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  1. foster461

    Another refugee from the TR Register

    Massachusetts has many different license plates, over 200 I think. The plate on the TR6 is a vanity plate, essentially a current style of plate but with your choice of text within some limitations. No restrictions with this plate. The TR3 has what they call a Year Of Manufacture plate. Back in the day cars were issued a new plate or pair of plates every year. They were a different color each year and had the year stamped into the plate. At some point they switched to issuing plates every two years which is why my 1960 TR3 has a 1959 plate. That is the correct plate for that year and that is the correct color. If you bought a TR3 in MA in 1960 that is the plate you would have been issued. You can buy old license plates at flea markets and as long as the number is not in use they will register your car with it. YOM plates have some theoretical restrictions like not using the car as a daily driver etc but in practice the police have better things to do. Stan
  2. foster461

    Another refugee from the TR Register

    The last 6 months have been hectic, dealing with a construction project at home and the associated landscaping issues. Finally got my TR's out of hibernation and looking forward to putting some miles on them this summer.
  3. I bought this clock in the UK in the early 80s with the intention of hanging it on my apartment wall in Geneva when I returned a few years later. I never got to bang in a nail before I was relocated again so this clock has done a world tour since then but in a box. Any clock people know what it is ?. Looks like it may have come out of a school or an office ? Mechanism looks quite basic. https://stanfoster.smugmug.com/Projects/Clock/ Stan
  4. foster461


    A very warm welcome Pink. I still have not fitted the aeroscreens to my TR3 yet but I want to do that this summer and follow your fine example.
  5. The people that live in the northern states are generally pretty good with the snow and ice. We laugh our friends in Houston or Atlanta where the whole city is paralyzed by an inch of snow. There are sometimes problems where everything looks fine but you suddenly run into a freak blizzard with zero visibility. As someone mentioned, the interstates in this area are dead flat and dead straight. You can drive for 5 hours at 80mph on a road than never changes and still be in Iowa. It doesnt change when you cross into Nebraska either. If the traffic is sparse you probably have the cruise control engaged. Then its oh crap, everything is stopped ahead... We had a minor storm last night, half a foot of snow followed by freezing rain followed by a sudden temperature drop into the teens. My truck has a half inch coating of ice on it and the 100ft driveway is a skating rink with at least an inch of ice. Luckily we are in the part of the winter where the sun is getting higher and with some warmer air temperatures forecast for this weekend I may be able to get into my truck again. Stan
  6. foster461

    Another refugee from the TR Register

    And a warm welcome to you too Roger. Just catching up with the new posts for the day and saw you had checked in. Still mid winter here and I'm getting serious cabin fever but I expect your TR2 will see the light of day some weeks before my TR3 ventures out. I dont just have to wait for warm weather but also for the massive pile of snow blocking in the trailer to melt. Stan
  7. foster461

    What makes a car fun to drive ?

    Another good point Steve. Many of us maintain our own classics and some have rebuilt/restored them. For my TR6 and TR3 there is not a component internal or external that I have not personally touched. I'm intimately aware of how these machines work and how they are running that contributes not just to the satisfaction of driving them but the confidence too. When I lift the hood of my truck I struggle to identify anything other then where to pour windshield washer fluid. Stan
  8. foster461

    What makes a car fun to drive ?

    Agreed Paul, that is another important element. You have more fun when both you and the car are approaching the limit of their capability and you are fully engaged in the process, not just sitting there and steering (a role that may also be obsolete in the future). In these older cars that limit comes at much lower speeds than the modern cars and in a TR6 you are the power steering, abs, engine management and traction control. Stan
  9. foster461

    What makes a car fun to drive ?

    I think one part of the puzzle is that you have to be comfortable behind the wheel. I dont mean padded seats and plush carpets but the ergonomics and how well you are suited to fit the car. When I was shopping for a new truck a few years ago I ruled out several models because they didnt fit my short stature. If I moved the seat to get the steering at the right distance the pedals were wrong. In the end I bought an F150 because it had electric seats, adjustable steering wheel and adjustable pedals. I love driving that truck because I am very confident and comfortable behind the wheel. I think the F1 cars are built for the driver, you essentially wear it. Stan
  10. Back in 1985 ish we were working in the UK and my wife had a Ford Escort Xr3i company car. It was red and had sticky tires. I drove it most of the time while my Vauxhall Cavalier remained parked for our three year contract. I loved that Xr3i and drove it flat out most of the time along the country lanes in the Reading/Mortimer area. I have no idea why I did not die or kill someone. I was 33 years old. Looking back at that car it was nothing special by modern standards. 104HP, 0-60 in 9.7 seconds etc. My wife's current car, a Ford Escape 2ltr Ecoboost has at leat 100 more HP and does 0-60 in a little over 7 seconds. The Escape is fun to drive, I like it much better than the Honda CRV that it replaced. Push the sport mode button and the car wakes up. However it still doesnt feel as much fun to drive as the old Xr3i. Maybe it is the modern suspension and steering that are removing the excitement and raw feeling that the earlier cars had. The XR3i was manual transmission while the Escape is automatic (with paddle shifters). Perhaps I should spend more time with the paddle shifters. The way I drive my TR3 is enjoyable but I dont feel the need to push it very hard. The TR6 on the other hand I have to continually restrain myself as that is a great deal of fun to drive. 130 HP engine, all poly suspension and steering, 13 inch steering wheel, drives like a go cart. If you had to boil it down and bottle it, how woulod you define fun to drive ? Stan
  11. foster461

    Pull new cable or go mesh..

    That is a concern. There is no interactive use of the file server other than remote login occasionally for maintenance but the main data drive could get clobbered by one of the client devices that has it mapped. I have the local mirrors staggered so I would have 24 hours to spot a problem but I mostly rely on the local firewalls and anti-malware to keep the crap out. I'm apparently not 100% successful as my wife's laptop started running very slowly the other day and Windows Defender found a bitcoin miner running on it and using all the cpu.. BTW Matt you were correct that the Orbi system in not a true mesh. It exhibits mesh-like properties such as single ssid and single point of management but it is a star topology with everything coming back to the Orbi hub. The connections back to the hub can be wired or wireless or a combination of both. Stan
  12. foster461

    Hello from North Yorkshire

    Hell hath no fury like a bunch of old retired guys that have been dissed.
  13. foster461

    Pull new cable or go mesh..

    Hi Paul, in addition to the local mirrors everything goes up to Backblaze. They encrypt everything at the source using a key that you must provide but I dont know if that would satisfy your regulatory requirements. Backblaze also has android and ios apps so you can get to your data from any device if you have to (read-only). Biggest concern for me is the cloud vendor going bust. I keep one of the local mirrors on an external USB drive so when we go on vacation we put that drive in a fire resistant safe. Every few month we rotate a snapshot of the data on a drive that we keep in safety deposit box. For non sensitive data we use OneDrive. With an Office365 subscription we get 1TB each of OneDrive storage and of course Office apps on all devices. None of the end points are authoritative for any data. They only have synchronized/cached data or data that is only momentarily on the device like a photo. I want to be able to wipe any device any time and rebuild it with no data loss. Stan
  14. foster461

    Pull new cable or go mesh..

    The Orbi is a mesh wifi system but you have the option of interconnecting the Orbi nodes through the switch rather than let them talk to each other with the radios. The wired connections are just the backhaul between the Orbi nodes. The satellites do have ethernet ports however should you need a wired connection for a particular end point device. You can configure the backhaul to be all wireless, all wired or a mix of wired and wireless so it is quite flexible. The AmplifiHD system is a good solution and compares well with the Orbi but the Orbi has tri-band radios and I think better throughput. Stan
  15. foster461

    Pull new cable or go mesh..

    I think where I am heading will be a hybrid solution. Pull some new cat7 for the core systems so the file server and the Orbi backhaul will all be gigabit over cat7 through the switch. Most of the end point devices are wifi anyway so having a single ssid and the broader coverage of the mesh will be helpful and the wired backhaul will take some of the load off the Orbi radios. Two of the cat7 runs will be easy as one is confined to the basement and the other just needs to go from the basement into the family room above. I have one long run that needs to go from one corner of the house to the other, probably around 100ft as the crow flies. I may try that with the existing cat5 as it will just be for an Orbi backhaul connection and see how that works before I replace the cable. Stan