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  1. Latest little project

    These are the formers ive been using on this jobby
  2. Latest little project

    Thanks guys. I had a 28mm thick metal former wired out of an old mound tool back plate. Think I have a pic somewhere.....will try and dig it out.
  3. Have been scouring around for a new pair of front inner arch reinforcements for the 6. Now it appears BMH still make these, but now they only come attached to the complete inner arch assembly Chuffing expensive!! Sooooooo
  4. Microfiche

    Thanks for the heads up Roger. Will keep the garage warm!!
  5. Microfiche

    Until I view them, I’m not sure what’s on them. I’m sort of guessing it may be the same as the Moss/Rimmer’s book exploded diagrams, in which case it will be a waste of time. But, if there is other stuff if interest, I was just going to take a digital photo and save it in the laptop. Time will tell.
  6. Microfiche

    Picked up some BL TR6 microfiche slides last year but had no way of viewing them. Tried everything I had here including a usb microscope but to no avail. Yesterday however, I was given a microfiche reader Will soon be scooting through the slides, so will be interesting to see what’s on them.
  7. Chassis dimension drawing

    All sorted now guys.
  8. Does anyone have a TR6 chassis dimension drawing on file that they could email me? I’m hoping to print it out on A3 for easy reference. Thanks
  9. Thanks John, was out of desperation as my resto had stalled without a good floor and I am fortunate enough to work in an environment with a tool room, some heavy pressing kit and some like minded people. I did find somewhere doing an aluminium replacement but it was mega bucks ( near on £500! ) and I wasn’t sure how it would attach to the rest of the car.
  10. I know what you mean JC although I spent more time collecting & blasting what turned out to be scrap parts than I did on this project. Very satisfying when I pressed the press close button, heard a satisfying whump and 1 second later, had a floor. THAT was a smiley day!
  11. Ended up making the mounting brackets too.
  12. I have to admit, having bought 2 scrap ( as it turned out ) ones, I did try and use a wood former but I just needed too much of the panel. Did a run of 10 as I need 2 and I got a bit of discount on 10 pieces of steel sheet.
  13. Thank you. Was a needs-must thing but it turned out really well. I was lucky that my various supervisors/manages allowed all the ‘training’ time.
  14. Few eyebolt holes and some guide pins fitted and it was ready to press some steel! Started with 400 tons but it was a bit wrinkly around the mounting points. Ended up at 600 tons and I had a new panel
  15. On the other side of the tool, I managed to secure a backplate & bolster set off of a mould tool we were scrapping at work.