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  1. I am one of the trustees of a hedgehog rescue charity & work there two mornings a week. Without the input of our small team of volunteers we will not be able care for the 100+ hedgehogs we have in our care at the moment. We will be releasing them as quickly as we can but need to travel to release sites. I just hope if any of us get stopped the police will take a reasonable view of our acctivities. Dave
  2. Its a wallpaper edge trimmer. I can remember my father having one. Dave
  3. John Don't forget that the pressure drop along the length of hose can be significant. It may be that with the length of hose you have the gun is not getting the pressure that the regulator is set at particularly if the regulator is at or near its flow capacity. Can you experiment with a short hose between the regulator & gun & see if that improves the performance of the gun. Dave
  4. We used to call them Drop Hide Lose I waited days for a very expensive printed circuit board to arrive on next day delivery from Germany. Then they rang to say they had found it but it had been run over by one of their trucks. Did we still want it Dave
  5. Welcome Pete & Pfen. While I do visit the old establishment it is only so they don't get the remainder of my subscription for no return. I'm afraid I find Alec's Inn is like a pub with no beer, nowhere to sit & a grumpy landlord who does't encourage customers. I wish John Morrison & co good luck with their efforts but ear it will be too little too late. Dave
  6. Paul I totally agree apart from your point about the current moderation team. As far as I can see they are doing a grand job as did the previous team of Roger and the others that were dismissed without reason and left the forum largely unmoderated. The previous board got us into this mess by not only recomending the new forum rules but stating that they were urgently required. For the current board (which is largely the same at the top) to claim they do not agree with the new rules is disengenuous. I have recently had some corespondance with a board member who said that the
  7. Paul I wasn't intending to put a bait in the water. Perhaps just expressing myself badly. There are many reasons that people voted to leave & migration although often given as the main reason by the press is just one of many. Dave
  8. Personally I don't Alan but I am sure many do. It seems to be a protest against the governments failure to have any sort of visible policy on controlling numbers coming in from all across the globe. Dave
  9. And that, I think, is the reason why so many people are reported to be anti immigration. It is not necessarily immigration they are against it is uncontrolled immigration. Dave
  10. Welcome Roger. I hope you are going to use the hat picture so we recognise you. Thanks for your efforts at the AGM & really sorry you were not elected. Dave M
  11. Thanks. I hope you haven't had too many. Dave M
  12. I could not agree more Duncan As a member who does not attend group meetings the forum is my only means of communication with other TRR members. In my opinion there is a small but very vocal group that are anti forum & they have the ear of at least some of the board. They have said that all the forum does is critisise but in reality TRA & the IWE get praised & most critisism is of lack of communication from the BoD. The only communications I get is TRA which mostly tells me what has happened (sometimes as in Darrens case a very one sided view) & the annual r
  13. I'll come & have a virtual pint or 3 if someone can give me a virtual lift home. Dave
  14. While the door of Alec's Inn might be open the shutters are still firmly down at the bar. The new rules forbid discussion of so many subjects it's difficult to know exactly what will be allowed. Our new Chairman has already broken the new rules. Surely the implementation of these rules could have been delayed while decisions were taken on what tweaking they need. We are back in the situation where the BoD make it up as they go along & look where that has got us in the recent past. Dave
  15. The rules should apply to all Tim Dave
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