. If it had all been lodged in the u-bend bit, then I guess it might have restricted the breathing. How much snot is required to constitute a blockage? Anyway now that his sinuses have been irrigated I hope it might help the oil stay inside the engine!
  6. Thanks for the pictures! Geoffrey looks almost decent! (Red TR3)
  7. Iain Paul turned up to cheer us on in his Apple Green Works TR3A which was a great boost to morale! He took this shot - amazingly we were both smiling - or that could be a grimace on my face!! Good to meet you Alan (Oldtuckunder) and Nick - although you were busy doing your autographing so probably didn't notice! Anyway we completed the run sucessfully despite tedious "sunny Sunday" traffic from Badgers Holt onwards.
  8. The Brookster and us should be there pretty early if things stay on track. Heading for Bude now ETA 1000h.
  9. Sidescreen Ben

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Hi Nick Well he's back on the forum but mostly keeping his powder dry for the coming (Spanish) inquisition......and I don't blame him one iota! I think I'd be consulting a lawyer but then again...guess who'd come out winning!
  10. Sidescreen Ben

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Phil Yes sorry I went off piste there! I have already stated my concern a couple of posts ago - that a fudge might happen! I continue to be concerned! However IF the original decision is rescinded and a proper proceedure can be put into place then perhaps an EGM isn't necessary - saving the expense?! I fear that the BoD have become entrenched and are still digging on the basis that this is a storm stirred up by a few insignificant members who don't represent the mainstream membership who, as Hamish suggests finds the who issue a bewildering sideshow. However, it is possible to enjoy your car and care about the governance of the club! At the latest this needs sorting by 1st week of Sept.............by my calculations (alowing for weasel issues like weekends and Bank Holidays!)
  11. Sidescreen Ben

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    I'm in the same age bracket Hamish. However I live in the New Forest where there is a blanket 40 mph limit because of the loose livestock - who don't dent but die if hit. When I need to "steal it" I need to go further afield! The best are the unrestricted autobahns in Germany (on CT 10CR 2017) where Geoffrey managed 106 mph in the wet with a cross-wind (Sat Nav speed not speedo!) before the passenger started complaining and my right leg ran out of reach. A bit far to go on a Sunday afternoon though! I know what you are going to suggest next........ but I think he needs some engine work before I venture on to a hill!
  12. Sidescreen Ben

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Hi Paul There is still a thread running. There seems to be some back room discussions going on which concerns me - i.e. that a deal is being done behind the scenes which makes me uneasy! If the TRR want to expel members then there should be a proper proceedure to do so not the bizzare turn of events that has occurred. AFAIK the required 50 requests for an EGM has been reached and I'm waiting to notification of when & where. Ben
  13. Sidescreen Ben

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    No, I hope there isn't a weakening of resolve!
  14. Sidescreen Ben

    RBRR 2018

    Well we're doing it for the second time running in "Geoffrey" the 1957 TR3. Possibly to reinforce the "Never-Again" feeling which obviously didn't work in 2016! To be fair the weather was great all weekend which made it far easier. We have got very nice (= also very expensive) Racetorations seats which make a big difference. Sidescreens are a bit flappy (doubly so as the passenger side perspex is held together with duct tape due to Vicky's head popping it out (- she can sleep even with the roof down - a bit disconcerting on the 10CR as to passing locals it looked as though the driver was fast asleep luckily they couldnt see the dribbling or hear the snoring!!) If it seriously rains you really need leggings! Amazingly the comedy windscreen wipers are quite effective if RainX is also employed. Top tip from last time was the discovery that satsumas/tangerines are excellent for keeping you alert.
  15. Sidescreen Ben

    For Sale: 4 x 5.5 x 15J KNS Gemini alloys

    OK Phil Kev has first refusal; if he doesn't take them we will discuss logistics! (I don't think we'll have room for them on the RBRR!!) Ben