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  1. TR6, DCOE, Cannon manifold and balance tube

    Re the linkage, I replaced the original cheap linkage components with better quality stainless and alu parts and I'm confident that the linkage is not holding the throttles open. The air bypass screws are fully closed. The Spanish built carbs do not seem to be the same quality as the Italian built carbs and I there is a good change that one carb is behaving badly with the balance tube allowing that to affect the other two. I did try disconnecting the servo and the ventilation connections to eliminate them as the cause. After pulling the hoses and blocking the banjo ports it made zero difference. Carbs are connected to the manifold with misab plates. Distributor is a 123 unit, the one with the dip switches not the later model with the programmable feature. I would be fine with a 1000 rpm idle. The TR6 is in the trailer, snowed in, and its battery is in the garage on maintenance so I wont be able to do anything hands-on for a few weeks. Stan
  2. TR6, DCOE, Cannon manifold and balance tube

    The problem is with the throttle adjustment. If I unwind the adjusters so they are well clear of the carb body, the idle is still too high. I can control the idle by screwing in the idle mixture screws (normally 1 turn out from fully seated) but then it will stumble when coming off idle because at that lower setting it is not getting enough fuel. I balance the carbs with a Synchrometer like this one from the Pierce web site. I also have the elbow to get to the front carb that is cramped by the wheel arch. Chokes are 30mm These are the Spanish DCOE's and they have the following config: Chokes 30mm Aux 4.5 Emulsion F2 Main 130 Air 160 Idle 55F9 Accel pump 50 Pump bypass closed Float height 12mm/25mm It pulls like a train, no stumbles or flat spots. Full height but stiffer springs, all poly bushes front and rear, Alu steering mounts, 13 inch Motolita steering wheel. A lot of fun. Just cant idle below 1200 rpm.
  3. My 1974.5 US spec TR6 has a modified engine with 9.6:1 compression ratio and Goodparts GP2 cam at the core. As part of that rebuild several years ago I converted to the DCOE carbs which came with a Cannon manifold and linkage. This configuration starts and runs well and the car dynos at 130 RWHP. A chronic problem has been the inability to get the engine to reliably idle at anything below 1200 rpm. The carbs were new and I have checked and double checked the float heights, butterfly operation etc. I have an air/fuel meter with an o2 sensor in the exhaust to monitor mixture and I believe I have an acceptable configuration of jets, emulsion tubes, pump bypass etc etc. I approached the Yahoo weber group and they hate the Cannon manifold so much that they initially said they would not even discuss my issues with the DCOE's until I either replace the Cannon manifold or block off the balance tube. The assertion is that the DCOE's want to see a strong vacuum signal to operate correctly and the balance tube is interfering with that. I know there are others with the same Cannon manifold and DCOE's so I'm wondering what you guys think of this configuration and if blocking off the balance tube is worth a try ? Stan
  4. There is a problem when one party in a relationship does something that harms the other. The relationship may not end but it will forever be different. I would not have been that offended if they had closed ATB and moved everything to the Member Chat forum, requiring TR Reg membership to access it. That would remove the anonymity aspect and discourage the worst of the crap. It was also highly suspicious that after some bad stuff was posted in one of the technical forums they closed ATB. That just smells like a setup and someone pursuing an agenda. The final straw was they closed ATB, selectively moved some content into the members chat forum, deleted other content including some of mine. That pissed me off. Stan
  5. TR recovery vehicle

    Great pictures Hamish especially that last one. Somebody has a very long lens. Stan
  6. Honda CR-V as our boat hauling 'get it done'-car

    If you will be in the Boston area next year let me know. American made cars, even rental cars, have gotten much better in recent years although I usually head for the intermediate cars like a Nissan Altima or the Ford Escape. It was my experience with a week with an Escape as a rental car that encouraged me to look at them when the CRV was ready to go. Debbie loved the CRV but was missing all the toys that the new cars have. Stan
  7. TR6 Nissan R200 diff

    It made no noise before the break but once it broke it made a terrible racket which I attributed to the exhaust coming apart since the tone and volume were different under load compared to coasting. However I did drive the 10 miles home with the pinion teeth in the bottom of the case. Stan
  8. TR6 Nissan R200 diff

    This summer I broke the diff in my TR6. I thought they were bullet proof but two teeth broke on the pinion gear so the thing was toast. I decided to replace it with an R200 LSD unit from an Infiniti Q45 using the kit from Richard Good. He supplies all the brackets and adapters for various axle configurations as well as a used R200 if needed and a shortened prop shaft since the R200 is longer that the TR6 diff. The usual quality bit of kit from Richard and a very straightforward installation. I already had the Goodparts CV axles, hubs and rear anti-roll bar so the rear end of my TR6 is now all Gooparts.
  9. Honda CR-V as our boat hauling 'get it done'-car

    Hi Menno, my wife recently traded her 2007 CRV (with under 15kmiles on it) for a 2017 Ford Escape 2ltr ecoboost. The Escape is a lot more fun to drive, slightly reminiscent of our early 80's XR3 i which I loved. A always thought the CRV was gutless and I'm surprised it could pull a boat but perhaps the later models got more horses. Stan
  10. TR recovery vehicle

    Yep, just saw John's earlier post from Sept with the tires in the rack. Nice solution for the trailer spare tire too. Stan
  11. TR recovery vehicle

    Very nice John. Does the frame support some sort of canopy to protect the front of the car on the trailer ? Stan
  12. TR recovery vehicle

    My daily driver, a Ford F150. Twin turbo ecoboost engine. Trailer is a 7x16 race trailer.
  13. Seeking Refuge Here

    I didnt realize there were modern versions of the MG brand until this summer when I saw this at the British Invasion, Stowe, VT. Are the MG F and MG TF the same or is one a follow on model to the other ?. It was not a bad looking car and in great shape for a 1997 model.
  14. Hello from darkest New Forest, Hampshire

    The doors are so low on a sidescreen car you cant doze off as a passenger without fear of falling out at the next bend.
  15. TR3 in the snow, well sort of..

    Those are great pictures Andrew. I'm still trying to get some period pictures of my TR3 from the PO. My TR6 has seen its share of snow but I wait until the roads dry out before I take it on the public roads. The town is very efficient at plowing the streets and the dry air means moisture evaporates very quickly so the roads are dry within 24 hours of a blizzard like the one this week.