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  1. Could do with something there so I could squirt some pain killers in!!
  2. Thanks Nick, yes I’m currently at the burnt pasty stage. But, the new joint is in there so hopefully it’ll all come good.
  3. Had it done on the 16th so it’s still hugely swollen & bruised. Needed doing though. The consultant compared the old joint to a wonky vegetable....you know how it should look, but it was nothing like. Smashed my knee up 30 years ago so it hasn’t done too badly.
  4. Indeed Nick that was the plan until knee replacement surgery got in the way. All the best laid plans ehh!!
  5. Tub is finally blasted and 2 pack etch primed.
  6. Well thought I’d have a break from welding & beating steel and make a start on the engine. Stripped it down to a bare block and took it into work where I cleaned it, skimmed the top by a thou, honed it and then re-cleaned it. All ready for my winter rebuild.
  7. Well now the tub is in one piece, I’m hoping to lift it off this weekend and paint the chassis.
  8. Almost got a full tub. Just panelled it up to tweak it to get the gaps right before I break out the spit welder.
  9. Sounds good to me. Will bing em in and see how it goes. Cheers for the help guys.
  10. Thanks for the link Nick. I’ll try and bing a pic up tomorrow. May as well use them as I have them. I’m guessing they’re 25 years old so the colours may have changed.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. The make is Super Flex with a part No. SPF077. Looks like they’re made in Australia. Do you think I may be better off going for standard rubber then or using these and seeing how it goes?
  12. Still working feverishly on the 6 shell and it’s coming together, but as a sideline ( whist I’m working a late shift ) I’m blasting and re-bushing the rear wishbones. I’ve been given a set of yellow bushes for these and I’m wondering if the colour means anything ( hardness? ). Also, are these a good thing to fit or does it make the ride much harder? Thanks in advance for any advice. Steve
  13. Ahhhh, I knew there was something I was supposed to do Next time....I promise.
  14. Just got a blasting pot, a big romper suit and some breathing apparatus. Does look a bit like the drive is permanently frosty at the mo.....but it’ll rain soon
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