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  1. Hi Darren Yes things are ok, looks like you have been busy! I gave TRR another year but little seems to have changed for the good. I've been slowly getting back into work mode, trying to finish my new garage roof whilst getting my latest TR project a TR2 to the point of putting it back together. Hopefully during the Christmas break I can get a bit organised Hopefully we can catch up at Stoneleigh. Regards Phil
  2. Hi All I too decided not to renew my TRR membership back in Oct, not been on here for a while but good to see some familiar names. Phil
  3. Guy's Just to be clear I wasn't pushing for a new Triumph Club to be formed, I was only commenting that in the current climate I can see it happening, my opinion only. Yes Triumph clubs should be closer but the reason they are not is because of the fear by Members that one Club will be swallowed up by another and their identify lost. Also I've heard that personality clashes in the past have also restricted the chance of this getting off the ground, maybe this element is changing with IWE 2019. An example of what perhaps could work is that my cousin is a RS Focus owner and is a member of the RS Owners Club, but he is also a member of the Ford Owners Club, and I may say he pays significantly less on subs to the current TRR subscription, yes there are more Ford Owners but not that many RS Focus Owners. The Ford Fair meeting actually takes over Silverstone Race Circuit for a day, cost per person I think I'm correct is about £25 mark, for an adult, 2 children under 14 with a paying adult get in free) at the event are all the Ford Marques, is that something that could be achieved by Triumph?. I think they get approx 18,000 attending, and probably get some cash from Ford so a Triumph event would probably have to be scaled accordingly. I think all clubs will need to change in the future, it's having the mindset and willingness to do so, (ego's and agenda aside). I hope 2019 IWE is a success, perhaps it is the start of a new format that can be developed and grown. Phil
  4. I echo Darren's wishes regarding JM & Brian R efforts to try to change things but I'm of the opinion that nothing will change, the BOD's will press on with their own agenda. My thoughts are that the main players on the BOD's have a personal agenda of control, power and elitism. They will seek to "out" the non conformists and then treat the Club as "their own Private Club" Lets hope the members wake up to what is happening before it's too late, I doubt they will because the majority of members only want a badge and a monthly magazine, they are not interested in the politics of the Club and or Group Meetings. I suspect there will be a TR Action spread on the AGM which will probably try to "belittle" the challengers to the BOD's. Where things went wrong was the "U" turn over the EGM, I never revoked my requested for an EGM, and I believe that to some Members the BOD's actually came out of the matter with credit for avoiding this, especially with the inept IRP findings, instead of what should have happened, which was the charge of bringing the TRR into disrepute and dismissal of several if not all BOD's and a new start with a "clean slate". I too can't bring myself to agree to the T&C's so won't be posting on TRR. In the future if things carry on I can see another TR Club being formed which would be sad as we should all be under the Triumph banner. Just my thoughts, lets see what happens. Menno/Peter a "get together" at some point would be good, perhaps we are that new Club waiting in the wings!. Phil
  5. Noel is a topman, he did some for me on my TR5 chassis, nice job. Phil
  6. Welcome Andy & Duncan, we are getting good bunch of ex forumites together. It's a no hassle forum here. Phil
  7. I forgot to say that until the rule for election was published in TRAction I was considering standing as Midlands Director, I live near Derby. Probably wouldn't have been successful as the current Director has been in that position for some 22 years, yes 22 years! Phil
  8. Regarding Board elections and new blood I would comment as below Firstly I have no axe to grind with our newly appointed NE Director nor our newly appointed VC but I would make this comment. In TRAction 308 it stated that to stand for Area Director election that person had to "LIVE" in the area they were serving, that rule immediately reduced the number of people eligible to stand, but it was the BOD's who instigated the rule. Now at the AGM P Hogan (Past Chairman) queried the legality of the candidate standing and was rudely shouted down by our new VC, who correctly apologised to Paul after the meeting, I also said my bit about and was shouted at by the VC, at an appropriate time the VC then asked me to step out and we discussed the matter at the rear of the Hall. I was told that I didn't understand the issue correctly and as the Candidate had a foot in White Rose Group and a Sheffield postcode it was ok for him to stand. He also said that no one else had offered to stand as NE Director. Two things are relevant here, firstly the rule in TRAction stated that you had to "LIVE" in the area you were serving not that you visited a nearby group nor had a postcode which suited. I was told by the new VC that this was ok and basically I didn't know the facts, well sorry I go by the rules. No the candidate lives in DERBYSHIRE Secondly, Is it correct to accept a candidate by manipulating the rule just because no one else stood?, my answer to that is NO, the successful candidate is a former GL and is known to support several of the Board Directors to the hilt, his appointment only serves to stifle Boardroom discussion/policy and maintain the status quo. If the BOD's were serious about opening up positions for new candidates they shouldn't have restricted choice, I believe they did it so as to favour their candidates, it stinks!. It will be almost impossible for a member who is not a GL to get elected in future. Regards Phil
  9. Rod Its called "apathy" the total numbers that voted is a fraction of the membership, so looking at the groups which there are 50+ at say average 20 members = 1000 members. I would assume that the majority of voters came from that pool of group members, most of the forumites that voted I would suggest are group members. That leaves the 5000 or so "remainers" as those who just receive there magazine. IF the voters are from group members then the influence of GL's would make sense as to why the voting was strongly in favour of the Board . Just my interpretation Phil
  10. Hamish I think you are right in what you say, what gets me is the self righteous attitude shown by some Board Members and their willingness to play by different rules to everyone else. Phil
  11. Hamish - I do know where group members were asked to bring their postal proxy votes to the group meeting which would then posted by a single group member, no doubt ensuring their votes counted. Group Members were also encouraged allegedly, to vote for the standing member/s. I know of 2 local members who were furious at this practice - is it wrong?, i'll let you judge. Menno - Good to see you over here. Regards Phil
  12. Peter C I think your on the right lines, however the GL's may have seconded other group member to act as Proxy's, just so there isn't a trail back to them. Regards Phil
  13. Rex Thanks for the invite I probably will pop along now and again, at least I will be able to catch up on the gossip - hope the other half is ok after the hospital visit and the housework is not preventing you finishing the TR Have you clicked "I Agree"? Phil
  14. Tim I am waiting until the dust settles, what they should have done is take time to assess and make changes first, yet another gaff by the BOD's imho Phil
  15. A deliberate ploy me thinks. I only renewed my membership on the 24/10/18, I've already resigned from Derbyshire Dales Group as a matter of principle (although according to our new VC i didn't need to as your a TRR Member only - still trying to work that one out)). Loathed to give the TRR the rest of my annual fee for nothing so quite happy to receive my TRAction and run down my membership. Phil
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